Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yellow Envelope Project: New York

Who cuts a hair dresser's hair? When a dentist needs dental work, how does she select her dentist? How does a masseuse decide who to hire for a massage?

I assume they pick the best. That's the benefit of "having been there." Hairdressers, dentists, and masseuses have logged hours in their respective fields. They know tricks of the trade, inside scoop, and who's who in the industry. They employ the best to do their work, because they know the best will deliver in a way others can't.

So who is best qualified to fill the mailboxes of people who shine?

People who shine for a living. You - the people who, day in and day out, work your corner of the world, slowly and steadily making it a brighter place to be.

Week #2 of the Yellow Envelope Project. Quick review for those of you just tuning in.

Spread the word... Shining is in! Each week I post the address of someone who, for whatever reason - big or small - shines. Reasons can be as big as solving world peace or as small as sharing a smile at just the right time.

YOUR job is to help perpetuate this culture of excellence by sending a short note - snail mail. The note will inform this week's recipient you got word of his accomplishment and that you think what he did was worth celebrating. That's almost it. Short, sweet, and to the point.

I say "almost," because there is one more detail. Your note must be sent in a yellow envelope and the return address should read, "Yellow Envelope Project" (yellow envelopes available at Kinkos and most office supply stores).

That's it. Short note. $.44 cent stamp. Yellow envelope. Postmarked within the week.
This week we recognize a woman passionate about her work. She is a teacher on a mission to help women understand complex nursing concepts surrounding birth. She takes tough topics such as the interplay of hormones and gets you up and rocking to CCR favs with new words. She's always got a listening ear and shoulder to lean on. She empowers women by traveling the country sharing useful information about labor and parenting.
Take a second to applaud the passion and creativity this woman uses to engage her students in learning!

23 Wallingford Rise
Fairport, NY 14450-9390

Signing off until tomorrow... Yes, tomorrow - October 18! Join us for our monthly reflection.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is sooo NOT NOVEMBER. LOL

Claudia said...

Thanks, Anonymous for setting me straight. Time flies when you are having fun!

Katie K said...

I'm excited to send out another yellow envelope! I love this!

Claudia said...

Mission accomplished. I just addressed my envelope and boy, does it feel good!

Look out, Patricia!

Cheryl said...

This project has hit home with me today as I received 3 great pieces of mail between yesterday and today. First, I got a letter from an old boss that said he was donating to the Breast Cancer 3 Day for me. Second, I got a piece of Fish Food from my Goal Fishing Buddy. Third, I got my card of the month from Peggy. I also got two magazines and some bills but those 3 pieces of the mail made all the difference today. :)

My yellow envelope probably won't go out until Monday but that will be the latest. How fun is it to think about how Patricia is going to feel when she gets anonymous positive mail? :)

Peggy said...


Yellow Envelop Project

Smiling Helps In Nearly Everything

just some random thoughts!

Note to self..... postal service.... snail mail, ugh!