Monday, October 19, 2009

In The Bag

It's Monday. I would love, love, love to deliver a great big long post to start your week off right. But, I can't.

This festive trick is so easy there is simply no way to draw it out and and make it more complicated than it is.

Card stock, paper, scissors, stapler, glue, and stickers.
Enough cellophane bags and holiday candy for each recipients of this thoughtful gesture - colleagues, neighborhood kids, students in your residence hall, or your favorite barista. Note: I am using the smallest sized bags I could find. They only hold two bite-sized Hershey bars. It's the thought that counts.Cut paper to size and fold over. Insert cellophane bag between folded card stock. Staple shut. Add embellishments using stickers or other festive decorations.
Done. Upscale treats made easy.

This entire post, by the way, is compliments of Peggy whose eyes are probably rolling to the back of her head right this very second. She taught us this trick at Taste of USA 2009. Only when Peggy taught it to the group, it was all very civilized and perfectly organized.

She used earthy toned paper, fall rubber stamps, special markers, and ribbons. In other words, mine is the Walmart version of Peggy's fancier, more tasteful Nordstrom's version.
Thank you, Peggy for making our blog community a better, more creative place. I appreciate you.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Robin said...

Peggy did an awesome job and gave me a reason to use my stapler! (My fav!) These are really adorable.

Now I must find someone to send my fall card to immediately as it's already been frosting here!

Thanks for starting what will be a long day with a smile.

heather said...

Peggy also had colored staples in her stapler so we could match the cardstock we were using...that could be a fun trick if using silver staples bothers you.

I think this was definitely a favorite activity during Taste of USA.

Claudia said...

Ooh, I forgot about the colored staples.

Robin, I know it has been said a few times, but many of us are thinking about you and your family.

Anonymous said...

If you want colored staples and only have silver. All you have to do is use a permanent marker to color the staples!

Treat bags ROCK!

Peggy said...

Isn't paper crafting fun? You can adapt the concept in many ways... just like all the ideas here at Highlowaha, tweaking it a bit to your life's situations, and voila~ falling in love with a new idea!

Peggy said...

Runningonink is my paper friend Kim, she rocks and is a cool visual artist and a journaler!!! Yay, you came over here to play too!!! :0)

Katie K said...

I love this idea, too. I think I'm going to make little goodie bags for all of my residents using this idea! Thanks, Peggy!

Claudia said...

Welcome, Runningonink! We always love welcoming a new memmber to our community.

If you are a talented card maker like Peggy, you might be interested to check out our post from this past Saturday. We have a project called the Yellow Envelope Project that is a perfect outlet for you and your creativity. I know Patricia, the woman featured this week, would love to to hear from you!

Kat said...

Very nice! I love versatile crafts!

Cheryl said...

So many ways you can vary this little trick.

That link should open a photo from Party Perfect where they punched a hole and inserted fabric into the tags.

Peggy said...

Bag toppers: very popular in the card making world....

just do a google search

here's another site

need an idea? email me anytime and I can find ideas for you all over the cardmaking blogs.

Jessie Freeman said...

Very cute!

Danko Family said...

So cute...I wish I had a reason to make these. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the creative projects highlowaha does, but since I'm a stay at home mom, I don't really have anyone to give these wonderful gifts to. Maybe I could make some and send them to my hubby for all the dental assistants, hygienists, etc...but candy in a dental office doesn't make much sense does it???? I think I'll do it anyway.

FYI..the boys and I made the terra cotta pot pumpkins. They didn't turn out as cute as yours, but they were still fun.

Claudia said...

Kate... there's ALWAYS at least one person to grant a little treat to - even if you're a stay at home mom!

What about:
Your postman
The people who pick up your garbage
Kids in a Mom's Day Out group
The librarian at your local library
Friends you've fallen out of touch with?

And, if you wanted a variation for your husbands work, what about including...
Small rolls of dental floss
A stick of trident gum
Spider rings

Actuall you could make the tops look like Dracula's teeth!