Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Price is Right

What kind of Virtual Baby Shower would this be if we didn't play at least one game?  Thanks to the generosity of Kristen, we have, as an added bonus, a $20.00 Starbucks card for the lucky winner.  Baby shower guests... while you might not currently be drinking coffee, you will appreciate this card months from now when you are sleep deprived!

Rules of the game are simple, and of course open to all party goers - pregnant or not.  Simply review the baby items pictured below and assign the correct price to each item.  The person who gets the most correct wins.  If there is more than one winner, the names of all those eligible will submitted in a drawing.  Your guesses can be emailed to

NOTE: I am sure many of you bargain shoppers will want to dispute my prices or want more detail about size or quantity.  Embrace the ambiguity.  The items were priced at main stream stores, with no coupons in hand.

It's a only a game, so I trust that even the most competitive of you will protect your integrity by not searching the web for answers.

Price points:

Baby Items






Thanks for playing!  Tune in on Friday when we celebrate Day 5 of our Virtual Baby Shower.  Until then...

Signing off...

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