Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

No pressure.  Heather makes a sentimental post yesterday, setting water works in motion for a good majority of our readers and today I'm gonna talk cookie cutters.  Not just cookie cutters, mind you.  Cookie cutter and Big Green Eggs.  

Heather... deep and heady.  Me... shallow and with a ferocious sweet tooth.  

Yeah, sounds about right.

Today is the day of the month we partner with our visionary friends at Fancy Flours to select the object of June's Cookie Cutter Challenge.  Dana and other Highlowaha newbies, here's the quick run down on how this works...

Each month I select a holiday or special occasion worth celebrating.  Then, you the readers of Highlowaha, scour the selection of 600+ cookie cutters available at fancyflour.com (http://www.fancyflours.com/site/cookie-cutters.html) to choose the  cookie cutter you believe will pose the greatest challenge.  What do I mean by challenge?  I mean the cookie cutter shape LEAST related to the holiday we are celebrating.  If it were Halloween you might select a tulip or palm tree.  Christmas might yield a tractor.  And, for Valentine's Day you might vote Terradactyl.

Once the cookie cutter is decided (either by earning greatest number of votes or by random drawing), I set out to create a connection between my holiday and your cookie cutter.  I bake, decorate, and package up the cookies all before month's end.

April brought Earth Day and porcupines.  May was National Back Yard Games Week and big mouth bass fish.  So, what'll it be this month?  Only you know, so let's get to work.

First some background about the source of this month's holiday celebration.

My husband.  

My husband is a great man.  

My husband is a great man with a lot of interests.  

My husband is a great man with a lot of interests and a love of "equipment."  

If he wants to learn to play the guitar, first he's got to go out and get the fancy new guitar.  Fly fishing?  First he needs the rod, the reels, the waders, as sundry flies.  Triathlon training?  Books, sneakers, bikes, and athletic attire.  You get the gist.

My husband is into outdoor cooking.  We used to have a grill AND a smoker in our backyard.  That wasn't good enough.  Now we have a Big Green Egg.  The Green Egg is supposed the be the latest and greatest - the Radio Flyer - of all outdoor cooking devices.  I'd go into all the features, but your eyes would probably glaze over like mine did and, besides, amazing features isn't really the point of my story.

$1,149.99 is the point of my story.

No matter how you dice it, that's A LOT of money!  I could tell when first talking to Richard about the Big Green Egg that no amount of opposition or even reason was going to work.  The switch clicked in his brain and no matter what I said, that Green Egg was going to be his.  So, in a last ditch effort I declared, "Fine, but that is your Father's Day and birthday present all in one!"  What?  Was I crazy?  What the heck about Fourth of July, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Ground Hogs Day, and Easter too?!?  $1,149.99!  

Richard turns forty-one on June 29.  No matter how much I'd like to believe I'll dig in my heels and let the day go by without anything for him to open, I know I won't.

So save me.  Hook me up with a cookie cutter I can use to wish Richard a happy birthday.  Scour and vote now... http://www.fancyflours.com/site/cookie-cutters.html

Oh, and while we're on shallow topics... a quick poll of neighbors standing outside voted Cassie P. the winner of our Nail Polish Naming Contest.  Her suggestions... Pinky Pink, Go for the Gold, and Screaming Orange.  Cassie, I'm not sure what, but something foot-tastic will be on the way to you.

Signing off until tomorrow...


heather said...

Okay guys, so I'm not all deep and heady. Deep, Heady and a fierce competitor would define me better.
When Claudia thought up this challenge the competitor in me thought it would be fun to try and stump her...you guys played along last month but she pulled through yet again. So this month let's really challenge her.
Claudia mentioned last weekend that she didn't care what cookie cutter we picked as long as it wasn't another creature...so you guessed it I'm here to beg you, plead even that we pick the strangest creature on their website...I know you are up for the challenge!

Claudia said...

No more creatures!

Hook me up with some sort of inanimate object! Anything.

Kat said...

Thanks for all the "Happy Birthdays" yesterday, everyone!

