Monday, November 9, 2009

Finish Lines

Today we switch gears, but first closure to last week. If you tuned in last week for the Half Time Fun, we hope you will consider sticking around and becoming part of our fun community.

O.k. closure.

Take a look at our Raving Half Time Fans...

Danko Defenders...

Holiday Armadillos

And the winning photo is..
Congratulations, Kate who, in the end, earned all three points from Friday's Raving Fan Challenge. Kate's Friday win means she also scored the greatest number of overall points. Danko Defenders, 10 points and Holiday Armadillos 5 points.

Thanks to both teams for making last week into such a fun and high spirited week.

So now.... The overall score for the Highlowaha Snack Throw Down is... Kate, 7 points and Lauren 4 points. Eight weeks left to go and still lots to happen. Kate, use today's comment section to let us know what you choose for next week's secret ingredient.

While Kate and Lauren were in the throws of the Half Time Challenge, Katie, Heather, and Cheryl were busy completing their own challenges. Sixty miles in three days! Congratulations to my three blog partners, each of whom I feel privileged to know.

I begged Heather to capture moments I could share with all of you, so sit back and enjoy compliments of Heather.

And while bringing closure to last week's activities is important, so is mentioning that today begins World Kindness Week and Friday, November 13 is actually World Kindness Day. Wouldn't it be nice if we each committed to doing something?

How about you? What might you do?

Signing off until tomorrow...


Heather @ said...

Hey ladies, Heather checking into today sore but happy that we were able to accomplish so much this weekend.
To tell you what we did to pass time:
We did play a few games of hopscotch thanks to some kids who drew them in chalk along our path...we took pictures though not every mile as they didn't have miles marked...we sang songs...we talked...we watch the scenery...Katie walked backwards (though not for a mile)...

The video will be up shortly,blame it on 60 mile brain but I forget I was supposed to put that together last night so it should be up by 8 this morning.

Congrats to Lauren and Kate...WAY TO GO!

Robin said...

Great video! Thank for the video and mostly for walking and caring ladies! I'm so proud of you.

Cheryl said...

I completely forgot to post a comment this morning. I was more than a little bit nervous about joining the Breast Cancer 3 Day. Nervous that I wouldn't be able to raise the money. Nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete the walk. Nervous that I would be miserable camping. Now that I've done it- the fund raising and the walk- I can honestly say that if you have the opportunity to do this YOU SHOULD DO IT! Walking through those cheering stations is amazing. The support from the all the crew and the other walkers is unexplainable. I can't gush enough on here. Now, I'm not saying I would call it "fun" because it didn't always feel good but it was an amazing experience.

AND! You should do the Dallas event because I heard that we have the most amazing supporters and cheer stations than any other city. That's just what I heard. If I don't walk again, I will definetly be a Walker Stalker!! :)

Holly Moore said...

for world kindness day I am going to try and do one thing for each letter in KIND:

K- keep the weeds out: my son ad I will pull weeds from our neighbors flower beds
I- Ice some cookies to send to my son's teacher and school nurse
N- Nickels, we will take our loose change and donate it to one of the salvation army red buckets
D- Decorate goodie bags with fun stuff to give to neighbors

Claudia- we miss you!! things are crazy here...

Kate said...

After a lot of thinking and debating about what OTHER ingredients might pop up in the next few weeks...I've decided on


Bring on the spice!!!

Way to Go Heather, Cheryl, and Katie!!!!

Lauren said...

Thanks, Kate - good choice!

And fantastic job this weekend, ladies!

(Our cayenne recipes are due this Fri, not next, correct?)

Anonymous said...

Heather, Katie and Cheryl.....thanks for taking the time to participate in the walk. The video was amazing...the walker stalkers blew my mind...the pink dog was great!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

I just got the chance to watch the whole video straight through, Heather. It was amazing.

Thanks to the three of your for shining. The world is a brighter place because of you.

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Hey everyone! Just checking in for the first time. I arrived back in Virginia today but am so thankful for the experience I had this weekend! One of the most incredible experiences of my life (and I've had some pretty great ones!). Thanks so much to my two friends for doing it with me- so proud of you all!

Highlowaha was a topic of conversation, and we thought about you all a lot! Thanks for being so much of a family in my life!

Heather, great video! I can't wait to share it with family and friends.

Jen said...

Congrats on finishing the walk! That's a huge accomplishment.