Saturday, December 13, 2008

Festival of Lights

Welcome to Highlowaha's 
First Annual Festival of Lights 

Tonight is an opportunity for us to spend a few minutes with new and old friends, made in our virtual community over the past ten months.  The Festival of Lights allows us to get a peak inside one another's homes and feel - if only for a moment - that we are part of each other's holiday traditions.  

Make yourself a cup of cocoa, sit back and enjoy the short slide show of your friends Christmas trees.  You might also take a second to view the slide show of wrapped Christmas ornaments, so you can identify the one you would most like to select.

Then, sign in by making a post and let us know you're out there.  At 8:15 p.m. (CST), after you've had time to "ooh" and "aahhh," everyone who submitted a photo of an ornament, will begin the Ornament Exchange.

Didn't submit a photo of your tree or an ornament?  No worries.  You can still join our party, by posting comments.

See you in a few... 

The How-tos of Tonight's Ornament Exchange
  • To participate in tonight's Exchange, you must have already submitted your photo to Katie.
  • Make sure you have posted a comment letting us know you are here.
  • View the slide show of ornaments to determine which you would most like to select.
  • You will be randomly assigned a number which will determine the order in which we will select ornaments.
  • Like Pirate Bingo, ornaments are allowed to be "stolen" three times by other participants, before the ornament becomes "out of play."
  • Person #1 will select the numbered ornament she wants (in tonight's case it is all "shes"), by making a post in the comment section.  You are deciding exclusively on packaging, which is one more reason we must accept that "packaging is everything."
  • Person #2 will decide if she wants to select a different package or if she wants the package you have.  She will post her choice in the comment section.
  • Refresh your screen periodically, so you can be sure you are a viewing the most up-to-date exchanges (Refresh button should be in the top left hand corner of your computer).
  • Remember, packaged ornaments may be stolen three times before they are out of play.
  • The Exchange will continue until all 9 of us has selected an ornament.
  • Tune in tomorrow morning for the final slide show, unveiling which ornament you won.
  • Click on the comment section now to see who goes first...
Let me say thanks ahead of time, everyone, for participating in tonight's event.  You're living the Spirit of #218 and, in the process, hopefully realizing the magic of making time for the life's little things. 

Let's play... 

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