Friday, October 23, 2009

It's F-U-N...

On a stick!!I will admit that when I first thought of sharing this post with you I was excited. I imagined about how cute these little crafties were going to be. And then I started making Fun on a Stick and said to myself- Cheryl, this isn't THAT fun. It's just cut out paper on a stick.

Maggie the Magnificent to the rescue. Dunt-dun-duh! (That doesn't type out so well. Insert your own superhero sound effect.)

I said to her, "I'm doing a post called Fun on a Stick and it's really starting to feel like a stick in the mud." Maggie the Magnificent replies with, "We had a party once and everyone had to bring a food on a stick."

Okay, take the thermometer out because this starting to feel much better now. So, jump on your pogo stick and hop on in because I am officially declaring today FUN FRIDAY ON A STICK!
It all started when I started seeing the mustaches on a stick and these fun pictures of people at a party posing for the camera with their Mustaches on a Stick. It was cute and playful. Kind of like the picture below.
Then I thought that it would be fun if you made a funny mouth and maybe in the spirit of Halloween a Vampire or carved pumpkin mouth.

Or open a Kissing Booth. Give me a lil' smooch, baby!

But wait! Glasses would be fun, too. Cat-eye glasses, Jackie O. glasses or even better Ray glasses.

Don't stop with just one Fun on a stick. Team them up to have even more fun.

Now those are cute and can be made as elaborate or as simple as you want. All you need is a stick. I used skewers because that's what I had on hand. Draw or pull up some clip art to get your designs. I'll admit that printing out the mouths, gluing them to posterboard and cutting them out with scissors was much easier. On the glasses I used Elmer's glue to attach the sticks but on the others I just used plain old Scotch Tape.
Stretch your creative mind and bedazzle, paint or even add yarn to your mustaches. Go ahead- I've got you warmed up. What would you add to your fun on a stick?

But we're not stopping there. Oh no! We're moving to food. Shish kabobs, Corn Dogs, Carmel apples, Cotton Candy- they're all on a stick.
You have foods that are sticks- breadsticks and drumsticks.

Fruit! On a tooth pick or a skewer! Cheese! We don't need no stinking cracker! You can put anything on a skewer and voila! Fun on a stick. Heck, you can even make brownies, cookies and cake balls- all on a what? You got it- a stick! Ooh! Serve sushi and eat with...chopsticks! Somebody stop me!

Don't forget about fun activities! Sparklers aren't just for the Fourth of July, you know. And pinatas! How are you going to break them open? With a stick! Break out that horse on a stick and take a gallop around the room. Stick horse Races! Pick-up-sticks!
This is getting to be very Slap Stick so before you pull out your matchstick and burn me at the stake (which technically is just a big stick) I'm going to leave you with this: Today is also known as Free For All Friday (but I'm lobbying to change it to FUN FRIDAY ON A STICK) so keep going with the stick theme if you want or throw out another word that we can center a party idea around.
All Announcements will be in the comment section because I know we have some Snack Throw Down Stuff going on. Be sure to check out Kate and Lauren's Black Bean recipes. Polls should be up over on the right------>>> Don't forget to vote.
I've got my lipstick on straight with my broomstick in hand and I'm off to save the world so, signing off until tomorrow.


Heather said...

Congratulations to Kate and Lauren on another fun SuperBowl Snack Throwdown last week with your asparagus recipes.

Kate won the reader vote and Lauren took both our celebrity judges and is yet again a TIE!!!

The scores have been updated and it is time for yet another throwdown...this week with black beans. Be sure to vote in the right hand column.

We have something special up our sleeve for the week of November 2-6 so you won't be voting for an ingredient today.

Let the voting begin!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love today's post. And who are those adorable boys posing in your pictures, Cheryl?!

Actually Cheryl's creative idea is a little fortuitous, because in a couple of weeks we will be seeing some more stuff on a stick! Stay tuned.

Admit it. Cheryl has a way of weaving photos together with words and delivering a memorable post!

It's a chilly fall day in Dallas. The perfect evening for a Smores made on sticks!

Claudia said...

Oops anonymous was me - Claudia.

P.S. Where is everybody on this Friday morning?

Heather @ said...

It is just you and I today Claudia!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Cheryl- so much fun!!! Total fun on a stick!

I'm feeling sick as a dog over here and this is just the bit of fun I needed in my day!

Kat said...

I love that idea! We have had a yucky week of sickness at our house, so those funny faces are a nice change! Ears would be a really funny addition to the face parts also.

Claudia said...

Hey, Cheryl... I had a thought. Pop some popcorn, tell the boys what time the curtain goes up, and challenge them to use all the disguises on a stick to produce a short play for you!

I'd buy a front row seat to that show.

Or, buy Halloween peeps, spear them with bottom half of disguise sticks and give them out to their soccer teammates this weekend!

Chaotic said...

I love this idea... and I love the idea of the little bags (both Peggy's AND Cheryl's!) even more. I see stuff in there besides candy!
am mailing off yellow envelope to Patricia today. Sorry not here this last week... sick yet still trying to do EVERYthing as spouse is still pretty useless as far as help goes ... is outta walker and using cane as of Weds, so things ar looking up!

Cheryl said...

Hey everyone. It's been a busy morning here. Sorry to hear that some of you are not feeling well!! Keep your cores warm. Drink warm beverages. Lots of fluids! Gatorade for the elctrolytes.

I was getting pretty silly writing this post but you really could have a stick themed party where invitiations, decorations, food, activities... you could really have a lot of fun with it.

What's another simple thing that you could throw around and have a unique party theme?

Claudia- JB would do a puppet show for you but Drew would probably look at you sideways.

Cheryl said...

You have got to check out this link to Creative Halloween Dinner from Hostess with the Mostess...

It's hilarious and clever and I'll probably never make any of it but you might!

Peggy said...

Cheryl, you have a way.... A scarecrow stuffed in your yard on a stick... you can go to Bakarella's blog she always has her cupcakes and cookie balls on a stick... and I love those splattered witches who decorate trees and the broom stick is hanging off!!!

Cheryl said...

Ha Ha! I love those splattered witches, too. I laugh everytime I see one and giggle to myself, "stupid bitch"

hee hee hee.