Monday, January 12, 2009

Frito Lay: Chip In!

Attention readers... today is a departure from our normal modus operandi.  Bear with me as I continue testing the power of this blog and invite others to our party.  Quick note:  Next week's secret ingredient... Tabasco by a landslide! (Remember, mailing by Wednesday a.m. increases the chances of your snack arriving on time).  Lori beat Ray and now advances to the Super Bowl.  Melanie's recipe beat Susan's so it will be Melanie versus Maureen for the final Super Bowl slot!  It's getting exciting! 

Dear Frito Lay,

You might have heard.  Print ads don't work like they used to.  Neither do commercials.  You pay to interrupt my day with commercials or magazines ads and I either Tevo through your commercials or read my news on line... just so I can avoid the extra noise that companies like you are creating.  

Viral advertising.  Now, that works.  Instead of interrupting my day, trying to get my attention with your latest and greatest ad, how about if I come to you - Frito Lay - and ask to be invited in?  Confused?  Keep reading.  

I host a blog.  Hundreds of loyal readers tune in every week to check out the Creative-Idea-of-the-Day (except Sunday).  One more point about my readers.  They come from all 50 states and 70 countries around the world.  Most are mom's who are doing all the grocery shopping.  Others are younger women not yet married, but who one day probably will be.  And yes, men read our site too, simply not in the same large numbers.  

This creative community of readers is participating in the First Annual Super Bowl Snack Throw Down.  Next year it could be called the Second Annual Frito Lay Snack Throw Down.  Readers compete weekly to see who created the best Football snack, using that week's secret ingredient.  The event culminates Sunday, February 1, when two finalists present their winning recipes.  This year's only criterion... the snack must be served in a bowl.  Next year's ideal criterion... entries must be served with the featured Frito Lay Chip of the Week.  

Sound good? It gets better.  We partner with another blog site to do this.  The other blog is home to Struble Suds, a group of mid-western die hard Packer fans.  Each week, they commit to host a football party, so that their bar flies can determine which of my readers had the best recipe.  Between my blog and theirs, we're creating quite a stir.

We're inviting you to join our party.  Like all good guests, we want you to bring something.  We're just not sure what.  Chips, free giveaways, plane tickets for the finalists to watch the game from Struble Suds?  We're not sure. Here's what we do know.  You'll never get a better return on investment.  We're brand loyal, globally connected, and we're not asking for much.

As an added bonus, I live in Grapevine, Texas, just miles from your corporate office.  How about some Frito's over lunch?  I can be reached at (817) 488-9317 or  Please R.S.V.P so we don't have to go to the "B" list.  

Signing off until tomorrow...

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