Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Hoorah

Important announcement at the end.

What kind of sham would this blog be if I didn't use today to prompt one last reflection of this year's highs, lows, and ahas? Today, after all, we usher out 2008 and ring in the year 2009.

Newcomers... our blog is named Highlowaha, because of an underlying appreciation for the value of periodically stopping long enough to reflect on life's highs, lows, and life lessons. Normally we reserve this ritual for the 18th day of each month, but this month, in honor of New Year's Eve, we'll do it twice.

Today we will reflect on the year's highs, lows, and ahas. And, you don't have to reserve reflections for personal occurrences. Maybe your personal highs are dwarfed by the awe inspiring opening of the Olympics in Beijing, the election of a new U.S. president, or Big Brown's win at the 134th Kentucky Derby. Similarly, maybe you are fortunate enough not to have had a low as devastating as the fires in California, the recent avalanche in Canada, the earthquake in China, or the Super Tuesday tornadoes in southern states.

Maybe even a combination of personal, national, and international highs, lows, and ahas could work. I'll let you decide.

As for me...
  • Highs: making new friends; Jack turning one and letting us sleep through the night; visiting my parents in New York; my sister coming to visit twice; hosting Pen Pal weekend with Katie as my side kick; completing some home improvements; Getting HLA up and running; Heather moving to Texas; Richard's grand e-bay purchase of an industrial-sized espresso machine; opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics; and my new Honda Pilot.
  • Lows: My car dying, requiring me to get my new Honda Pilot; natural disasters; the death of Tim Russert; and the economy
  • Ahas: Eleven highs, four lows. I'm lucky!
Important Announcement
There is no Virtual Highlowaha New Year's Eve party tonight, but tune in at soon after midnight (beginning EST) and let us know how you spent the evening. There will be a short activity, sure to get 2009 off to a great start. See you then!

Signing off until later tonight...

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