Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yellow Envelope Project: Arizona

Anyone raising a teenager KNOWS how deserving today's recipient is to be the focus of this week's Yellow Envelope Project.

Raising kids who are good citizens is no small task. We should take every opportunity to reinforce the behavior we most hope to see in our kids and their friends. They are, after all, our future.
"I would like to have a yellow envelope mailing go to a young man on my son's soccer team. He is one of the team captains and just and all around great kid. you never hear him saying anything negative about others and always gives 110%. He came up to me after having my son spend the night and told me what a nice boy he was and how respectful and kind he is. He said he is "just a great kid." WOW! Can you imagine a 15 year old boy saying that about another kid? He always greets adults and asks how they are rather than walking past as most kids do. I thought maybe I would nominate his parents for raising such a great young man but I think they would want him to know how his kindness and compassion makes others feel."
Let's take some time out of our weekend to catch this young man in the act of doing something right. Send him a short note letting him know his kind and thoughtful behavior is something to be proud of and that it makes him stand out among his peers.

Be sure to send it in a yellow envelope with a return address reading, "Yellow Envelope Project."

4764 South Pay Dirt Dr.
Gold Canyon, AZ 85218

Signing off until Monday...


Robin said...

SO CLAUDIA, DID YOUR HUSBAND SHOW UP RIN CAN IN HAND? Sorry for caps, No is helping me this a.m.

Robin said...

That was supposed to be TIN can.

Peggy said...


Has anyone's nominated friend spoke to them saying they mysteriously received a whole bunch of notes and cards and they had no clue what it was about????

Don't you feel like you are stalking them to a degree? We know a little bit about them and we're sending them notes!!!

What happened with your block party... guitar, dessert event Claudia????

How was your 31 days of Halloween???

I'm cleaning out the fridge today, and the kids catch all closet. It's sunny in Illinois... and I've been working a temp job for the last 6 days... logged in over 40+ hours... Yikes, I'm like butta... (butter) I'm on a roll!!!!

Happy Day y'all.... you should see the cute soccer card I had in stock to send Mikey!!! Gooooooaaaaallllll!!!

heather said...

Peggy I do feel like we are stalking to a degree but in a good much fun!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Cheryl said...

Stalking? If we kept sending them notes or showing up at their doorstep... ha ha.

we are party after party after party today.

Cheryl said...

hit send accidentally.

I like today's YEP nominee! :)

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

I love the nomination for today! I think it's great that Mikey is able to be such a role model for his peers...I work with 18-22 year olds who don't even have this level of maturity yet!

Yay, YEP! And yay that it's finally sunny again in's been way too long since we've seen the sun here. It's a good thing I got my sun fix in Texas last weekend!

Robin said...

Peggy, I was wondering too about the nominees saying something...

Just finished my card to Mikey!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Some quick responses to the fun questions rolling in this weekend.

No, we haven't ever heard back from anyone who received a car, though we have reason to believe a few of them have checked out our blog (trusty Googleanayltics at work).

Hopefully the fun yellow envelopes, creatively decorated- as I have heard many of them are - is enough not to be scary or suspicious to people. I usually make some mention of our site in the card I send, in the event they feel like they must communicate.

I have come to love the experience of doing something nice, knowing the recipient will never know who did it. I actually get a real kick out of it.

Richard did not show up with a tin can, nor did he show up with a diamond ring. But... he did show up with a beautiful pair of earrings and Saturday night we enjoyed dinner out at a wonderful Italian restaurant.

The block party was fun. A couple of families were out of town, but those who showed enjoyed getting to know one another better. We found out the woman across the street is due to have a baby in April! I have great hope that more kids will mean more people outside. THE guitars were a "hit." I also had tooth picks with Hard Rock flags attached. It was a fun touch. Glad I did it. We all need to do our part to help create community... especially in a day and age when so few people know their neighbors.

Thirty one days of Halloween was not the raving success it usually is... because slacker mom didn't make each activity happen. BUT... the boys had a great Halloween, nonetheless, and are no worse for the wear.

Thanks for asking.