Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Short and Sweet

As I said yesterday, 365 days of build up makes your birthday pretty hard to beat. Today's mine, so I speak with some authority on the subject.

Anticipation, as noted yesterday, is part of the fun. Birthdays are more fun than Friday's because birthdays only come every 52 weeks. Fridays on the other hand roll around every seven days.

If sheer anticipation of a holiday makes it more exciting, then imagine the feeling you conjure up by creating anticipation for someone ON the holiday!

The Hidden Birthday Cupcake is a simple but perfect example.
I'd love to stay and chat about all the bazillion trinkets and treats you could place inside the Hidden Cupcake, but I gotta go. Richard has assured me mine is hidden somewhere in the house and I can't wait to find it.

Wanna stick around and party? Take a stab at guessing what Richard managed to fit inside my Hidden cupcake.

Signing off until tomorrow when I've officially logged my first 24 hours of being 44.


Robin said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had something fun like a ticket to an exotic place inside the cupcake. I'm a bit brain dead as today is day one of midterms. I'll resurface after tomorrow's midterm.

heather said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

How nice of Richard to play along...I'm going to guess jewelry is inside.

Cristine said...

Happy Birthday Claudia
I can't imagine what Richard put in your cupcake, but I'm sure it's going to be good.
Matt did a great job on my birthday yesterday - golf clubs, shoes, gloves, balls. I'm all set to start my new hobby.
Have a wonderful day!

BeeKayRoot said...

Happy Birthday!

The hidden cupcake reminds me of my mom hiding my Easter basket somewhere in the house when I was little.

Jessie Freeman said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm going with what Heather said - maybe a new necklace?? Every girl needs a little more frosting! Maybe a gift certificate to the spa - for a nice day of pampering??
:) Enjoy your day and I know you will do something fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest women I've ever known! This world is a better place with you in it.

Kat said...

Happy Birthday! Concert tickets would be a awesome gift to find in the cupcake!

Susan said...

Dear Claudia, Sending the warmest birthday wishes and hugs! Hope its a great day filled with wonderful surprises.
Hugs, Susan

Katie K said...

Happy birthday, CKB!

I'm so stumped as to what I think Richard put in the cupcake. I have many wishful thinking thoughts...but none of them will be it. So, I'm going to say jewelry to go with your necklace from Valentine's Day.

I hope you have a great deserve nothing but the best!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Claudia!!

What did Richard give you for your birthday? Hmmm.... he didn't consult with me.

Jewelry has already been guessed along with spa treatments that I will put pedicures in that bracket.

Hmm... How about a Flower of the Month Subscription?

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday!
Wishing you lots of surprises and smiles :) on your special day, and throughout the rest of the year!

Maybe it will be a clue to finding a bigger present hidden somewhere else. I remember how you like BIG things!!!

Hope you get lots of hugs and kisses from all the men in your life!!

Chaotic said...

wow...a BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Happy!
Opal earrings?

Katie K said...

Hello, HLA! I'm calling you to action.

I recently stumbled upon a blog called Lil Blue Boo. Last night she posted a creativity challenge that is totally up our alley!

She has a roll of packaging tape that has Jesus' face on it in an Andy Warhol type of way instead of just being clear. She wants ideas for what she should do with the tape! There are some fun ideas brewing over there (some serious, some funny, some random), but I have faith that you all can come up with something great.

Check it out:

Quynh said...

Happy Birthday Claudia!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday claudia!! Sorry i am late posting. I think that Richard put....hmmm...I'm going to have to go with a ring (I know, so unoriginal)! Seems to be the perfect fit for a cupcake. I can't wait to hear what it is.

Struble, 1 each said...

Shot of bourbon, a goldfish, a nickel, belly button lint, gum balls, a potato, a real cup cake, a little rabbit, hmmmm I can think of more.

By the way, has a less fortunate family used the $307 yet?

Tera said...

Happy birthday, Claudia!!!!

If that were my cupcake, I'd want a trip to visit AZ and my BFF. However, I'm pretty sure AZ isn't on the top of your bday wish list so I'll go with a weekend get-away to a bed and breakfast.