Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's That Time...

It's the time of the month when Highlowaha readers, new and old, come together to share their "high," (best thing) "low," (worst thing) and "aha" (something learned) from the past month.

It's a simple blog ritual with big payoffs. We get to know one another better and you stand to win a Ray Wattson shirt. See the GalleRay to check out your choices.

With no further ado, I'll get us going...

High: I finally broke the seal on my crock pot.
And, four hours later...
It seems to have worked!
Take that Sting Ray!

Low: Both sets of my car keys disappeared this month, requiring me to have a new key cut. Not a small or inexpensive proposition for my Honda Pilot.

Aha: The project I am overseeing at work has shed a lot of light for me on how college-aged students use social media to build relationships and community. Interesting. Very interesting.

How about you? What's your high, low, and aha for the month?

P.S. I got my card off in the mail yesterday for our Yellow Envelope Project. How about you?
Signing off until tomorrow...


Robin said...

Gorgeous envelope!

HIGH: Took my midterms last week and had very respectable showings. I met and exceeded my very low expectations I'd set. So pleased I did better and feel slightly more confident.

LOW: My mother-in-law passed away yesterday. There are so many lows about this obvious and not.

AHA: A low aha. Watching your children grieve is way harder than any personal grief that you can ever experience. Having 8 children and 8 times the joy is an amazing feeling, but 8 children and 8 times the grief feels really horrible. I do know it balances out in the grand scheme of life. But my children are having a rough year.

Thanks for the free therapy! Maybe we should change the tag line to we've saved a seat on the couch for you... ;-)

Kat said...

High- Becoming closer friends with people that I already knew. It is neat to discover friendships that you didn't know were there.

Low- I am very unsure about what I want to be when I "grow up". There has been lots of inner conflict this past month.

Aha- I will still be myself regardless of the choices I make. If I don't like my choice I can move on to the next thing. I don't know that I have truly learned this yet, but it is what I keep telling myself.

Katie K said...

High- School continues to go well this semester. Also, one of my closest friends came to visit this weekend. I have really missed her a lot and it's been so good to get to just talk and hang out with her.

Low- I've been in a bit of a slump this past month. It's been taxing and draining. I think I'm on my way out of it, though.

Aha- "You are holding out to live the life you want to live – not the life you’ve been conditioned to think you ought to live." And I'm perfectly okay with that. That took a lot of thought to get to a place where I was okay with it.

BeeKayRoot said...

HIGH: My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl October 7th. (Harmony Katherine)

LOW: I am so far away rom home and it'll be a few more weeks before I get to see my niece.

AHA: Learning so many lessons having a new supervisor... I'm struggling with it, but every day is an AHA moment.

Claudia said...

Brian! Your niece and I share the same birthday! I love it.

I'm enjoying the chance to read highs, lows, and ahas for October.

Keep them coming!

Cheryl said...

Oh, Kat! I still ask myself that somedays. :)

Robin, I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. Ya'll are in my thoughts.

HIGH: I'm so close to meeting my donation goal for BC 3 Day and that makes it less stressful. Watching my boys soccer team come back from 3 losses to now have 3 wins- I'm such a proud momma watching them play.

LOW: There isn't enough time in the day to do EVERYTHING I want and that sucks!

AHA: I miss country dancing. Well, I miss a lot of things but the sun is out and life goes on. Time to get on with it.

Danko Family said...

HIGH - Being asked to donate a cake for a Susan Komen fundraiser AND getting to meet the author of the book the show Army Wives was based on. That all happens on Nov 5th

LOW - Losing friendships

AHA - My kids aren't going to remember how clean the house is, or how much the laundry gets stacked up, but the will remember how much time I spend with them and the little moments we share together.

Robin - so sorry to hear about your MIL. I'll be thinking about you and your family.

Peggy said...

HIGH: Hitting that next milestone in our children's lives.... didn't want to do it... I no longer can be in 3 places at one time, DH and I went used car shopping for Bubba, our junior in highschool.... bought a used car that he will be able to drive,{deep breath} safety issues, driving in cars with other kids (have you ever been in a high school parking lot when school is over?)insurance, going for THE actual license

LOW: Continuing the job search and wondering what my purpose is

AHA: Being a part of my kids highschool homecoming and their sports events... I'm so glad NOT to be in highschool!!! But it is very interesting being an observer, helping where I can, but learning to distance myself and let them be independent.

I'm sorry Robin, wishing you peace.

heather said...

High: Lily is finally emerging from the crazy toddler she was. While she still has moments at least now we know WHY she is having a meltdown since she can verbalize

Low: Just being busy, busy, busy at home and at work and not feeling like I can catch up to myself.

Aha: I want to be more socially conscious and involved. I think the Breast Cancer 3 Day is my start and I'm excited to see what comes my way next.

Stacie said...

HIGH: We finally had a long-overdue and wonderful family vacation. We flew into Seattle and out of San Diego and drove the coast in between. It was intense and ambitious, but lots of fun.

LOW: I'm still somewhat nauseous and terribly exhausted from this pregnancy. I love the fact of being pregnant, but it feels more difficult this time around as I try to keep up with my toddler.

AHA: I really need/want to spend more time enjoying my kiddo and embracing my last months of having him as my only child. It feels impossible sometimes, especially when I feel so lousy most of the time, but life's only going to get crazier from here on out.

Claudia said...

Stacie... so great to hear from you.

Pat yourself on the back. You took a family vacation and that is more than many can say. Beeny's included.