Wednesday, December 31, 2008



HooRay.........yeah baby.  New Years.....Times Square.........Whoooeeee Whooo.  It's 19 degrees.  Who's bright idea was it to come down here with no coat?  Look at this guy.  Hey dude, Big Brown is looking for his teeth.  Freak.  This place is crazy.  Sorry I'm late.  Kathy Griffin attacked me.  Thought I was limelight.  I could have stayed home and gone to Claudia's kid party.  I heard it was insane.  Claudia had three glasses of champagne.  I'm guessing she'll be out till tomorrow evening.........light weight.  

Since it's 2009, why don't you tell me nine things that you're looking forward to this year.  I'll start:

1.  Hair plugs
2.  An aspirin for my head and my 401k
3.  Change I can believe in
4.  A cute little incandescent thing
5.  My own show
6.  Shadowboxing
7.  Clapper parties
8.  The Shining 2
9.  A link between LEDs and cancer

Here's some shots of Claudia and the gang before she got her drink on.  That many kids amped up on sugar with noise makers would make anyone drink.  Give me Times Square every time.

Happy New Years.  HooRay   Out.

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