Thursday, June 25, 2009


It worked! 

Middle of the summer in Grapevine, Texas and no rain in the forecast.  Yet suddenly yesterday around  5:00 p.m., along comes a down pour so fierce I had to slow my car down to 25 mph.

Mistake?   I don't think so.

The message could not be any more clear.  Shower the people around you with words of admiration and good will will rain down on you... literally.  

No idea what I'm talking about?  Scroll back to see posts from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week.

Before I move on, indulge me in a few more lines...

The rainstorm didn't last more than 45 minutes, but I took it personally and I hope you will too.  Here's why.  Life is busy, so mustering up the discipline to write my post is easier some days than others.  I know you can relate, because squeezing in the extra 15 minutes to read our post is, I am sure, also easier some days than it is on others.  But, you do it.  

That brief, but intense, rainstorm on a perfectly sunny day, in the middle of a Texas summer, is all I needed to affirm what we're doing here at Highlowaha is not only important, but that it's getting noticed... if you know what I mean! 

Now onto today's creative idea.

Attitude Boxes... or buckets as the case may be.
Here's the thing.  The more you fill other people's buckets, the more you will find your bucket being filled.  This summer is the perfect time to get an old box, some glue (or decoupage), tissue paper, stickers, pictures from magazines, and to use them in creating your own Attitude Box.  

This, by the way, is a great activity for kids (and adults) of all ages!

Once your box is decorated with words, pictures, quotes, and symbols that represent you, it serves as the perfect place to store all your "drops."  I call it an Attitude Box, because on days when you are sure no one thinks you are much better a stagnant-pond-scum-licker, you can bust open your box and give yourself a healthy dose of attitude adjustment.

So how about making a deal with yourself?  Agree to become part-time weatherman (or woman).  Forecast rain now and again - even purple rain.  But, be prepared and don't forget your red galoshes or your Attitude Bucket.  You'll need them. 

Signing off until tomorrow...


Heather said...

Chaotic you are coming to Grapevine?!?!?! WOOHOO!!!! Maybe we can get you here in time to sit at the table for a filming of Free for All Friday...and if nothing else at least we can hang out for a little while in between your rubber stamping fun.

As far as an attitude box maybe I'll have to find time to make one for myself, right now I keep little thank you notes and other mementos for a short time on my memory board in my office.

Chaotic said...

I like this idea.. .I have done something simlar only with a book. I took a small hardback book and filled it with cards & letters from ppl saying nice things about me. I'll see if I can figure hout how to post a pic. The title of the book (and reason I used it) is 'Shadows across the Sun'. it is where I go when my sun is shadowed. :-)

Yes, I am trying to get to the convention there July 18th!! I have a workshop I sponsor the 19th so can only make the one day.

Katie K said...

I love my attitude box. I made one as a sophomore in college when Claudia came to our RA training and hosted a session where we all made an attitude box. I was just telling her the other night that I think I need to get a bigger box though, as mine is getting near full. I encourage all of you to make one for yourself and for your kids! They are so uplifting on a rainy day (not a HLA rainy day, though).

Chaotic- July 18 I will be out of town. So sorry I will have to miss your visit to Grapevine!

Peggy said...

No rain, no rainbows!!

BeeKayRoot said...

I have a folder in my filing cabinet at work that holds all my "rain drops". All the thank you notes, "You Make the Difference" cards, and recognition certificates/letters, etc.

Everyone once in awhile I bust it out for a smile or two.

eknoxuk said...

I may have just missed it, but what do you put in the attitude box?

Claudia said...

Aaahhh... good clarifying question, Erica!

Inside your Attitude Box goes any card, note, or letter that makes you feel good about you. It is, in a sense, the bucket we use to collect all the drops we gather over a lifetime.

But don't stop at letters, cards, or notes. What about nice evaluatiosn from a boss, the copy of a recommendation letter someone wrote for you, an award you won, or anything else that makes you feel good about your.

The nice thing about doing this with kids is that periodically you can sit down with them and look through their collection. It helps build confidence AND teaches them to appreciate the simple kind gesture of a thank you note.

BeeKayRoot said...

Claudia - here's a question for you.

This is me thinking about potential future job interviews in student affairs.

Would you consider it appropriate for someone to take a portfolio of sorts (or even create an electronic one) to a job interview. i'm thinking things like letters of recommendation, good evaluations by my supervisor, projects or publications i'm proud of, etc. (Basically, all the things I would put in my attitude box)

Claudia said...

Brian... thanks for considering me a resource and asking.

I always tell people job search processes are really more about eliminating candidates than they are looking for reasons to KEEP a candidate in the pool.

I say that to say, you must gauge the interviewers and the formality of the campus to determine whether sharing your portfolio will have you stick out in a good or bad way.

Having said that... often times interviewers will conclude an interview by asking what else they should know about you or if you have final questions. That can be an appropriate time explain you interest in photography, graphic design, or other professionally relevant skills. If such a situation presents itself, that might be a good opportunity.

If you want to talk more, we could arrange a phone call.

As importantly, we have a handful of other Student Affairs professionals who check in regularly. Maybe some of them will chime in too.