Friday, January 30, 2009

Free For All Friday: Favorites, Football, Freebies, and More

Announcements at the end...

T.G.I.F!  Today is day five of our Virtual Baby Shower.  It's been a fun week of activity, beginning with celebrating the Year of the Ox (and, of course, all of our own animal signs), in honor of the Chinese New Year.  Tuesday we explored thoughtful keepsakes we could make using the fingers, toes, and feet of our little ones.  Wednesday we shared all sorts of ideas about archiving our children's memories, important headlines, and other moments in time, and yesterday we took time out to play the inevitable baby shower game.  

Consider today the portion of a baby shower when structured activities are over and guests are left to sit around, sharing stories, advice, and mommy tips.  Today, after all, is Free For All Friday.  Newcomers, this is the day of the week when we benefit from the collective creativity and wisdom of our community.  The floor is open for you to talk about whatever you want or to seek advice on the topic of your choice.

In the spirit of this week's baby shower, I would like to propose a topic.  The question will be easiest for current mothers to answer, but those of you with illustrious day care or baby sitting careers should have plenty to share too.  Here it is...

What baby related item did you register for, thinking it would be essential, only to find out you would never use it.  Conversely, what did you not register for, that you later purchased, and could never have lived without.

I can't stop there.  There is way too much going on in this community of ours.

Sunday is the finals of the Super Bowl Snack Throw Down!  East v. West, with Onion as the featured secret ingredient.  Rumor has it East submitted an onion dip and West submitted a salsa.  It would be anticlimactic if I let the day come and go with only a brief announcement on Monday of who won.  No.  Today - Free For All Friday - we need to take a minute to wish Maureen and Lori luck and to make some predictions.  So whose going to win?  East, onion dip or West, salsa?  For added challenge... of the 20 anticipated bar flies at Struble Suds on Sunday, how many votes will the winning dish receive?

Next Freebie Friday and then it's on to announcements.

If you work outside the home, or ever have, you'll know what I am talking about.  There are people in our work places with whom interaction is not required, but whose company we actively seek.  You are drawn to them for reasons including things such as shared interests; their knowledge on a topic about which you know nothing; sense of humor; an office so filled with stimulus it's the perfect work break; or maybe just that their candy dish has a better selection than anyone else on your floor.

Today, I want to introduce you to Stacie.  Stacie is someone I met while working in Louisville, Kentucky.  The nature of our jobs on campus were not such that we were required to work together, but Stacie is someone whose company I actively sought out.  There are innumerable nice things I could say about Stacie.  She is smart; self-assured; an activist; knowledgeable about a lot of things, but still curious; funny, thoughtful, and has cork screw curls that most women would die for!  Oh, and have I mentioned that her interests and talents are more eclectic than anyone else I've ever met?  She is a walking cocktail party, able to move swiftly from conversations about the state of higher education, to politics, drama and the arts, massage, baby delivery, and just about everything in between. 

Bottom line.  Stacie loves all things pregnant.  Soon she will launch a website displaying a variety of mommy-related (and more) creations.  Diaper bags, toy bags, baby slings, and other novelty items are among a few of the sewn items you can expect to find.  Today, Stacie is offering to give away a Belly Cast Kit.  The kit is used to make an impression of your pregnant belly.  Talk about a creative way to commemorate your pregnancy!?  Once made, many women paint or decorate the cast.  To win this cast you must: (1) be one of our Virtual Baby Shower guests, and (2) guess the name of her beautiful 11 month old baby boy.  Hint.  Six letters, beginning with the letter "L" and ending in "N."

  • Price is Right Winner:  While many of you did well, there is only one winner to yesterday's game.  Hands down, Cheryl O'Pry with a PERFECT 10!  Congratulations, Cheryl!  The final answers were: Q-tips, $1.06; Bibs, $8.99; Fitted Sheets, $10.99; Gym, $64.99; Wipes, $3.69; Diaper Bag, $68.99; Johnson & Johnson Liquid Soap, $3.39; Platex Drop-ins, $9.99; Robeez, $27.95; Baby Tylenol, $5.99. 
  • Goal Fishing:  Hopefully the 20 of you who signed up to participate in Goal Fishing have received your materials in the mail.  Let the fun begin!   Quarterly we will use the blog to check in on Goal Fishing participants to see how you are doing toward your resolution.  The first check in will be sometime in early April. 
  • Thumbprint Pictures:  We got some great submissions.  Check in tomorrow to see what was submitted and to "CASE" some ideas!
  • Virtual Party Host:  Whose up next?  We are looking for a party host for the month of April.  Remember, all you have to do is gather five friends and identify a topic that would be of interest.  I do the rest.  So far Heather, Katie, and Kristen have taken advantage of the opportunity.  Going once, going twice... 

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