Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome To Booville

Today's project is so easy that with a little assistance your 5 year old could do this. And they will have the satisfaction of seeing their work set out as a Halloween decoration.

You can use it as a centerpiece on your table or as a decoration on a mantle or side table. Let's get started.

First you need find a container. I just used something I had sitting in the windowsill. Mine was pretty tall so I added some crumpled up newspaper.
Next, cut some styrofoam to sit in the top of your container.
Get some of this really cool SuperMoss and cut it to size and plop right on top of the styrofoam. It doesn't need any glue and it doesn't have to be perfect.
I used some black foam and cut out a tombstone. I used white fabric paint to write R.I.P. on it. Once it dried, I used an xacto blade to cut a little slit in the moss and poked the tombstone through the moss. It stands up on it's own. No glue.
Make a ghost by gathering any kind of flowy white fabric. I had leftover cheesecloth from mummy costumes. I took a barbecue skewer and trimmed it to the height that I wanted. Stick that into some styrofoam and cover with the fabric.
Using the xacto blade again, I created a small hole in the moss and put the ghost in its place. I let the ends of the fabric cover up the edge that didn't meet the edge of the container.
Go ahead and throw some little pumpkin ornaments on there. I also used some little rocks.
Tie some ribbon or raffia around the middle of your container to add an extra touch of detail.
We're almost done. I salvaged the rest of that skewer I used for the ghost. I printed "Welcome to Booville" and "Beware" on orange paper. Cut them out. Add little jagged edges to the sides by cutting tiny triangles and tape them to the skewer. Place the sign through the moss just like you did for the ghost.
And there you have a seriously easy Halloween decoration for you table or any where else you need a little Halloween cheer.

To finish it off for my table I wrapped the rest of the cheesecloth around the base of my container and sat the rest of the pumpkin decorations around as well.
You could adapt this same moss theme for next Easter using little Easter Eggs and a decorative bunny or chick. Your sign could say "Hoppy Trails!"

How would you adapt your container to make it your own?

Snack Throwdown:
Last week's winner was Lauren so the official score is now Kate 2, Lauren 3.

Don't forget to click on their links and see what they made for this week. This weeks secret ingredient is Sour Cream. And lastly, we're also voting for next weeks ingredient, Avacado or Black Beans.

This is Cheryl with your seriously easy craft project, signing off until tomorrow...


Jessie Freeman said...

You could actually change the moss to faux snow and get some various sizes of styrofoam balls and make a snowman and do some winter type decor for a nice "winter" theme piece.
Very cute and fun!
Happy Friday!!

Claudia said...

Cute, Cheryl!

For those of you who didn't tune in last week, we've switched things up a bit. Every other Friday we will have our typical video and on the alternate weeks we will have a creative idea, from our resident expert... Cheryl!

Kat said...

Very cute! So cute, that I am not even sad about a lack of video! I can see leaving the little container out all year and just switching up the display for the season. A Summer theme would be cute with a bit of sand, a cocktail umbrella, and a small ball painted to look like a beach ball.

Heather said...

Cute, cute and I love Jessie's idea of the snowman!

With the switch up I'll be announcing Snack Throw Down info in the comments each week so...

Congratulations Lauren who won last week's throwdown...our celebrity judge and Struble suds issued a split vote (1 to Lauren and 1 to Kate) so it came down to reader votes and Lauren took that by 2 votes! Another really close race!!!

This week check out their yummy sour cream concoctions (both made yummy desserts!!!) and vote for the recipe you like the best. Also help pick our next ingredietn which will be either black beans or avocado!

heather said...

Oh and Robin...

I was thinking it would be fun to build up the 18 days prior by having each of your other kids, other close friends, family members write up THEIR favorite memory of Hilary. You could have them write it up and mount it on a scrap book page with a picture of them with Hilary and on her birthday you could present her with the actual book in which to house the 18 pages she has collected.

Cheryl said...

That's the spirit, ladies! I love it. Snow themes, Sand themes! :)

Robin said...

Heather I was thinking of something like that but a small scrapbook page to summarize each year on the days before. Your idea sounds like less work which is good!

I vote black beans.

Also I need help with a costume. My little girls are wearing poodle skirts. I can't afford 5 pairs of oxfords. I'm either going to try to find CHEAP canvas white shoes and sharpie them to look like oxfords or something, would love ideas...

Cheryl, you really let your kids play with exacto knives? ;-) The graveyard is adorable!

And where can we get clear gloves for the candy corn fingers?

Claudia said...

Robin... I never replied to your question yesterday about Hilary's birthday.

What about sharing 18 reasons you love her. Or, yes... 18 favorite memories. Special people in her life can have each memory/attribute sealed in an envelope and as she comes in contact with them they turn it over to her.

Katie loves sharpie markers, so the year she turned 19 (I think), I purchased 19 sharpie markers and shared 19 reasons why she made the world brighter. Many of her favorite people on campus had one of the 19 to share with her.

What are some of Hilary's favorite things? Is there a variation?

Or... do a Mad Lib type thing where she provides adjecives, nouns, numbers, etc. Once completed you read aloud and that is her birthday date.

Peggy said...

Very cute idea Cheryl! Boo!

I vote black bean.

Robin, you're a scrapper aren't you? There are a lot of cute thicker cardboard memory books out there to embellish with pages of things that are favs (print off the computer Starbucks logo, her high school team mascot, family vacations etc... ) I agree with the... younger kids helping to write about a 'good thing' about their sister. There are two emails circulating that ...a page of a great memory or something 'sweet' about the person... (and then they can go back to that "memory" book) and EVERY page is something positive they did, a kind act they shared, a fun memory, or a silly story.

Katie K said...

Cheryl, so cute! I love it!

Robin, I was going to suggest an idea very similar to Claudia's. My 19th birthday was one of the most meaningful days of my life and thought it was such an amazing idea. It took an ordinary 19th birthday and made it extraordinary! It shined! Your daughter is lucky to have such a great mom!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, of course, Robin! You have to start them early with the blades. ;)

No- there is a little bit of supervision required unless you're maybe making the snow and beach themes that have been suggested.

I think you have some great ideas for Hilary's birthday, too.