Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lights, Camera, Friendship

Happy Birthday, Tera!!!

Happy Saturday morning, Highlowaha! Katie here to bring you our final day of lead-up to National Friendship Day which will be happening on Monday, June 8. Today, we will take time to share and read stories about friendships that we are all so glad to have.

Some of you sent in photographs of you with your closest friend(s). While some of you also sent along a description of the friend(s) you are photographed with, I decided it would be much more meaningful to hear it from you rather than me relaying the message through the blog! With that in mind, enjoy some photographs of HLA readers with their friends...

Before signing off for the day, I would like to take a few minutes to honor the friend I have included in the slide show. My photo is the first one included in the slide show and in my picture is one of my best friends, Kristina. Kristina and I met in college while we both lived in Kennedy Hall at Bellarmine University. At first we only knew each other through association as she lived with one of my classmates in the Education program, but during our sophomore year we became instant friends. I love this picture because it perfectly captures our fun-loving, care-free, but loving friendship. Our favorite things to do include spending a weekend on her family's boat in the middle of Patoka Lake (in Indiana), sitting on the living room couch of her apartment talking and catching up until 4 am, and taking trips to downtown Louisville to play in the water fountains at odd hours of the night.

I love my friendship with Kristina because it is so natural and even if weeks pass where we are unable to talk to one another, it feels like not a day has passed when we do get to talk. There is never any pressure to be a "better friend", but instead a mutual understanding that we are so blessed to have one another. Kristina shows me the creativity in being spontaneous and getting out of my regular routine. She shows me the creativity of what can happen one day when I just decide to "let it go". It is this leap of faith and spontaneity that I am trying to include in my plans for the future, and I know that if it doesn't work out, Kristina will be one of the first people in line to help me figure things out from there.

What about all of you? What makes your friendship so special with the person you included in your photograph? If you were unable to submit a photograph, what photo would you have included and why is that friend so special to you?

Signing off until Monday with the song of the day...


Chaotic said...

The person in my photo is my mom. What makes our friendship so special is that we did not have one until about 10 years ago. Mom gives me feedback, honest critique when I ask for (and sometimes when I don't). Most of all, she supports me in whatever I do, regardless of the reason or the outcome. Unconditional friendship from someone I never thought I would be able to have a relationship with.

azlori said...

I didn't post the picture but Claudia posted one of her, Toni (CO-RA) and I. While I didn't have a bad k-12 experience I didn't really have big time fun until I got to ASU and met Claudia. Being friends with Claudia sure made my years at ASU some of the best years of my life. Her creativity made birthdays extra special as well any day she blessed you with a little special something.
I am greatful that we are still in touch and know that if I need anything she will be there. Thanks for posting the picture Claudia!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Tera!!!

Julie are you lurking today? AW Darn! I was hoping for a Julie and Tera pic. :)

Okay... my picture is me with my friend Kristi at my families annual beach vacation. We became friends in the third grade in Mrs. Strauch's class. From there I spent many nights sleeping over and her family became my second family. Her little sister became another one of my best friends in high school. Kristi and I don't live that far apart... 10 minutes... and we don't see each other near enough, but we know we're here if ever needed. YAY Friends!

Cheryl said...

Oh! And I don't think Margaret gets on the blog on the weekends... she may come and comment on Monday... but I love the picture of her and her friends at a wedding. You will always have fun with Margaret as your friend!!

Claudia said...

Good morning everyone!

Lori... so glad you posted about our pic. Yes. Lori helped make my ASU experience. We were lucky enough to serve as RAs together one year and I think we created a pretty good experience if I do say so myself. A lot of what I've learned about being a good friend I've learned by watching Lori. She is thoughtful, compassionate, genuine, and loyal to the extreme.

As for the fabulous picture of me and Dawn... I picked the picture not because it is all that flattering of either of us, but because we are wearing Semester at Sea sweatshirts. Dawn encouraged me to apply for this experience of a lifetime and even made me an affirmation to hang on my mirror to remind me of my goal. It is one the many things that will forever bind us as friends.

Friendships are Rare Treasures (F.A.R.T). That is for sure!

lindsaymarie said...

i posted a photo of me and my friend vicki. when we met, i was sitting on the floor coloring in a coloring book. i handed her the book and crayons and asked, "wanna color?" this happened not during preschool, but during my sophomore year of college! she later told me she thought i was weird for coloring at 20 years old, but i reminded her that she took the book and crayons and joined me, so she must be weird too! we've been best friends ever since. our friendship is special because on the surface, we're completely different. we like different clothes, music, and whatnot. but somehow we just click and have the best times together, and she's always the one i want to call right away whenever anything funny or important happens. we've adopted a line from grey's anatomy and often tell each other, "you're my person!"

cassie p said...

i sent in a picture of heather and i because i miss her lots!!!

Heather said...

Aww...Cassie I miss you too!!!

The picture I submitted is of Jessie and Amanda at the end of our drum corps tour in 2001...those were the best times of my life and I'm so glad to have spent them with fabulous people like Jessie and Amanda.
Unfortunately Amanda is in Illinois, Jessie in North Carolina and of course I'm in Texas...we stay in touch but not nearly as much as I'd like.

Dawn I. said...

1-Who is your celebrity crush?
John Cusak
2-What is one beauty product you can't live without? Blow dryer
3-What gift have you gotten from this friend which was most thoughtful/you've appreciated most?
Any and all gifts from Claudia are thoughtful, creative and great
4-What family member of yours is the craziest? Ellen
5-What is your favorite shared pastime? A weekend together, just to talk, catch up, see a movie
6-Which of your body parts do you like the least? Legs
7-Who was your worst boyfriend/girlfriend? Honestly I can not remember names.

Dawn said...

1-Who is your celebrity crush? Scott Baio
2-What is one beauty product you can't live without? Hair dryer
3-What gift have you gotten from this friend which was most thoughtful/you've appreciated most?
Anything ever given to me from Claudia is thoughtful, meaningful and special.
4-What family member of yours is the craziest? Ellen
5-What is your favorite shared pastime? Movies & Hanging out
6-Which of your body parts do you like the least? Legs
7-Who was your worst boyfriend/girlfriend?Honestly can't remember names

Margaret said...

That is a picture of me (Margaret) and my friends, Jane, Susan, Jenn and Anne.

We were at a friend of mine's wedding. That friend, Greg, passed away a year ago at a young 41. I want to remember my time and my friendship with him and these girls this way: laughing and hugging and full of laughter and good times. That was how his life was and how I choose to remember it. :)