Thursday, November 5, 2009

Half Time Fun: Heisman Voting

Yesterday teams Holiday Armadillo and Danko Defender made waves. Person by person, each team crafted compelling arguments for why their defender reigns supreme in Highlowaha's Super Bowl Throw Down.

Danko Defenders: "Silver medal isn't champion because Kate holds that special talent which shines in every thing she does is fabulous! Kate is an amazing gold champion who always brings care and joy to everyone she and her family meet and greet. We see skated by winning but strongly!

Holiday Armadillos: "Silver lightening is red when everyone smiles at Lauren and she is always cooking up fast fabulous and creatively mixes random delicious ingredients into yummy, yummy surprises!

In the end... judges split the vote yet again (I promise, this is not planned. Judges vote not knowing whose entry is whose). Kate earned 2 points for having 46 people participate in crafting her statement, while judges awarded 1 point to Lauren for having the better of the two.

One of things that makes Highlowaha's community shine is that, amidst all of this fun, we actually have an important mission.

Help Ray Wattson spread his word... Shine and the world radiates!
A simple way to help advance Ray's rayvolution is to sport one of Ray's t-shirts while roaming around your town. Or, reinforce the "shine" in others by presenting them with a Shine shirt or stuffing one in someone's holiday stocking. Neither of those gestures is too hard. Just send an email to and for $10.00 we'll send you a shirt.

But the other thing you can do requires more effort on your part. It requires you to spend time reflecting on all the people you know - relatives, service providers, former teachers, friends, friends of friends, or even just familiar faces you run into each morning at Starbucks. It requires that you stop what you are doing and take a minute to nominate someone for the Yellow Envelope Project.

The Yellow Envelope Project is an initiative Highlowaha readers participate in each Saturday. I post the first name and address of someone in the country who, for reasons big or small, shines and then our readers send an anonymous note to that week's nominee. Notes are short and simply recognize recipients for going above and beyond. The only other rule is that notes must, must, must be mailed in a yellow envelope and must read, "Yellow Envelope Project" in the return address.

Today we turn to you for new recruits. If you hang around with the likes of Lauren and Kate, we know you know people that shine. Your task... send an email to telling us of someone you know who shines. Share the first name and a mailing address (work addresses are ok too), along with a few lines about why you think his/her mailbox deserves to be flooded with yellow envelopes.

And, while you're at it... use the same email to let us know if you'd like to order a shine shirt.

The team that submits the most nominees for the Yellow Envelope Project will receive 2 points. The team submitting the name judges agree is the most deserving receives 1 point. All nominees must be emailed to by Thursday at 9:00 p.m. CST

Consider today's activity the calm before tomorrow's storm...

Signing off until tomorrow...

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Robin said...

I mailed my Yellow Envelope Project person!