Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Three: Lost Mind Mapping

As promised this was a true test in creativity!  A handful of you responded to my request for prompts I could use in developing today's post.  As interesting as today's topic is, the way in which I used your input to arrive at at today's topic is even more interesting.  See if you agree.  If so, maybe you'll accept the challenge I've included at the end.  Note: I had to do this activity late yesterday afternoon, so a few of you who posted later in the day might not see your words listed.  

At the center of the page goes the topic I am brainstorming.  In this case, today's blog topic.  From there, I move outward on the page listing your input and making free associations, based on whatever comes to mind.  See if you follow my train of thought...

Numbers...  23, 12, 23.  I could add, subtract, multiply.  That would give me 58, 11, 2.  Someone offered up the word "lottery."  Could they be lottery numbers?  I'll wait before I commit.  "Sunshine," "water," "energy"?  These are connected, aren't they.  Or maybe I like water and sun as elements.  I'll wait and see.  "Couch," "red carpet," "infinite staircase.  These are all things you'd find in a home.  Hmmm... I like that.  It feels relevant.  O.k., that's a lot with which to work.  

How does all this fit together?  I decided I'd take a break and think about it for a couple of minutes before making a final decision.  Drum roll, please....

"If you won $58.00 in a scratch-off lottery, what would you buy to improve an element of your home?"

For added fun, I decided to post the question, so Leadershape students could reply (yes, they were confused).  Here's what a few of them had to say...
  • "I would buy stepping stones and a river rock to create and extension of our porch , which our dog Buddy couldn't dig up."
  • "I would take a nice family portrait, enlarge it, and frame it.  It would be something new to hang in the living room."
  • "I would invest in some house paint and paint a room a different color."
  • "I would use the money to decorate a room filled with things that could help build a relaxing environment."
  • "I would buy window and door seals to eliminate air from coming out of the house and lower the cost of electricity."
  • "I would buy a  gift with my brother (something he really likes) and then I would ask my brother to go with me to a poor area and ask him to give it away to someone he thinks needs it."
Now it's your turn.  How would you spend your $58.00?

Ready for your next challenge?  How about YOU mind map tomorrow's topic.  Try to submit your mind mapping by 5:00 CST.  My free time is limited and I need some time to mill over your answers.  To get you started, I've asked the ten students sitting in the lobby with me right now to each give me a word.  Here they are: exciting, table, discipline, grapefruit, red, money, leadership, girls, fun, experience.

Two notes:
  • If you haven't already signed up for Goal Fishing, don't forget.  We're going fishing on Thursday, January 15.  Want to know more?  Check out Saturday's post (1/3).
  • If you were due to receive a Christmas ornament from the Ornament Exchange, take a second and let us know the eagle has landed and that you received your ornament.  There are some of us who will feel better knowing USPS "delivered" on their promise to... deliver.
Signing off until tomorrow...

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