Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Change is in the Air

Stick with me.  Important message.  Circuitous route.

Turns out, I'm good at far less than I thought.

One look in my garage is all the evidence you or anyone would ever need. Two unfinished, Altoid tables sit in the corner waiting for "the closer" to come in and spend the 20 minutes (max) that it will take to finish them.  Directly across from the Altoid tables is a small cooler stuffed with a plaid pillow case and filled with the coins from Matthew's piggy bank.  Long time readers will remember we were supposed to count the coins and report back about the total amount.  Matthew's birthday is in mid-April.  Today is June 9.

Yeah, it's true.  I like the idea of ideas far more than I like the mundane tasks associated with carrying them out.  No, I'm not, nor ever will be, anyone's "closer."

I'm not out of business though.  You know why? 

I keep great company.  Katie, Heather, and Cheryl - my side kicks in this whole blog venture - are the yin to my yang.  They are skilled organizers/techies/people-people, and artists.  Even they aren't each good at all of those things, though.  Further proof none of us is good at everything. 

Sunday we had a Highlowaha retreat and the three of them let me in on a little secret.  They don't love making daily posts the way I do.  Cheryl loves doing the craft part of her blog posts, Katie loves figuring out new ways to do things such as add her Song of the Day, and Heather could spend hours contacting friends to participate in HLA events like yesterday's CompadRay Q&A.

Each of us is good at something different, but we share something in common.  We all agree that life is too short to spend time doing something we don't thoroughly enjoy.  So, my "compadrays" and I are switching things up again at Highlowaha.  Beginning Monday, I will resume writing daily posts (except Fridays when we come to you via video and Saturdays which we'll rotate).  The other three will be fully employed advancing our blog community in all the ways I have failed.  Heather will work at recruiting readers as fun as each of you.  Katie will manage patches, paperwork, and keep us ahead of the technology curve, and Cheryl... well, Cheryl will continue cranking out one amazing Ray after another and will help make my attempts at creative endeavors more fabulous. 

This is a better use of our time and talents and I think, in time, you'll agree.

Tell us about a task you find yourself carrying out that is a total mismatch with your skills and interests or... just tell us what you think of the switch-up. 

Signing off until tomorrow...


heather said...

Not only will I be recruiting readers but my efforts will also be focused on getting our blog some sponsors so we have awesome give-aways for YOU!!!

So here's my question for you as well...what are some major companies you think are a perfect match for our blog community?

Also be sure to add our group highlowaha on facebook and follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/raywattson

That's it for now!

Chaotic said...

I think that it is a huge waste of energy trying to force square pegs into round holes, so GOOD FOR YOU for recognizing your strengths!! I am great on starting new ideas, but after I figure it out, I go off looking for the next new thing. Sigh.

Katie K said...

Good morning! I am also excited about the changes that are coming because I think everyone will benefit from them!

As for all of you, what additional effects would you like to see here on the site? We have music, slideshows, and polls, but what do you want included? What have you seen on other blogs that you wish we had here?

Claudia said...

I'll be in training the majority of the day, but I love the questions posed by Heather and Katie (and maybe Cheryl). I will look forward to hearing all the great feedback when I return home later tonight.

Cristine said...

There's some websites that I read which have Chatroll - it's like a live chat. That's fun.
Also, I know that a lot of women's websites/blog are getting tons of freebies. Heather send me and email and I'll send you the contact information for these ladies. I've been reading how companies are looking for the woman opinion for their products. Many times they'll give the product away just for the word of mouth.
Good luck with the new format.

Cheryl said...

Whew! I didn't mind the writing portion of it but I always felt stressed as to whether or not I was engaging the reader.

I want to know a lot of things from you, the readers.

What are your favorite topics?
Do you like the crafty things, decorating itmes, baking goodies, contests, etc?
Do you feel more connected with the people or the content?
Do you like more photos, less photos, bigger, smaller?

I think this is fun and valuable venue for us to come to but I think we have a lot of room for improvement. I am a pleaser. I want to please you. I want to make you happy you're here. Help us by spilling your guts out here.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wrote a good comment, but lost it, since I'm anon at work!

I like change! Hopefully everyone will find their niche!

I like contests, don't need a prize, but a small one is always fun! Or finding the outcome of 'make this' challenge (Follow the rainbow?)
I like a thought of the day, or a a ponder question.... who is your fav. artist why? what ice cream do you like? What book did you just read? How do you get gum out of the carpet? New menu item quick and easy.

Ideas for sponsors: Target, Michaels, Barnes & Noble... or not so major...small mom & pop internet sites crafting, baking etc...
aka Peggy anon at work @@

Anonymous said...

Also, I like the new front page format, I don't have to scroll down to log on, but I hope I don't miss anything!!!

I like it when you engage us, make us think outside the box and are open to constructive criticism, and are willing to change, if necessary!

