Monday, November 30, 2009

Cookies with a Twist

Today marks the LAST day of NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month and the focus of this month's Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter Challenge. My friend, Susan, will be the recipient of this month's cookies, as she was brave enough to join me in undertaking this crazy adventure. Write 50,000 words in 30 days.

The rules of our cookie cutter challenge are simple. At the start of each month I announce an occasion we will celebrate. Readers visit Fancy Flours to vote on one the 600+ cookie cutters featured on their website. I then incorporate the winning cookie cutter into our celebration. You spare me no mercy, typically picking cookie cutters totally unrelated to my celebration.

I gave this month's entry a little "twist" that I think you will find perfect for the holiday season.
We'll call this month's entry... Can We Build It? Yes We Can! Getting 50,000 words on paper is only the foundation of building our best selling books. I used the screwdriver cookie cutter as the inspiration for my Book Writer's Tool Belt. Inside are all the "tools" Susan will need to begin editing her masterpiece.

Check out what I've included: a small book of daily inspirations for writers, red pens, a gift card for a cup of inspiration, post it notes, chocolate, aspirin, a small gift card for the ultimate book lover, and of course a batch of my yummy cookies.
And, because packaging is everything, I gathered all of her items together in a $.77 tool belt from Lowes.
Here's the "twist" that I think you will like. You could create a Tool Belt for just about anyone on your holiday list. Know a Scrapbooker? What about paper, scissors, stickers, glue, and a hole punch?

Know someone who interested in sprucing up his apartment? How about paint swatches, a picture frame, a decorating-for-dummies book, and a gift card to a local accessory store?

Ice cream lover? Sprinkles, an ice cream scoop, a gift certificate to Baskin Robbins, sugar cones, ice cream spoons, ice cream stickers, and cherries for on top?

Fore! How about a golfer? Golf tees, score cards, a golf towel for his bag, golf balls, ball markers, and new spikes for his shoes.

One more. This is fun.

Sewing. Needles, thread, scissors, a new pattern, a pin cushion, and a gift card for fabric.

Cake decorating, fishing, knitting, hunting, fitness, cooking, coffee lover, tennis, guitar player, or gardener. We could go on for days! This is a fun, fun way to package just about any present you have in mind.

The screwdriver cookie cutter is icing on the cake, regardless of your tool belt theme. Just add a tag reading, "Cake Decorating with a Twist," "Building the Ultimate Scrapbook," or "The Nuts and Bolts of Golf." There's a slogan for whatever belt you create.

Win today's cookie cutter by suggesting yet another hobby for which you could stuff a tool belt and tell us which items you might include. Submit an idea in the comment section and your name will go in the construction hat for a drawing to be done tonight at 9:00 p.m.

Signing off until tomorrow when we select the cookie cutter for December.


Robin said...

So cute! I normally do nano but skipped it. It's so great!

I use a tool belt in childbirth class. I chock it full of things dad's can use to help moms in labor. As a teaching aid, my wise mentor always says, "If you wear it you won't forget to talk about it." It has a rice sock, reminder book, mints, water bottle, massage tool, cheat sheet, tooth brush, snacks, lotion, etc.

Love this idea!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Perfect start to the day, Robin. Thanks!

Susan said...

Dear Claudia - Let me just say I will be forever thankful for the day a certain little blonde boy showed up at my house looking for my son. Little did I know that he was also bringing one of my very best friends into my life. Thank you for being an awesome cheerleader and for alway believing in me, especially when I struggle with believing in myself.
Love you to pieces!! Susan

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

As we're headed into finals week next week, I think a finals tool belt would be appropriate. Post-its, highlighters, apples (for energy), gift card to the campus coffee shop, stress ball, and a CD with good studying music on it.

Happy Monday!

Cheryl said...

This is great. For Christmas, my nieces and nephews all want money for their big ticket items that they are saving up for... a 4 wheeler helmet, a laptop and spending money for when in NYC. I'll see about adapting this theme for them. :)

Oh! And congratulations on finishing the month out with your books ladies!!

Robin said...

You could do:

Make over belt: nail polish, face mask, head band, toe separator thingy

Book belt: books, puzzle books, pen, book light, bookmark

Sports fan belt: snacks, tickets, foam finger...

New Dad Belt: ear plugs, ibuprofen, dad book, diapers, wipes...

New Mom Belt: ear plugs, ibuprofen, small bottle of alcohol (to celebrate!), cool packs for breasts, rice sock for back, massage gift card

I'll keep thinking, I had a better idae while driving and it's gone...

Cheryl said...

Oh! Changed my mind... was just sitting here thinking about how I would apply this to my Christmas group and instead I'm going to give the money wrapped up in a Shine Ball... Christmas style. :)

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Keep your ideas coming. We have the whole afternoon ahead of us.

The finals idea is a great one, Katie! $.77 cents at Lowe's. Can't beat it.

How about some Smarties and something fun for a study break - maybe a schedule of fun Christmas t.v. shows or an invitation to a study break in your apartment.

Heather @ said...

I've got no creative ideas flowing...but I love all the ones that are out there already!

Danko Family said...

As a mom of twins, you could make an "Double Trouble" belt. 2 diapers, 2 spit rags, 2 pacies, 2 pairs of socks, wipes, and a pocket of chocolate covered espresso beans to revive the mommy!

After I typed this, I saw that this idea has kinda sorta already been mentioned. I guess great minds think alike.

Have a great one!

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