Friday, November 13, 2009

Free For All Friday: Anniversary Edition

T.G.I.F Everyone.

Today Richard and I celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. The traditional gift for ten years is tin or aluminum, while the modern gift suggestion is diamonds! Tin versus diamonds... seriously? My husband is the total traditionalist, so I'm not holding out hope.

Truth is, he's been out of country traveling on business for the past six days and doesn't return until this evening. He could show up at the door step with an aluminum Coke can and I'd think it was pretty great.

Jump in on the fun. Today's video includes:
  • Target Challenge: December
  • Throw Down update and voting instructions for the next two weeks
  • Altoid winner, and
  • Our Free For All Question(s) of the Day
Signing off until tomorrow...


Danko Family said...

Hey everyone!

My favorite holiday food is a tie between my stuffing and the traditional green bean casserole. I use my mom's recipe for stuffing, and it's the best.

We are having Thanksgiving here by ourselves this year. I'll make the whole spread and we'll enjoy it in our jammies!!!!

I don't really plan on going out on Black Friday. It's become almost a contact sport around here. I'm already done shopping for the boys and it's WRAPPED TOO!!!! I might head out to Target at some point on that day just to see what kind of deals they have.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

WOW!!!!! Already done shopping and wrapping, Kate?!?! That's impressive!

Wanna share your recipes? We'd love to see them.

Jessie Freeman said...

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe I won! Sweet!!!
I am a sucker for mac and cheese or all the desserts! Jon and I are traveling back to Indiana for Thanksgiving. Not looking forward to the drive because the best route through the mountains is closed due to a rock slide :( It will likely take us 10 hours instead of 9 - boo. I plan to sleep in on Black Friday. :)

Kate - you're my hero! I have no kids and could imagine being done with shopping and wrapping. Wow - go you!

Kat said...

Good morning!
My favorite Thanksgiving foods are either pumpkin pie, or sweet potatoes.

We are traveling by car to my parents' house this year. Plus, we are having family here the weekend before Thanksgiving, and more family the week after! It will be fun!

We haven't done Black Friday stuff in a couple of years, and I doubt we will do it this year. I will have to see what deals there are though, because maybe that would persuade me to be out that early.

Cheryl said...

DONE SHOPPING AND WRAPPING!!!! On November 13th? Can you tell I'm jealous? I have NOTHING but I know I'm not alone on that note.

Favorite thing to eat... eh. When I go to Refugio the only thing I really want to eat is Moya's mexican food. I like turkey and dressing but I wouldn't care if we had pizza. As long as I don't have to cook it, I don't care.

I already said we are traveling to my parents house. 6 - 9 hour drive depending on the traffic. This is our first year in the new car so the boys will be enjoying movies and star gazing out of their skyscape.

Black Friday- no plans to go out shopping but you never know.

Happy Friday everyone.

Cheryl said...


Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Happy Friday, everyone!!

My favorite holiday food is either stuffing or green bean casserole. I love them both equally.

I will be driving home to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. We will be spending it at my aunt's house with my family and her family together. It will be my first time home this year since leaving in August, so I'm excited to see everyone.

On Black Friday I'll be driving back to Virginia because I have to be back to open up my residence hall the next morning, so I will not be shopping at all. Maybe I'll head out Saturday in Harrisonburg to see if there are any deals left.

As for the 3 Day, after healing up this past week, I'm glad to say I'll be doing it again, too! My boss from last year has also said she would like to do it with us as well!

Cheryl said...

Here's my concern with doing the 3 Day again... I had a wonderful experience. Truly. I'm afraid if I do it again it won't meet my expectations now that I have really high ones....
So, I want to walk again but I need to prepare myself for a different experience and try to re-adjust my expectations. We had perfect weather. What if next year is rainy and cold? There were 3 of us... what will the experience be like with a larger group?

Does that make sense?

Robin said...

We are staying home this year. Sad year with lots of people who will not be joining us as in years past so we're sticking close to home.

Favorite food is sweet potato casserole. If I knew how to cook it, I'd have a recipe. LOL But I download it every year from

Black Friday. I prefer to stay in, but something about being out at 5 a.m. makes me feel a bit wild. LOL

I'm also still looking for ideas about Hilary's 18th countdown which starts next week!

Robin said...

Cheryl - try walking someplace else? Might help with expectations. SHINE someplace else. :-)

I was ready to sign up and then I realized Nov 5-7 is 3 weeks away from Isaac's Bar Mitzvah - do I really want to try that?

Cheryl said...

I thought about that Robin and when I become independantly wealthy maybe I'll try it.

I don't know. Maybe I could swing it financially somewhere else but kind of hard to justify when it's right here in my own backyard. :)

Anonymous said...

I pretty much like ALL foods, better when I don't have to cook it and clean up after it.... but if I had to pick a fav for Thanksgiving it would be stuffing with all the innards etc....

The plan is to have T-day here in Illinois .... we invited my parents down from WI.... but right now it depends ... family stuff, yadda yadda....

black friday... NEVER has been anything that I really HAVE to have. DH has gone before and stood in a line to get a TV at Walmart one year.... My daughter has asked me if we are going this year.... I have no idea why.... not to bond? Have no real desire to be out there... to be continued... DH says the adds have been 'stolen' and check out the deals already out there!!!

Good night

Anon aka Peggy in Illinois

Jessie Freeman said...

Forgot to mention - Happy Anniversary Claudia!!