Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yellow Envelope Project: Kansas

H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N!

Thanks to some of you, we already have a short queue of people worthy of being featured in Highlowaha's weekly Yellow Envelope Project. Hang tight, we will get to them all.

The Yellow Envelope Project, for those new to the game, is a program designed to catch people from around the world in the act of shining.

Shining takes many forms. It can be excelling at a job; doing a random act of kindness; volunteering for a non-profit; leading a cause; following someone else's cause; being a role model; going above and beyond; and countless, countless other examples. Nominate anyone you want by simply sending an email to Be sure to include your nominee's first name and mailing address, along with a short paragraph describing what makes him/her shine.

Something funny happened last week and I can't resist using the Yellow Envelope Project to tell you about it and to create some fun for Angela from Gardner, Kansas.

Last Saturday I received a hand addressed envelope in the mail. Inside was a beautiful handmade Halloween card - similar to the kinds of creations Peggy has gotten us so used to. The inside was signed with a short note.

Problem was I didn't recognize the last name, nor did I recognize the handwriting. I looked at the front of the envelope again and realized digits on the street address must have been confused and inverted.

The card wasn't for me at all, but that doesn't mean Angela's thoughtfulness has to stop there. Does it?

Angela E's deserves to be the recipient of this week's Yellow Envelope Project. Angela is one of us. She understands mailing someone a card is thoughtful, but that mailing someone a handmade card SHINES. She didn't wait for a birthday, or an anniversary to send an obligatory card, nor did Angela resort to a predictable Christmas form letter. Instead, Angela took an unsuspecting occasion like Halloween and filled her friend's box with a treat.

Our gesture won't get lost on Angela. She sends mail, so we know she will appreciate receiving mail. Lots of it. In yellow envelopes. Filled with kind words. And a cryptic return address that reads, "Yellow Envelope Project."

Go forth and help make her mailbox SHINE!

632 N. Walnut St.
Gardner, KS 66030

Signing off until Monday...


Peggy said...

This weeks YEP person is really cool!

I was at Michaels yesterday... in the cardmaking area of pre made cards and card/envelope sets... they have YELLOW envelopes in the smaller version which are A2 or invitation size. FYI if you are looking! :0)

Happy Halloween!!!

Cheryl said...

Happy Halloween! :)

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Happy Halloween!!!

Heather @ said...

I have just arrived home from a 17 hour car trip and 3 days away from highlowaha...I missed you guys!

I'll be sending out my yellow envelope tomorrow.