I am going to put my vote in for a snowflake! Snowflake A, to be precise. I am looking forward to seeing what Claudia comes up with regardless of what we decide on! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite HLA events.

Matt Struble (not the little one) said...

I know your husband well I like to think. How are those guitar lessons going? Triathlon....the day he does that I will go on a diet. The idea of opposite day cookie cutter got me scratching my head pertaining to Mr. Richard. I though "angel" since we know he isn't, but a wifes love would see through that. My second thought was "flamingo" because of being pick and a girly bird, but maybe I only chuckle at that idea. So I narrowed it down to 2 with the first being "moose" as he says he is the little one and the other being the "ice skating polar bear" since he is no bear, doesn't ice skate (next hobby?), no ice in Texas (except that 1 day in February).

Anonymous said...

How did I sense it was cookie day?

I like the mermaid!

Sporadic Spy

Margaret said...

My honey has the big green egg and loves it! And when he has cooked something for me in it... I loved it too!!

But all I really have to say is...

Thank goodness he got that before he met me! I had no idea of the cost! And heaven forbid he spend money on that WHILE we are dating. ha ha. Less on me?? ;) I think not.

Margaret said...

My choice for the cookie cutter??

Towards the very end?


ha ha ha ha

heather said...

hmmm...creature cookie cutters:

A lion? No WAY too easy "I'm not Lion"

An owl? Again no...too many "Wise OLD owl" jokes could be made.

No I think I'll have to say...the Llama.

Teresa Cox said...

Cookie Cutter Animal Horse

That is my vote

Diana Leilani said...

I vote for the puzzle piece cookie cutter!

Linds said...

I vote for the giraffe... only if you bring one to the office of course ;)

Anonymous said...

I vote Mermaid as well...
Fan of Sporadic Spy!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I liked some picked already... but I will choose

(the indian dancer dude)

aka Peggy at work @@

ps... soon to be out of a job... it was temp. and the 'girl' is coming back from her medical leave

Cheryl said...

I'm all in for Richard having the Green Egg. The man can cook! And the coffee machine! Yum. Do I just go to the Beeny's to eat and drink?

Margaret- I didn't know Greg had a Green Egg! Can he bring it to the pool? Hee hee! Maybe we need to have a Green Egg Competition!

I'm competitive too but I have a different view of this game... I want Claudia to get cookie cutters that I want to borrow! Here's the run down so far:

Snowflake A
Ice Skating Polar Bear
Mermaid (2 votes)
Puzzle Piece

I'm not going to vote yet. What else are y'all going to nominate?

cassie p said...

Sweet! Who knew I could name nail polish!!! LOL

Im going to put second vote in for the LLAMA, because I love llamas, and that one will be a hard one!!!

PS I start working in T-minus 6 days! AHHHH I cannot believe I can actually say that "I am a nurse" now! Its craziness!

Katie K said...

I second Cheryl! I love the Green Egg. Plus, I didn't have to put out the money to get it, but I certainly benefit from it! I've had chicken, steak, ribs, pork, and burgers from that thing and they've all been phenomenal!

My vote goes to the acorn.

Anonymous said...

You do this every month!!! and people encourage you to play this mental game of connect the dots. I think I am going to cancel my internet connection and throw away my computer. It is official, the internet is not useful anymore.

Tera said...

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a good day. I love the cookie cutter idea...I look forward to it every month.

My vote today is for the carrot :)

Claudia said...

Anonymous. Great idea. Cancel your internet connection and throw away your computer.

Your contributions to our community are unimaginative and mindless.

Connect these dots... You are not welcome!

P.S. Notice I had the courage to sign my name.

Lorie said...

Oh....I just love this idea....and yes my husband is the same way. I wanted to buy him a leaf blower for Father's Day...but told him that I wanted him to pick it out, because...of course....I will get the wrong one. He will want to Benford 3000 X model that is $4,000, while i would have got the one for $19.99...lol

On to the quesiton at hand....what cookie cutter....i went through them...and they are super cute. I just love the BABY BOTTLE....think that would be GREAT!!!


Anonymous said...

