Friday, January 23, 2009

Free for All __________

Three times a charm.  That's what I've heard.  

The first time you hear a message... forgettable.  We're busy people, bombarded daily with messages, so a one-time announcement is our dream come true.  Total dismissal, guilt free.  Second time you hear an announcement... recognizable. The message might be familiar, but details are blurred and there exists no sense of urgency to take action.  But, three times.  Three times is supposed to be the charm.  After having heard a message a third time, its contents should be familiar - maybe even anticipated.

So let's see if it works.

If you've been on Highlowaha over the past two days, you might have heard _______ is in the air.  Highlowaha is 26 days away from celebrating our ____  _______   __________.  The celebration of our great achievement will peak on Wednesday, _________ 18, at _:__ p.m. CST.  Planning for The ______ _______ _______ Show cannot get underway until each of you does your part.  We need you to submit _________(s) for each category.  Wednesday I outlined the first three awards.  Thursday I outlined the next three and today we will introduce the final three.

To submit your nominations, simply send me an _____ at, by Monday, January __th at midnight.  Please be sure to put People's Choice Award in the subject heading.

Now for the final three awards to be presented.

The Newbie Award
This People's Choice Award goes to a Highlowaha reader who has only been with us since October 2008, or later, but whose participation we couldn't live without.

The Veteran Award
This People's Choice Award goes to a Highlowaha reader whose been with us since at least May 2008 and whose participation we couldn't live without.

Oz Award
This People's Choice Award goes to the Highlowaha reader you would most like to bring out from behind the curtain to meet.    

There they are.  The last three.  To get details about the other six awards (Sliced Bread Award, Raising the Bar Award, Good Neighbor Award, Energizer Bunny Award, Spirit of #218 Award, and the Home Run Award), please visit posts from Wednesday and Thursday.

Next an introduction and then it's onto the business of the day...  Free For All Friday.  

Let's give a big welcome to Shannon, a friend with whom I have recently reconnected.  If a prototype existed for the "Quintessential Highlowaha Reader," it would be Shannon.  She is creative, an event planner by nature (and profession), adventurous, lives the Spirit of #218 without even knowing it, and understands the value of participating in community in the same way we do.   She posed the perfect "Free For All Friday" question when we had lunch yesterday, so let's see if she jumps right in today and shares it with the rest of you.  If so, let's show her what we've got.  

Now, Free-For-All-ing.  For those of you who are new to our blog, Friday is the day of the week readers capitalize on the collective creativity of our group by posing their own questions.  You might want help developing a party theme, promoting an event, raising money, or as was the case earlier this week, generating ideas to help a homesick friend.  The canvass is clean for you to do with what you want.

With that, let me get out of the way.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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