Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dressing the Turkey

Have no fear. Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, but you still have time to whip up the perfect centerpiece or hostess gift (make it to the end of today's post and discover at least one more fun way you can use the idea being featured today).

Stuff one brown grocery bag with crumpled newspaper (notice my use of yet another brown bag!). Set stuffed bag aside.
Using one package of brown tissue paper, cut into long strips. My package contained ten sheets of paper. I doubled my sheets and then cut them into three smaller strips for a total of 15 strips (10 sheets/by 2 per fold x 3 strips per fold = 15 strips). Holding strips horizontally make 1.5 -2 inch cuts along the full length of each strip. Set aside.
Sketch a turkey head onto orange foam or card stock. Double the foam or card stock, so you have two cutouts (a front and a back). Using a google eye or markers, place eyes on the turkeys head.
Assure the head stands up straight by inserting a dowel or stick between the two sides of the head. Hot glue two sides together.
Insert dowel into the brown bag.
Running the full length of the brown bag, glue strips of tissue paper to the brown paper bag. I used hot glue, because it is faster. If doing with kids Elmer's Glue will work fine.
Slightly overlap strips on top of one another. Repeat on both sides.
Affix strips to top of the bag, carefully working around the turkey's head. Once the sides and top are covered, you should have used 13-15 strips of brown tissue paper.
So far so good.
Cut feathers from fall colored construction paper. I used red, orange, and yellow. Fold bottom about about an inch and add glue.
Attach feather to the turkey's back. Hold in place while glue dries.
Pieces of feathers might need to be glued to one another in order to assure they don't flop to one side or another.
Voila! The turkey is done!
Yes, it would make a cute centerpiece. Yes, it would be super cute "stuffed" with a small house warming gift for your hostess (maybe dish towels or potpourri). But... it could also make a super cute pinata for the kids to break after dinner is over.

Gobble any other ideas?

Signing off until tomorrow...


Robin said...

You could make it as a centerpiece for almost anything - think rattle for baby shower, cake for birthday...

Very cute! Now if only I could find brown tissue paper!

Cristine said...

Did you already do the Thanksgiving Dinner with the money that Struble Suds donated to gift 218? I would like to send a note to everyone who donated.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Cristine.... Tune in tomorrow. Today's turkey was part of what we delivered to the family we helped compliments of Struble Suds.

We delivered items on Sunday and it felt great!

Peggy said...

I bet your local craft stores know you by name Claudia??? Let's take another peak at your craft closets, bins, room???? I thought I was crafty and clever, but you take the cake of actually going through the entire process!!

I appreciate it!!! I hope your family and friends enjoy your creativity and giving spirit!!!! Are you the energizer bunny in your other life?????

Cheryl said...

Speaking of Energizer Bunny- They sponsor the SGK Breast Cancer 3 Day- Heather formed a new team yesterday, Team Shine! Katie and I were first on board and we have a new member- Welcome Claudia!!! Next year is going to be so fun! You all should consider joining us next November. :)

That turkey is so cute and very easy to make.

Jessie- I put your mistletoe ball in the mail this morning. Be on the lookout for it. :)

Jessie Freeman said...

I'm so excited I won best kiss!!!! I missed posting yesterday, so this totally boosted my morning! I can't wait to hang it up! Also, take your time on the masterpiece you are creating - I'm excited at the thought of it. Great things take time!
Claudia - I think you are superwoman, where do you find the time to be crafty on top of everything else you do? I love the turkey centerpeice. I wish I could put one together as I drive to Indiana tonight!
Also, I am hoping things workout so I too can possibly participate in the 3 day walk. I would love to be part of team shine!!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Jessie, we would LOVE to have you (or anyone else for that matter) as a part of team Shine!!! Welcome to the team, Claudia!

I love this turkey. It is true...I think Claudia somehow finds an extra hour in her day that I have not discovered yet. I can't think of any way she could do all that she does without having more time to do it! Superwoman!

Cheryl said...

I watched her make it. It was super easy and it didn't take very long. And then she asked me if I was going to make one... but sadly I'm not.

I have to finish laundry and pack clothes and wrap birthday presents and go to work and drive. :)

Claudia is the master of fitting all of her stuff to do. And! I still have a craft left out there for Jessie. And I hope that I don't build it up too much that it's anticlimatic when she finally gets it.

Come walk with us Jessie!!

Heather said...

Here is what I love about Highlowaha...I first shared my vision of walking in the Breast Cancer 3 Day with the ladies of Highlowaha and you, our readers on July 9th when Katie wrote about vision boards. 4 months later and my vision became reality when Cheryl, Katie and I finished our first 60 miles on November 8th and now we have the whole board chiming in about maybe walking in 2010 when Cheryl, Katie and I do Round 2!!!

Shine on TEAM SHINE!!!!!!

I can't wait!