Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yellow Envelope Project: Ohio

Compliments of Team Holiday Armadillos, I bring you the recipient of this week's Yellow Envelope Project. Stay tuned, as slowly but surely we will bring you each of the other nominees. Don't know what the Yellow Envelope Project is all about? Click here.
"Peggy is my daycare provider and she watches my children in her home. She is wonderful and goes out of her way to take good care of the kids. Besides that, she is always there for other people. She knows all her neighbors and if one is sick she is the first one visiting them in the hospital. If she's visiting someone consistently she ends up making friends with other people in the nursing home and bringing them gifts, food and just spending time with them. She lost her husband last November and is having a really hard time with it. Despite her sadness she is still taking care of everyone else around her. She used to be a foster mom to infants before they were adopted, she has 20 grand kids and has practically adopted mine. She is a wonderful giving woman."
Please join me in recognizing this generous woman for shining and for making her corner of the world a brighter place to live.

3315 Oakmont Avenue
Kettering, OH 45429

Signing off until Monday when we see the results of our Raving Half Time Fans...

P.S. I spoke to Heather, Katie, and Cheryl last night from their 3-day, 60 mile walk. They are all doing well after their first 20 miles. Their mantra after day one.. "Put one foot in front of the other." We are proud of you three!


Robin said...

I had been just sending plain yellow envelops with plain yellow notes, but I got my 9 yo to color some flowers on them both with gel pens and they look awesome!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

yippeeee, Robin! Thanks for checking in and letting us know you sent a yellow envelope!