Friday, November 6, 2009

Free For All Friday: Raving Fans

Cut to the chase.

Last day of our Half Time Fun and lots to announce.

First, a recap of yesterday. Many of you took me seriously when I announced that yesterday's simple task of nominating someone for the Yellow Envelope Project was the calm before the storm. You must be resting up for what you know will be a climactic ending!

Only fourteen nominations were submitted - 9 for the Danko Defenders and 5 for the Holiday Armadillos. Two points to the Danko Defenders for recruiting the most Yellow Envelope nominees. Congratulations, Kate.

Five judges evaluated the fourteen nominations and an amazing woman, Peggy, received the majority of our judges votes. Peggy was nominated by a team member from the Holiday Armadillos! Congratulations, Lauren!

Tune in on Saturday to read more about Peggy and to get her address, so you can send a Yellow Envelope.

Now the moment many of you have been waiting for...


Robin said...

Pola probably said: "Help I've been kidnapped by these 4 crazy women and they're holding me hostage on this blog..." LOL

What are the team colors?

My FFF request is more ideas for the days leading up to Hilary's 18th birthday. I need to start soon. I'll be doing the scrap book page a day. What else could I do for 18 days... Her b-day is 12/8.

Ideas for the walk for H, C and K:

-wear crazy socks each day (but comfortable)
-play follow the leader
-play simon says
-recite poetry
-write haikus
-stop for a game of hopscotch
(which made the girls say, they could hop. Or they could hop and scotch. I guess that means drink?)
-sing nursery rhymes
-wear funny glasses

more later...

Kat said...

Heather, Katie and Cheryl could-
-Try to walk backwards for one mile
-Hold hands and skip
-Sing "The Ants Go Marching"
-Speak only in Pig Latin
-Get others to participate in each mile's activity

BeeKayRoot said...

I was totally going to suggest a photo each mile... That's the photo nerd in me.

Raifu said...

How do i become a danko defender? . . . and what is danko?

Raifu Durodoye