Saturday, June 27, 2009

Traveler's Dilemma

Happy Saturday, Highlowaha! It's Katie here. After all the 'rain' this week (albeit good rain), let's talk about some sunshine!

As I'm sure you're all aware, earlier this week we officially entered summer. With summer comes everyone's favorite thing: vacation! While I'm not taking a summer vacation this year, it is still fresh on my mind. After all, just today, the Beeny boys and I kicked Richard and Claudia out of town for the weekend so they could take a little vacation together and my friend Nicole is preparing for a month-long vacation to Europe!

It is with Nicole in mind that I write today's post. You see, she has a packing challenge on her hands. She is going to Europe for an entire month. She has one suitcase in which she must fit everything and still have it weigh less than 44 pounds.

While talking to her on the phone yesterday afternoon, she was telling me of her situation and asked me how she should pack her clothes. I have heard of many different approaches to packing for such a long trip. They include the traditional fold, rolling them, laying them flat, and even As Seen on TV, vacuum bags to seal them tight. Let's face it. Packing for a summer vacation takes a small slice of creativity to make it all fit. How do you pack your clothes? Take the poll below to let us know your opinion. My opinion (which I shared with Nicole) is to roll them. However, she still seemed a little hesitant after that advice from me, so hopefully all of you will be able to help her with this dilemma.

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To close for today.....where are you going this summer? We all know that Peggy went with her DD to Florida for a volleyball tournament and I know Kat returned recently from vacation. What about the rest of you? Any fun plans?

Signing off until Monday with the song of the day...


BeeKayRoot said...

I totally thought your song of the day was going to be a Michael Jackson song... Thankful it wasn't, though. (MJ overload.)

Anyhow, I'm driving down to Charlotte, N.C. next week to visit my best friend Jason. It's an 8 hour drive that I'll be doing alone. Ugh. That's the only summer trip planned, and it's just a weekend trip.

I struggle with the packing thing sometimes, because since I'm a big guy, I have big clothes.

Katie K said...

Brian, I thought about having an MJ song, but decided that people are probably hearing enough of that on the radio and on TV right now. I love that you know enough about my love of music to think I would use an MJ song, though!

heather said...

No trips here this is tight so we'll be sticking with the free options of parks and pools.

As far as packing Bal found this awesome resource online when he was packing for business trip that was a week long but he wanted to only take a carry-on suitcase.
Basically you lay a shirt out totally open, then lay another shirt extending the opposite direction but with the arms overlaying one another. You alternate directions until you've completed your stack of shirts...then you start on your pants/shorts and you line the waists up in the middle vertically between the shirts with the legs extending out over the arms of your shirts. You alternated which directions you lay them extending over left arm, extending over right arm, back and forth with the waists overlapping in the middle until you've got all of your pants packed. You put a bundle in the middle with underclothes and then you fold the whole thing up. Pants/shorts from the right side get folded in. Pants/shorts from the left side get folded in, shirts from the bottom get folded in, shirts from the top get folded in. You end up with what looks like a giant package of clothing but believe it or not we were able to fit three more outfits this way than with any of the conventional rolling/folding methods we tried.

I'll get Bal to post a link to the directions once he wakes up for the day.

Bal Snow said...


Look into the bundle wrapping. I can pack for a weeks business trip in one small bag.

Peggy said...

Thanks Katie... I was going to say going to Orlando with Sissy (dd-dear daughter) WASN'T a vacation... but we did fly there, and go shopping, out to eat and to Universal Studios... and 4 days of Volleyball...

She's actually in Louisville with her dad for the next four days for the JVDA (Junior Volleyball Directors Assoc)tournament.... by the way Heather... it took them 6 hours to get there! Yikes, that's a long drive!

Bubba and I are actually taking a day trip up to Wisconsin today to visit friends and family. We don't have to pack anything....Bubba can't wait to drive and get more hours added to his permit.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Lori Couch said...

Well Katie I feel your friends pain, I leave today for a week at diabetes camp, then when I get back 10 days in the Dominican Republic on a missions trip, so I need work clothes, church clothes, and relax clothes IN ONE SUITCASE!!! Then we travel for 5 days to see you and attend a very special wedding, 5 days one suitcase very easy (already sent the wedding present). Then back home for 3 days and then back to diabetes camp for a week. I am tired already. I suggest rolling clothes and take laundry detergent. Have a great day. Lori

Heather said...

Peggy...six hours isn't too bad...that's 3 hours with you at the wheel and 3 with Cristine at the wheel...piece of cake!

Either that or hop a puddle jumper on down, either way we NEED to meet which means Taste of USA in Louisville!

Have fun in Wisconsin!

Kat said...

I am typically a folder, but I have been known to roll things on occasion. One of my best travel strategies is to try to pack as "small" as possible. Big, chunky shoes and heavy jackets are out. I wear my heavier shoes on the plane (when possible) and pack flip flops. Big bottles of toiletries stay at home and I buy extra at my destination if I end up needing it.

cassie p said...

I usually go on at least one vacation a summer, excluding a usual trip to so. cal to visit my dad. BUT this summer is ALL WORK and no play as I just graduated and am now a nurse! Plus I gotta save up for that house I am supposed to buy by the end of the year...HAHAHA. We shall see...

OH and I am sorry I missed out of the fun of yesterday's post, but I worked 13 hours and then came home and fell asleep before 9pm! BUT I went back and watched FFAF video and it made me LOL to see Dr. B in a mermaid costume! Good stuff guys!

Chaotic said...

I have 2 ways of lighteneing load...1) I roll, and 2) I wear sarongs :-)

no VAcation, some STAYcationing around the area. Hard to travel for any longer than a day when the babies need their ppl for basics. I htink we are down to 17 critters but is still a load.

Cheryl said...

Just got back from the river. I have 52 emails and 151 blogs posted in my reader. We had a very fun time but I'm wiped out.

I'm a folder and a roller. I always over pack! The one time I didn't over pack, I was hit by a train and didn't have that many outfits to wear when I was done with the hospital gown. :)

I have one more trip planned with the boys but it's driving. All we really need are bathing suits and a couple of outfits. But, we have to take towels and sheets and food and fans and activities and the whole rest of the house.

Glad to be home.

heather said...

Welcome Home Cheryl!!!