Saturday, December 13, 2008

Countdown to the Twelve Days of Christmas: Part I

Good morning.  Today's post will come in two parts.  First will come the sharing of today's creative idea.  Then, later in the day, will come our families finished product.

So today we make our Annual Twelve Days of Christmas Tree.  We cut it out of paper, paint it green, decorate paper ornaments, and then I write a daily activity on the  back of each.  Each day for the next twelve days we will do some small thing together to celebrate the holidays and to build the excitement and anticipation of Santa's arrival.

So that's it.  I'll report back later and show you a picture of the finished product.  In the meantime... how about sharing an idea or two of activities you might include.  Remember, the name of the game is simple.  In fact, I like to build the activities around things we already do each day (taking baths, eating dinner, reading our nightly book, getting dressed, etc...).

Remember, Katie might still accept your pictures of your Christmas tree and ornament!  It's not too late to get in the game!

Signing off until later today...

Twelve Days of Christmas: Part II:

Here it is.  More than a little later (Sunday at 7:30).  Sorry.  Last night got away from me and we were hosting an out of town visitor today. 

The beauty of this project was that there was it was totally Matthew and Jack's.  I cut out the ornaments and the tree and the boys went to town coloring and painting.  It might not win us any awards, but to us, Rockefeller Center has nothing on us.  The twelve activities I settled on - which are still a mystery to the boys - are...
  • Sing Christmas carols in the bathtub
  • Mail Santa his letter
  • Eat popcorn and watch a Christmas show
  • Read a Christmas book to the kids in your class
  • Wear red and green
  • Drive around looking at Christmas lights
  • Make snowman sundaes for dessert
  • Visit Santa
  • Make thank you cards
  • Solve a Christmas puzzle
  • Drink hot cocoa with a candy cane
  • Bake Santa his cookies
Thanks for your creative assistance...

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