Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!, Low on Dough: $10.00

Thursday, already!  Time flies when you're having fun... and it is fun I am having!  Hopefully you are too.  

Monday we talked about all the variations we could apply to Theme Christmas trees.  Tuesday we transformed envelopes into page markers for all gifts we purchase from Barnes and Noble this holiday season.  Subscriptions and one-of-a-kind experiences were the name of the game for Wednesday's post.  As for today.  Today I'll share a $10.00 idea and, of course, hope that you will chime in. 
It's day number four of our party, and there is still so much more that Katie's Krew needs to about our fun community.  So, I'll leave plenty of time and space for important announcements.  And, time for the big reveal of a fun Highlowaha Christmas activity coming your way soon.
Today's Idea:
Food glorious food.  That's the idea we'll rally around today.  I like my contribution of the day for a few reasons.  First.  Something baked is a labor of love and a thoughtful way to wish someone a happy holiday.  Second.  Most recipes can be baked for less than $10.00 (especially if you make enough to divide your recipe into multiple servings).  Third.  Food, when packaged in the right container, can serve as a double gift.  The champagne glass in which my Granola is packaged ($5.00 with a 50% off coupon from Michael's) could be used to hold fruit, corks, Sharpie markers, or candy on your desk at work, once empty.  Four.  By using the tag line, "Cheers!  Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year," I free myself up to give some gifts after Christmas, but in time for the new year.  Who wouldn't love to steal an extra few days?

A couple more notes about today's featured gift.  You'll notice I show it photographed in two different sizes.  The smaller martini glass was $1.99 at World Market (but I saw others in Target's $1 bin).  The fact that it's smaller also means it will hold less mix, allowing you to yield more gifts per batch.  Both are fun.  Consider using holiday ribbon to hang the recipe from your package.

Claudia' Big Reveal:
I'm a big fan of interns.  In fact some of our best and most fun readers once served as interns at various campuses where I've worked.  As much as I love interns in Student Affairs, we have them do traditionally Student Affairs related things - coordinate events, advise students, compose and pitch proposals, etc, etc....  Have you ever seen the interns on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Jay Leno, or on any of your local radio stations?  Now those are interns!  I tuned into Ellen the other day and she sent her intern to Time Square, New York with a collapsible money machine.  The intern had to get from CA to NY, figure out how to set it up, and then create a commotion on the streets of New York.  Now that's an experience!

Cassie P isn't exactly a Highlowaha intern, but she has generously offered to do a stunt for us!  Cassie lives in Indiana, the same state as the infamous town Santa Claus, Indiana.  In the interest of time, I won't go into great detail about what makes this town so much fun, but if you get a chance you should check it out.  I will tell you two essential things about this town.

One.  The Santa Claus post office creates a special annual postmark to stamp each envelope moving through their post office.  What could be more magical than getting a letter delivered from Santa Claus, Indiana?  Nothing.  That's why on December 15, Cassie has volunteered to road trip for us.  She will mail any card or letter we send her from the Santa Claus post office, so that it can get the official postmark.  I implore each of you to think of one person you can surprise with this fun treat.  Don't even sign your name.  Let it be anonymous or from a secret admirer.  In the spirit of #218, do it today.  Get a holiday card, fill it out, address it to the person you want to surprise and PUT A STAMP ON IT!  Then put it in another envelope and send it to Cassie P. at  103 Meadow Drive, Sellersburg, IN, 47172, by Wednesday, December 10! 

Early next week I want to spend some time thinking about what fun things we can have Cassie do along her journey.  Be thinking.

Two.  In the middle of town there is a Santa Claus Museum.  In the back of the museum, behind lock and key, there are makeshift tables set up where residents volunteer to answer the 15,000 letters kids write to Santa Claus.  While there are many addresses to which you can send a letter to Santa, Santa Claus, Indiana is FREE!  No charge.  Matthew has sent his letter there for the past few years and it always comes back with a personalized note to him (be sure to include specific information  - names of siblings or friends, favorite food, pets name, etc...) and reindeer dust to be sprinkled around the perimeter of your house (I assume for a safe landing).  The address should you want to drop him a line is:

Santa Claus
41 North Kringle Place
Santa Claus, IN 47579

  • Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting: Were there any takers last night?  Win the one and only I LOVE N.Y. patch, for your coveted patchwork denim, by being the first to correctly answer this question.  What did Stephen Colbert have sticking out of his pocket 
  • Paint the Town Red:  Have a Coke.  Share a smile.  Remember, we are trying to accumulate as many Coke Reward points as possible between now and February 14, in order to help Heather's sick friend, Julie.  Reward numbers can either go to Heather or your Highlowaha Regional Coke Director.  Maybe in the next couple of days Heather can post an update and a reminder of who is Regional Director for which states.  We started Coke Kindness Chains in various places around the country.  I would love to hear a story or two about getting the chains started or where they are at to date.
  • Festival of Lights:  Sunday, December 14 we will have a Virtual Highlowaha Festival of Lights and Ornament Exchange.  To participate in one or both, just do the following.  (1) take a picture of your tree or other holiday decoration (better if you and your family are in front of it). (2) Buy an ornament and take a picture of it.  (3) Wrap the ornament and take another picture of it.  Send all three photos to Katie at, by Friday, December 12 by 9:00 p.m.
  • Owl's Nest Shopping: Highlowaha readers from North Texas will be visiting a great toy boutique on Saturday, December 6.  If you want us to be on the lookout for a unique toy for someone on your list, just let us know the age and sex of the child.  We will shop on Saturday and post our toy reviews later in the day.  North Texas who participate will earn a Patchwork Patch and get 10% off their purchases.  Non-Texans can win lap desk personalized for the child of your choice. 
Dig out your favorite recipe idea and share it with the rest of us.  I'll post the granola recipe in the comment section before the day is over.  That's a lot for one day, but we're a moving and shaking group of people.  

Signing off until tomorrow...

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