Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolutions Part II

Announcements at the end...

Let me first set the scene. I am sitting tucked away in an office on the campus of University of Texas Pan American, typing on the computer of a generous staff person. I can't get Internet access on my computer (yet), so I am improvising until Monday. I am way too close to going the whole year without missing a post to let anything get in my way!!!!!

Yesterday resolutions. Today, as promised, Part II. I think it was Cassie P. who yesterday mentioned that one of the reasons she doesn't like to set resolutions is because six or seven weeks into the year, the resolutions are forgotten and it's business as usual. There's truth to that. Old habits die hard and when life gets busy it is easy to revert to that which is comfortable.

Solution... Goal Fishing!

Grab your tackle box and rod, because on Thursday, January 15 readers of highlowaha will go Goal Fishing. Here's how it will work. Sometime in the next twelve days, all adventurous highlowaha community members will submit to me one resolution/goal they would like to pursue in 2009. It can be as big as lose weight, as daunting as learn a new language, or as simple as sprucing up my home or reading a book a month. You decide.

Once all goals are submitted, I will assign a number to each. Then on Thursday, January 15 everyone who submitted a goal will have the chance to Goal Fish. You will draw the name of someone else and for the next year serve as that person's cheer leader (and maybe even gentle thorn in their side). You can send an encouraging note snail mail, make a post in the comment section, send a relevant article or tip sheet to help your HLA friend, or even send a package or make a phone call. This is where you and your creativity come into play.

To play along, send an email to including the following information. Please title the email Goal Fishing in the subject line:

Resolution/goal/item on bucket list
Mailing address
Email address

If you participated in Peanut and the Shell (and 18 of you did!), this will be a little like that. Spontaneous notes and treats coming your way from someone who is thinking about you. If you didn't participate in Peanut and the Shell then jump right in and Goal Fish with us. It will be fun and maybe, just maybe, it will help you meet a resolution, reach a goal, or knock something off your bucket list.

Ray is taking things into his own hands. He is going up against Lori in the Snack Throw Down. Here's the breakdown. Lori and Ray are battling Honey. Melanie and Susan are battling Quaker Oats. To be safe, try to have entries in the mail by Wednesday morning! Good luck. May the best snacks win!

Signing off until Monday...

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