Friday, October 2, 2009

Free For All Friday: Smile

Wait, click on the video!

We know 43% of you don't usually watch the video, but tune in today to find out what we're going to do about it.

And, as if that ain't enough...
  • Cookie cutter winner for September
  • Discover the winning cookie cutter for October
  • Get the latest and greatest on Highlowaha's Snack Throw Down
  • Test your luck on the Altoid table, and
  • Find out more about the Yellow Envelope Project

Signing off until tomorrow...


Danko Family said...

I tried to watch the video, like I do every week...wink wink...but there's no sound. I even tried to watch it through youtube and wasn't successful. Am I having a blond moment today???

Jessie Freeman said...

I don't have sound either... :( I tried everything.

cassie p said...

yea, me too! i was like, what the heck?! then i thought to see if anyone else was having the problem. thank goodness its not just me!

Anonymous said...

PS on youtube it says the audio has been disabled.

Heather said...

Alright guys, Thanks for the heads up...thanks to Cassie specifically for the text.
Evidently the music I included at the end wasn't allowed this week so I'm pulling it and will repost shortly.
Thanks for your patience.

Heather said...

It'll be about 20 minutes until the video is processed and ready on youtube.

heather said...

And it's up!

cassie p said...

sweet, it worked for me now. good thing i was home today to text you early in the day about it! :-D

so yea...i dont do halloween.

ive got one smiley sticker, so i guess ill wear it to the gym. let me see what else i can scrounge up to do today!!

Katie K said...

I am rolling in laughter over here in Virginia! That video was hilarious! Plus, stuffed full with fun stuff from you all.

Congrats to everyone on the wins today...and the recipes both look good again this week.

I'm off to decorate smiley face cookies for each resident in my building...I better get busy.

Cheryl said...

I'm having a hard time deciding who to vote for on the Snack Throwdown this week. Good job ladies.

Bacon lovers should go check out Kate's post. She has a tip for cooking bacon.

I will post the winner of the art piece later today after I find a couple of people to help me draw a name and be a witness. :)

Peggy said...

Where do we find Jen's email to check out her critique of the Snack throwdown?

And what? is the government here? 57% (the majority) said they liked the video. Just like peanut allergies (sorry Claudia) we can no longer enjoy a Snickers bar in school because 1 person is allergic!!

PS I don't want the job of being the closer anymore, if you don't finish something you start... I don't want to be blamed!!! :0)

In our house instead of SMILE, its

Happy Friday!!

Cheryl said...

Peggy, Jen's link to her blog is over on the side bar under Kate's & Lauren's. It's Beantown.

I think it's good that we know you're going to hold us accountable. I think you should just let us believe you are the closer whether you call us on our slips or not. :)

SHHHHMILEY! I like it.

Kat said...

I am a little sad that the video will only be semi weekly now. :-(

I was really wanting to make Max a "Where the Wild Things Are" Max costume, but I'm not sure that people would know what he was. Also, it is a little late in the year to start sewing something that elaborate. Now, I am thinking he will be a pirate. I am guessing that it is one of the last years that I get to choose what he will be and I think he would make a really cute pirate. I hope I can get stuff at the thrift store to make a costume.

No worries Claudia. I am the absolute worst at mailing stuff, so I understand!

Holly said...

I am super excited that i won...especially since a week ago I was just a lurker...
I am also equally excited about the owl...that was my vote.
Posting on highlowaha has brought me good luck, maybe i should buy a lotto ticket :-)

Danko Family said...

WOW! I can't believe I won on the altoids table again! I never received the rotary cutter I won the last time, but I also never told you which Ray shirt I wanted or what size...I think I won that the first Friday of September. SO, I would like the Ray shirt that just says SHINE in Large. Thanks for making my Friday SHINE and put a huge SMILE on my face. Have a great day ladies

Chaotic said...

I have sent an address for the yellow project...have lots more after Karen's back injury, but this is tops!

I love owls!! so excited!!

I like the video weekly... kinda like I am there withyou... who cares if 43% don't get to watch... .57% DO!

Congrats to all the winners... you'll love whatever you win... but I will love my gel pens more than anything when they arrive! COOL PENS ROCK!

Cheryl said...

Hey everyone... here is the link to the Mario & Luigi Costumes. I wish my boys would be them for Halloween! They're so cool!!

Simple but hilarious! Maybe one of you will go as Mario or Luigi! Ooh! I wonder if Peach is a costume available.

Peggy said...



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