First off, I am impressed...if you visit the cookie cutter webpage your bass look pretty close to the ones depicted on coming out of the basket. Good job flooding and decorating!
Second here are my picks:

Campfire-maybe put the campfire cookies with all the ingrediants needed for smores, with the tag line: "Give me smore of that lovin" or I love you smore than you know. Better yet..you could just say "Come on Baby light my fire"

"No cutting "corn"ers when it comes to a gift for you"

tiffany said...

I vote seahorse. Yes it's a creature.

Eugene said...

Another vote for the mooooose!

Cristine said...

So many choices.
So I vote for Cockatoo. It reminds me of Richard and Matt together with their graduate school stories - something about seabird.
As for Matt's father's day present. It's the same as last year, the same as before... the Sunday Ticket w/redzone package and maybe a music card from the boys.
PS- Claudia if you want to make Richard happy with a cookie I have a Maker's Mart cookie cutter from when we visited you in KY.

laura & betsy said...

I vote for Dracula and my boss votes for the cupcakes!!!

laura & betsy said...

I vote for Dracula and my boss votes for the cupcakes!!!

Cheryl said...

Snowflake A
Moose (2)
Ice Skating Polar Bear
Mermaid (2)
Llama (2)
Puzzle Piece
Baby Bottle
Camp Fire
Sea horse

Hmm.. all great suggestions...

Cheryl said...


Dracula and

to the list above.


Anonymous said...


Of course you have the courage to sign your name IT IS YOUR BLOG or at least your collective blog.

The reason I don't sign my name is because unlike the millions of wannabes in this country, I have no desire to put myself "out there" for everyone to see.

I am not attempting to contribute to your self - made community, so please don't interpret my post to be a contribution.

Cheryl said...

@ Anonymous,

And because it's much easier to leave nasty, negative comments anonymously. ;)

Anonymous said...

I do not believe any of my comments have been nasty or negative. An opposing point of view does not make it negative, it just means that my views do not line up with your views.

Cheryl said...

"I think I am going to cancel my internet connection and throw away my computer. It is official, the internet is not useful anymore."

I'm sorry but I read that as negative as I'm sure many of our readers did but it is only my opinion. I don't understand why you're here if you don't enjoy our company or find us "useful".

Back to Cookie Cutters because I do find it fun and useful since I hope to get to eat one.

I'm going to vote with Mermaid. Sorry Heather but what the heck am I going to borrow a Llama for?? :)

anonymous said...

After I cancel my internet connection, I'm going to move out of my mom's house, find a quiet cabin in the woods, write my manifesto and shave my armpits with an arrowhead. I think I can finally make it on my own. And one day,,,,,,,,,I'll be able to use my own name. I think. Gotta go, my fifty kitties need lovin.

txtranny said...

My Vote is for the Mermaid!

anonymous said...

Anonymity rocks when you suck!

Heather said...

I'm much less interested in anonymous than I am all these other new faces!!! Welcome to the blog! You picked a great day to come onboard...please stick around and enjoy the fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just stopped by to cheer for the mermaid. I think someone needs to connect the dots for me...how did it go from debating the usefulness of cookie cutter competitions to the crazy cat lady who shaves with rocks?

Go mermaid!

Sporadic Spy

Lorie said...

First I would really like to say....i so enjoy reading the blog everyday..i might not make comments....but i read it every morning. And.....I think that anonymous needs to try one of the cookies before they are so quick to be against it.....they are wonderful.....thanks girls for making my day creative.

heather said...

To all our loyal readers, lurkers and others...although anonymous comments might be intended to be hurtful or negative you can rest assured that we won't let them get us down.
For all those that read the blog you should also know that we have a fantastic tool called google analytics, it allows us to narrow down to a zip code where are readers are visiting from. With that in mind...
Dear anonymous, you may think that by posting as anonymous we don't know your identity and you are hiding behind that anonymity however the opposite is true. We feel quite certain we know who is behind the curtain.

b.k.root said...

I don't really have a vote, plus it's probably too late.

But I must share my love of the Big Green Egg... I bet ribs and steak and burgers and hot dogs taste scrumptious cooked inside the Big Green Egg! Haha.