Monday, June 15, 2009

The Write Arrangement

Three binder clips, two old rubber bands, a Triple A battery, and a light blue colored pencil with a dulled edge. Everything but a functioning writing utensil. I sigh in exasperation while using the nub of Jack's crayon to take a phone message for Richard. I instantly realize I am living my mother's biggest pet peeve. Only now it's my biggest pet peeve too.

Pens and pencils disappear from the kitchen dispenser quicker than my teenage son when realizing the dishwasher needs to be emptied.

Funny thing is, I have vivid memories of my mother flailing her arms while stranded on the rotary phone in the kitchen. She was desperately trying to catch someone's attention in time to dash around the house searching for a pen and to retrieve it in enough time that she could copy down her message.

Separated by 40 years and 1,200 miles, my mother and I remain bound by our simple quest for a working pen within arms reach of the kitchen telephone.

This week my parents are coming to visit and I wanted to put a small treat in the guest room where they will be staying - something my mother has modeled my entire adult life. She is a retired florist and, still, there is never a time we visit when she hasn't placed beautiful arrangements throughout the house. Now that we hail from Texas, the flower of choice for our bedroom is usually a fresh collection of yellow roses.

I'm no florist, but committed to our cause and inspired by floral pens found on sale at Borders, I think I found the perfect treat. Check out what I made.

Terra cotta pot, $1.00; acrylic paint, $0.89/per; shred, free; styrofoam to stick pens in, $1.89; floral pens on sale, $2.99/per. Not bad for this small and functional treat.

Can you relate or do you have another pet peeve you want to tell us about? As for me...

Signing off (by keyboard, not pen - since I can't find one) until tomorrow...


cassie p said...

My biggest pet peeve is when people dont listen/I have to repeat myself. It tends to be those guys in my life. My father is the biggest culprit, and probably why I have this pet peeve. My step-dad, all four of my brothers, and every boyfriend I have had til now are all guilty! They cannot remember anything I tell them either! AHHH! lol

Some other pet peeves:

People smoking in concentrated areas where obvious non-smokers are

People walking on the wrong side of hall/sidewalk, or going in the wrong door (i.e.- we do not drive on the LEFT-hand side of the road, so dont walk on it either! That is, unless there is definitely NO ONE else around).

People who stop right in the middle of the walkway (same concept as above driving example!)

LOL, can you all get a feel for my impatience?! ;-)

oops, gotta go get ready for work, ill be back later!

BeeKayRoot said...

I must tell you all that these pens remind me of a craft I have commonly shared with my students.

You can make your own floral pens with:

-some regular Bic pens
-some of the green floral tape
-fake flowers of your choice
-hot glue gun

Using a pair of plyers, remove the end cap from the non-writing end of your pen. Take one of your flowers, dab the end with hot glue and insert it into the opening you just made by removing the end cap. Once dry, wrap your pen in the green floral tape so it looks like the stem of the flower.

You can make about a dozen of these in 15 minutes! So easy.

Heather said...

I love the dual meaning of today's post since today is the official kick off to Claudia returning as the primary writer for HLA. What a fitting topic!

My pet peeves?
-Being late (though I must admit that I'm now an offender since Lily tends to throw a wrench in most of our best laid plans)
-I'll agree with Cassie, stopping in the middle of walkways

Hmmmm...I'm sure I have more since I, too, am an impatient person.

Cassie I hope all is going well for you!!! I need to talk to you soon I have a funny story to tell you.

Chaotic said...

my major pet peeve (work related) is when people borrow something and then do not return it. I have lost count of how many times I have to go search for my tape or stapler or pen bc some well-intentioned coworker borrowed it, meaning, I am SURE, to return it immediately. SIGH.

Cheryl said...

JB gave me a set of those for Mother's Day one year. :) They put little rocks in it.

Pet peeves...Having to repeat myself over and over again.

Tera said...

Claudia, welcome back to being full time writer!!! Those flower pens are really cute.

Brian, I've seen the ones you are talking about at cash registers in stores. I'm really good at "stealing" pens from stores...I just throw them in my purse unintentionally and off I go. Having the big flowers on the end reminds me it's not my pen.

Cassie, I too hate when people go in the wrong door. Or if people are coming in and out of a door, when someone waits for the other to come out and does't open the other side of it to go in. Drives me NUTS!

I know we've talked about it on here before, but the incorrect use of "good" and "well" drives me up the wall. Treye and I both find ourselves correct people on that all the time...even if they are on TV. You didn't do did well, for crying out loud!!!

Claudia said...

"Well" done, Tera and others.

Thanks for the mention, Heather. Yes, today marks the beginning of my posting full time again. I am excited and know it won't take long before I get back in full swing again.

O.k., if I'm coming up with another pet peeve, it would be when hanger hooks get caught up in one another.

Katie K said...

Hey, everyone!

I have also seen these at the check-out in grocery stores and shops. I LOVE them and think this is a great gift for your parents, Claudia!

My biggest pet peeve is people adding an "r" to some words. For example, warsh instead of wash. It makes me bonkers!

heather said...

When people do that it is totally "REDiculous".

Nicole said...

Hi hla! I love the post today! It reminds me of other things that are always missing when you need them... scissors and scotch tape. I always hide them so they dont get lost or stolen by a sister trying to wrap a gift, but then I can never find them!

But my biggest pet peeve is people being late. Its horrible in the summer. Everyone is relaxed and in no rush. Be on time people! Its just polite. :)

BeeKayRoot said...

Pet Peeve is when people don't show courtesy while driving. i.e. use turn signals, take turns at a four way stop interesection, etc.