Good luck!

If you want any other tips or ideas... I'll be glad to give more than 2c's worth!

aka Peggy again at work @@

Cheryl said...

Does anyone else hear the crickets in here? Man they're so damn loud!!!

Okay well... here's what I would like to see...

More fun party ideas.
Fun activities for family, friends and community.
Really fun contests with super great giveaways.
Philosophical, positive affirmation that our world is good.
More RAK.

That's a good start I think.

Tera said...

Last night as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep I was actually thinking about all of the unfinished business here at HLA: the Altoids table, the piggy bank, surprising Surprise, the cookbook...

I know we touched on them as being incomplete in this blog, but do we have a plan do finish any them?

Good luck Claudia, Cheryl, Heather & Katie in your new assignments. Things always have a way of working themself out here in HLA world :)

I gotta be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the new homepage. I feel like there is so much going on. I still go to the blog, though, and that's what counts!

Anonymous said...

come out come out where ever you are!!!

Kat said...

I think the change will be great! I would love to get to know HLA readers better. Maybe it could be fun to interview/profile one every once in a while?
I really like it when there are fun party and craft ideas! Challenges and contests are great too.

Melanie said...

Way to utilize your strengths ladies! Heather - I'd love to see sponsorships & promotions from smaller companies like Fancy Flours. Cheryl - what about ideas for quick & easy meals ala Rachel Ray? Also, with the ecomomy, $$ savers across the board!

Melanie said...

Way to utilize your strengths ladies! Heather - I'd love to see sponsorships & promotions from smaller companies like Fancy Flours. Cheryl - what about ideas for quick & easy meals ala Rachel Ray? Also, with the ecomomy, $$ savers across the board!

Melanie said...

Way to utilize your strengths ladies! Heather - I'd love to see sponsorships & promotions from smaller companies like Fancy Flours. Cheryl - what about ideas for quick & easy meals ala Rachel Ray? Also, with the ecomomy, $$ savers across the board!

cassie p said...

I hate missing even one day of HLA, and Ive missed two in a row. I started my first day of work yesterday!!! That means 9 hours of orientation every day for the next two weeks (except this weekend); and less time to check HLA each morning. I completely missed yesterday's friendship day, as far as getting my chosen friend to come to the blog and guess what my answers would be. I did NOT miss it completey; I had all my friendship day cards sent out on Saturday!

SOOOOO...todays post. This will be an exciting change. I am glad all of you will still be involved in some way.

Some companies: Target, Creative Memories (scrapbooking), HObby Lobby, or Michaels

Things I like on the blog: crafty ideas, party themes/ideas, and RAKs ideas

Sometimes I feel more connected to the people and sometimes the content. I think it depends on the days topic and reader participation.

The contests are always super fun; like Taste of USA and our olympics competition (though I did not participate, it was fun to follow). Prizes are always a plus, but its really not the driving force for my participation in our contests here at HLA! I just love it here!!! :-D

Hopefully I will be back in the morning BEFORE work; as long as I get up early enough, and Dr. B posts the blog early enough! Miss you guys!

b.k.root said...

A few things:

1. I think any company that is known for it's creative products would make sense... Crayola - RoseArt - Michaels - etc etc.

2. One of my fave blogs besides HLA is http://www.thesabloggers.org. I think I like that the blog is written by a plethora of authors. Also, it is appealing to the eye. I also like their weekly surveys. Perhaps HLA could have a weekly survey question?

3. I've recently gotten hooked on Freebies and Giveaway websites. Perhaps hook up with some of those folks, as was already suggested.

One last comment. Oftentimes I find myself telling my students who program in the halls "It's quality over quantity." I think maybe we should buy into that philosophy.

While I love the stimulation that is contstantly being provided by HLA, sometimes it seems like we're overstimulated by different ongoing projects. Just a thought

b.k.root said...

There is some great feedback in today's comments... and so now I've more to add.

I gotta agree with Tera. The front HLA page seems a tad jumbled to me now. i think it would be more appealing to the eye if there were one dominant image on the homepage (i.e. the photo of you four women). The blog oval is really too big and kinda throws off the balance of the main page.

I will say, though, that in the year I've been following HLA (i think it's been a year?) there have been some fantastic additions.

There are times that I feel like we are vaguely getting back to the reason for the blog, which is creativity and creative daily ideas. I would love to see more concrete creative ideas. Sometimes we have them, other times we don't.

Lastly, just a compliment to the four of you for directing this cruise ship. It's wonderful to have the leadership of 4 people, who are all so dedicated.

heather said...

Brian and Tera...I made some edits to the front page while still trying to keep what others liked with not having to scroll to the blog link...what do you think?

b.k.root said...

Heather - Looks better!

Previously, I felt like the blog link was competing with the photo and other art for all the attention.