Friday, December 12, 2008

Free For All Friday: Final Thoughts, Friendship Parties, and Football


Am I the only one waking up early because of the gajillion things running through my head?  I could fill a legal pad with all the things I want to do in the next couple of weeks, if only I would write them down.  But, if I take time to make a list I have less time to check the items off my list... and on and on the cycle goes.  Instead, I'll continue the same maddening cycle, subjecting all of you to my craziness along the way.

Today's post will be reflective of my mental state... a little all over the place, but important nonetheless.

The good news is that today is Free For All Friday.  If you hate what I have to say then declare mutiny.  Take the blog over and talk about whatever is important to you.  Still looking for a gift idea, packaging suggestions, or a slogan to go along with your gift?  Let the group take a crack at it.  Find a great bargain, a new recipe, or a holiday must-have?  Share it with the rest of us.  Glad it's Friday and ready to celebrate, vent, or reflect?  Lay it on us.  We love that stuff.

As for me... here's what I got.

Final Gift Ideas:  I can't stop.  I saw a few more things I want you to know about.  First, I saw a Girlz Own Bedroom Doorbell.  $11.99 at the Owl's Nest.  Wouldn't that be a fun thing for a young girl to have on her door?  For boys (or girls)...  Zoomorphs.  Picture animal parts... all sorts of animal parts.  Arms, legs, wings, claws, beaks, tails, etc....  Now picture them as separate pieces.  Kids can use the variety of animal parts to morph their own zoo animal (thus the name).   Ssshhh... I couldn't resist buying it for Matthew ($16.99).

Kelly Montana!:  Have you seen Katie's challenge posted in yesterday's announcements? Tonight... James Madison (her school) versus Montana (your school).  Are you up for another challenge?  That's what she wants to know!  There's another ornament hanging in the balance, so let her know!  I heard her say you're "going down!"  Are you going to let her get away with that?

Virtual Baby Shower:  Kristen has generously offered to host our next Friendship Party, January 26-31.  In light of the upcoming baby arrivals, our next Friendship Party is slated to be a baby shower.  Bottom line.  We are looking for 6-8 pregnant women who will come together and form our guest list for January's party.  Kelly, Melanie, and Michelle (where are you)... you are welcome to join us.  In addition to our old standbys, we would love to pull in some new readers.  That's where all of you come in.  Who do you know that is pregnant and will you pass their name along to us?  We need 6-8 women who are due sometime between March and June or July. 

Texas Friends: Calling all women living in the North Texas area!  Kristen's sister in-law will be moving to the Dallas Metroplex area in the spring.  She's decorating a Texas Christmas tree (see post from 12/) and would love to attach the names of contacts her sister in law could call when she arrives.  If you are willing to help welcome Kristen's sister in law to our great state, please pass along your name and contact information.  Kristen's email address is: 

Festival of Lights and Ornament Exchange:  It's never too late to join the fun!  Here's a run down.  Festival of Lights will begin at 8:00 p.m. CST.  To participate, just email a picture of you in front of a holiday decoration.  She must receive by tonight at 9:00 p.m (though, if she got it Saturday morning, she'd probably squeeze it in).    The Ornament Exchange will begin somewhere around 8:15 and should be done by no later than 8:40ish.  To participate in the Ornament Exchange just...
  • Buy an ornament (50% off at most places right now)
  • Send Katie a picture of it unwrapped.
  • Send Katie a picture of it wrapped.
  • Tune in at 8:00 this Sunday.
Football Throw Down:  Round One of the Football Snack Throw Down is over.  Thanks to the 14 of you who participated.  Special congratulations to Richard, Tera, Lori, Nicole, Maureen, Melanie, and Susan,  our seven skilled winners.  Here's what we have to look forward to...
  • December 30, Richard vs. Tera (receive secret ingredient 12/19
  • January 3, Nicole vs. Maureen (receive secret ingredient 12/26
  • January 10, Melanie vs. Susan (receive secret ingredient 1/2
  • January 11, winner of Richard vs. Tera goes up against Lori (who automatically advances).  Receive secret ingredient 1/2.
  • January 18, winner of Nicole vs. Maureen goes up against winner of Melanie vs. Susan, (receive secret ingredient 1/9).
  • February 1, SUPER BOWL!!!!! Coveted Super Bowl is awarded to the winner, (receive secret 1/16).
Cassie Goes on a Road Trip: This Monday Cassie heads on her road trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to hand postmark and deliver our Christmas cards.  Hopefully she's received a handful in the mail.  All you last-minute Louisvillians, maybe if you drop her an email at, she will swing by and pick your card up before leaving on her trip.

Christmas Conversation Question:  If all else fails, how about answering today's Highlowaha Christmas Conversation Question... What is the strangest gift you ever received?

Signing off until tomorrow...

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