Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Claudia's Top Kid Pick's: Girl's First

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Don't get me wrong, my boys are allowed to play with dolls if they want and one of Matthew's favorite colors is pink.  When I say that today we will look at items of that might be of interest to girls, it does not mean, "No Boys Allowed."  It just means the Owl's Nest had the items located in a predominantly pink section of the store.

The price range of the items featured (and photographed by Heather) are of varying prices . One thing they have in common... all, in some way, foster creativity.  I'll leave gadgets and battery operated toys to someone more qualified.

Already done with you shopping?  Let us know what you've purchased this season for the young girls in your life.  Some of us haven't even started yet (yikes, it's true!)  Also, we'll top each of the next three days of with a question from the inaugural deck of Highlowaha's Conversation Cards (SOLD OUT!).  Today's question... What is the most memorable holiday gift you remember receiving as a child?

Fingermax Finger Brushes
Finger painting with a twist... or should I say brush?

Kids Paint Brushes
I bought these paint brushes for Matthew a few years back and he still uses them at least a few times a month.  You can also purchase paint containers with covers in corresponding colors.  It not only reinforces differentiation of colors, but it also helps keep the red paint red and the blue paint blue.

Jewelry Box Sticky Mosaic Kit
Heather spotted this item and I agreed that making your own jewelry box, sounded like something many young girls would think was fun.  I also love the fact that it gives her something to do over the holiday break... other than watch t.v.

Alex Link 'n Loop Scarf
We thought of Stacie when we saw this and thought, with a little help from her, this could be a fun gift for the nine year old girl for whom we were browsing.

Fashion Design Studio by Creativity for Kids
Fashion industry, watch out!  This kit provides all the essentials necessary for a young person to design her own clothing.  You could be inspiring the next great clothing designer!!!

Why do I love this so much?  As a kid, I spent hours doing Finger Fortunes with friends.  It's relatively inexpensive, but seems to me that it would countless hours of fun.

Melissa & Doug's
Architectural Standard Unit Blocks
 My mother bought these architectural blocks for my niece years ago.  She's eleven and still loves playing with them.  Incidentally, on our last trip to N.Y., my boys spent many an hour playing with them too.

Oriental Trading Company
Jingle Bell Rings

This might not exactly foster creativity, but I think it makes for a great tie-on to the bow of just about any package!  I bought one mine for $2.99 (it is multi-colored), but Oriental Trading has a full dozen for only $4.99.

  • Festival of Lights: Cassie, Maureen, Kristen, and I were the first to commit to Sunday night's fun... The Festival of Lights will begin at 8:00 and probably only go until 8:40 or so.  Surely we'll have some more takers by Friday night at 9:00 when pictures are due to Katie.  Just email her ( a picture of you (and your family) in front of your Christmas tree, menorah, or any other meaningful holiday item.  
  • Ornament Exchange: This will also take place on Sunday night, beginning immediately after the Festival of Lights.  To participate... simply purchase an ornament.  Take a picture of it unwrapped, then take a picture of it wrapped.  Email both to Katie at   
  • Yesterday's winners: I'm not sure why my original post of winners did not post.  Here's the shortened version.  Thanks to those of you who wrote a review.  Allison did not get my email in enough time to judge, so I deferred to my favorite elf.  Richard picked two numbers between 1-6 (to correspond with the six of you who participated).  Kristen and Tera were the lucky winners!
  • Cassie Goes to Santa Claus: It's not too late!  Grab a card on the way to work.  Take some time over your lunch hour.  Zip by the post office on your way home.  In the Spirit of #218, don't miss this chance to send a child you know a Christmas card from Santa Claus, Indiana.  Cassie is road tripping to Santa Claus for us on Monday (12/15).  We want to send her with a full Santa sack.  Her address: Cassie Patterson, 103 Meadow Drive, Sellersburg, IN, 47172
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