Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now That's Thumbthing

Welcome back to the second day of our Highlowaha Virtual Baby Shower.  This week we are raving (and ranting) about all things baby.  Most notably, we are celebrating nine women - all of whom are expecting babies sometime in the next six months.

Melanie, Sara, Kimberly, Allison, Johnanna, 
Michelle, Erica, Kelly, and Molly

First follow-up to yesterday's celebration of the Ox and all things related to the Chinese New Year.  Of the 30 red envelopes containing various amounts of cash (ranging from .25 to $20.00), 20 envelopes were selected, totaling $40.75.  Check you mailboxes to learn of your winnings.  I will eliminate some of the suspense by providing one clue, as it is a little too ironic not to share.

Only one of the envelopes had a $20.00 bill inside.  Of all 19 people who could have won the $20.00, it went to Kristen  - who selected the name Alexis.  Kristen, for those who do not already know,  is the hostess with the most-ess, helping to make this week's baby shower happen.  In doing so, she is having to endure the challenges of working with me at a distance.  Bottom line... she deserves her $20.00 and then some.  Congratulations, Kristen!   

I'm kicking myself.  When Matthew was a baby and in child care, he frequently came home with pictures made from either his hands, feet, or finger prints.  Though I kept most of them, I made a mental note to do it better the next time.  Then came Jack.  I became fixated on the idea of an image a month matted and then framed, in one large picture, to hang in Jack's bedroom.  It was May before I knew it and I'd already missed three months.  Jack didn't enter child care until he was a year hold and by that time it was way too late.  My dreams were dashed... again.

But you!  You could do it.  Your babies aren't born yet.  You could start planning now, using the imprint of your baby's foot in the hospital as the very first.  Ghosts, butterflies, turkeys, reindeer, flowers, and the list goes on.  

Mind you, I thought this was a great idea years ago.  Then, a few weekends ago, Cheryl and I headed to a Sunshine Glaze, a pottery place in a neighboring town.  We were there on official Super Bowl Throw Down business, but while Cheryl was busy masterfully painting the winning bowl, I couldn't help but wander around.  Now I think the idea is better than great.  Take a look... 
This is a flower pot made from children's thumb prints.  
Perfect Mother's Day gift!

Reindeer made from your baby's feet 
It's never too early to begin thinking about the perfect holiday gift.  

Gather your kids, nieces, and nephews 
to grow your own beautiful plate

What an angel!
How about this for a Grandparents Gift?

Sure these make great gifts, but you could also steal the ideas and create your own image-a-month to matte and frame for your child's bedroom or play room.  The key is to plan ahead, making sure you're not getting your first imprint the morning you child shoves off for college.  That, come to think of it, a finger print of another sort!!!

I have a small book of thumb print ideas I would love to give away.  You know... to get your ideas flowing.  How about this?  Use your creativity to make me a thumbprint.  Send me a digital photo at cbeeny@lslog.com, by Wednesday night at midnight.  If I have a submission from you, your name will go in the drawing.  

  • People's Award Nominations: There are still some of you we have not heard from.  Nominations will be reviewed within the next 24 hours.  Please take a second and nominate someone for an award - even if it is only one person for one award.  
  • Party-Goers: There are a few of you whose address I do not have.  If you would like me to mail you your Red Chinese envelope, please send me an email at cbeeny@lslog.com, so I can mail it off.
Signing off until tomorrow...

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