Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Psst... It's That Time

Newcomers to our site are in for a treat.

Like all thriving communities, Highlowaha has it's own set of traditions and rituals. You will have to keep coming back to discover them all, but today you gain insight into one of our many.

On the 18th day of each month we gather in community to share last month's high (best thing), low (worst thing), and the aha (thing you learned). You might recognize the words "high," "low," and "aha" from our blog's title, since the origin of our blog's name is based on this nightly family ritual. Click here to learn more.

This monthly commitment of sharing reminds readers of the discipline required in carving out time for life's simple pleasures - a core value of our blog and our blog's purpose.

Here is how it works. I get us going and then each of you visits today's comment section to share yours. Participate and get your name entered in a drawing for the Ray Wattson shirt of your choice. Visit the GalleRay to see the myriad of choices. Too fashionable for a t-shirt? Give us the name of someone who shines and we will surprise him/her with a Shine shirt - compliments of you!

High: Eighteen days into writing my book and I am still on track with my word count; The weather in Grapevine has been beautiful for most of November; Once again, the way I spend my days is 100% in alignment with who I want to be. It feels good; Time with friends; Finally, finally, finally I got squared away with all the bazillion packages I am supposed to have sent Highlowaha readers. (Kat, Peggy, Robin, Brian, and many more... there are packages on the way to you!)

Low: Richard traveled a lot in the past month; I got very behind in sending out Highlowaha packages and it makes me feel slack; I got a ticket for going 27 in a 20 mile an hour school zone, WHILE talking on my cell phone. Cha ching!

Aha: Writing a book is laborious, taking me about three hours to write 1,700 words.

That's it for me. See you in the comment section, where I hope you will share yours.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Robin said...

High: My grades! I'm super excited I've been able to maintain my grades through this semester. The sad part is that I've done it to cushion the blow from my finals. LOL

Low: My kids are having a rough time right now dealing with the loss of the grandma. Though it comes out in screaming, whining, etc. I've got to try and remember that before addressing simply the behavior.

Aha: Everything is winding down! The huge amount of pressure from both books, school, everything has really been weighing on me. But I realized - finals are over by 12/10!

Kat said...

High- Getting ready for the upcoming Holidays has been fun for me. We kick them off this Friday, so I have been prepping for the last week or so. Fun!!!
Low- Sickness. I think we are done with it for now, but it was awful.
Aha- I work much better when I have a goal!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

High- Taking part in the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk; getting to see my DFW friends; spending a lot of time getting to know my classmates better and becoming better friends with them; the beautiful fall weather in Virginia.
Low- I am beginning to feel some grad school burnout. I'm ready to move on to something new in my life.
Aha- There is much more to life than work.

Peggy said...

High: many of them, but I'll limit my joy.... Bubba getting his drivers license.

Low: My pomeranian Tucker having a mean Kujo streak in him, and him biting me numerous times, it hurt like H***, un provoked.... I'm just not sure what to do about him.

Aha: Working a temp job in a gift card warehouse and knowing this is not what I want to do.... and knowing I have so much more potential!

Cheryl said...

High: Breast Cancer 3-Day- Awesome.

Low: Trying to figure out how to handle my child's struggles with learning.

Aha: I can do anything I set my mind to and so can he if we can just keep a positive attitude.

Cheryl said...

Peggy- it's so true! Sometimes we have to do things to figure out- Oh Hell to the NO! I don't want to do this!! :)

BeeKayRoot said...

I've started using HLA as the opner for all of my one-on-one meetings with my Resident Directors. They have come to expect that to be the first thing we do in our weekly one-on-ones. Just thought I'd share that.


HIGH - Getting to see my newborn niece earlier this month when my mom, sister, and the baby visited me here in VA.

LOW - I've been really homesick this month.

AHA - I've learned that living in a small town with very few distractions and venues for entertainment can help me save money! It's a double-edged sword.

Chaotic said...

HIGH managing to get all our bills paid while spouse is still unable to return to work

LOW not getting to be on here EVERY day because season is in full swing

AHA some of the things *I* think are priorities...are not. I CAN let them go... one by one.

Cheryl said...

Good to hear from you Chaotic!!

Jessie Freeman said...

High: My husband is doing very well in school and has been asked to be a lab assistant and TA for next semeester! Also, it's my brother's birthday today!!!

Low: Having job burn out because things are so hectic around here...

Aha: I am good at what I do.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Chaotic... GREAT to hear from you. You presence on our blog is such a positive force.

Brian.. I love knowing you use HLA as the beginning to each of your staff meetings. Thanks for sharing. P.S. What size shirt do you want us to send you from your winnings last month?

Reply here or send me an email at

Misty said...

High: Spending lots of QUALITY time with friends and family.

Low: Learned an expensive lesson.

Aha: Never get to busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Jean Bowden said...

High: My husband and I got our cell phones upgraded so now I can surf the net on my phone! This is so exciting...I feel a part of the "technology world".

Low: The holidays are coming and I will be missing my wonderful nephew, Bobby. He loved the holidays and always made them more special. He lost a fight with cancer at the age of 20 that he had been battling since he was only 10 months old.

Aha: I have learned that what I don't finish today, I can finish tomorrow...this has dramatically reduced my blood pressure!

Cheryl said...

Jean, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I don't know you but I think we must be related. ;) My sons name is JB. John Bowden. He was named after his grandfather that swore the initials stood for nothing, but his father was Frank Bowden Gumm and his grandfather was John Bowden Gumm. Not sure where Bowden comes from but I automatically feel connected to you. I realize it may be a married name but I don't care. :)

BeeKayRoot said...

Claudia - 2XL if you have it

Jean Bowden said...

Cheryl...thank you so much!
Yes, Bowden is my married husband's family came from Georgia...I really don't know much about their history...I agree with you...the name is the tie that binds!
Nice to meetcha!