Saturday, October 3, 2009

'Tis the Season

It is officially pumpkin season, folks.

All you need to know about today is that we're on a mission to make pumpkins. Maybe you don't enjoy the feeling of pulling out the seeds from a real pumpkin. Maybe you want to get started early but know a real pumpkin will rot between now and Halloween. Or maybe you just love terra-cotta pots as much as I do.

Either way, today we're making pumpkins from pots. Here we go.

Supplies needed:
- terra-cotta pots
- orange paint
- foam brushes
- yellow paper
- glue
- scissors
- mod podge
- lunch bags/brown paper

1. Paint the pots with the orange paint until fully covered (this may take several coats).

2. Cut out eyes and a mouth for your pumpkin (to scale for the pot) from the yellow paper.
3. Glue (I used rubber cement) the eyes and mouth onto the pot. I had to apply a few moments of pressure to allow the pieces to adhere to the pot.

4. Coat with a layer of mod podge (if you're going to put it outside) so it doesn't get ruined by rain.

5. Twist lunch bag/brown paper and insert into the hole at top of the pot to look like a stem. I also added some orange shred to the top of mine.
Wondering what to do with this pumpkin of yours? Mine will be sitting on the steps leading up to my building. I also thought about lining my windowsill with smaller pot pumpkins or giving them as a gift to a child's teacher to celebrate the holiday. Let me hear what you think you might do with your new pumpkin.

Happy October, Highlowaha!

Signing off until Monday with the song of the day...


Claudia said...

Cute, cute, cute! We are in craft central this weekend, so your idea comes at a good time.

Danko Family said...

These are absolutely adorable! I love the idea of giving these to teachers! What about a service project of taking these to either a children's ward at a local hospital OR a nursing home to cheer up the residents??? Love it!

Kat said...

I love those! Just yesterday I was out in the garage and noticed some terra cotta pots that were just sitting there. I think I know what I should do with them now! I think it would be funny to paint one green to look like Frankenstein.

Cheryl said...

Good addition Kat! You could paint one white for a ghost.

Super cute!

Cheryl said...


Katie K said...

I just spent the afternoon on a hike with friends enjoying this beautiful October day! And I love the ideas you all have come up with for Frankenstein and a ghost! Keep them coming!

Peggy said...

Very Cute!
This link isn't exactly the one I had in mind, but a few years ago.... could have been on Martha... a scarecrow made out of the pots.

Susan said...

Very cute pumpkin pots! I painted a brick into a pumpkin several years ago. I'll try to send you a pic, Claudia.

BeeKayRoot said...

Anyone mind if I submit this idea on as an RA program idea??

I like submitting program ideas to that website. I will appropriately credit HLA as the source.


Claudia said...

Why of course, Brian! Post away. We'll have a few more ideas throughout the month.

Kat said...

Oh my goodness! I got my cookie cutter and clips today! I must say, Fancy Flours is way above and beyond what I even imagined. The packaging was excellent, and the quality of the cookie cutter is amazing! I am getting ready to go over there now to see which ones I want to order for Christmas!

Claudia said...

Thanks for saying so, Kat! You are right. Fancy Flour cookie cutters are GREAT! Having used seven months worth - coupled with other ones I have ordered on the side - I can say with some authority they are well made.

Cookie cutters make great holiday presents - especially with a fun cookie recipe attached (and an afternoon of teaching piping and flooding!).

Happy baking, Kat. Take us a picture of whatever you come up with.