Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kentucky or Bust!!

Good morning, Highlowaha! Today, I'm looking for your input for our Second Annual Taste of USA trip. Ten of us made the trip last year to Philadelphia and we had a great time. As your Cruise Director I would like for us to at least double that number and the competitor in me would like to see the number triple. 30 people living the Spirit of 218. Taking time out of our lives to come together- physically, not virtually- and have a great day of creativity and community. Sounds great doesn't it?

Get your calendars out. We are looking at two dates. Our first choice and our preference is Saturday, September 12th. Our second choice is September 26th. How's it looking for you?

Our destination is Louisville, Kentucky. Walk, bike, drive, jump a train or flap your wings and fly. I don't care how you get there but just get there. The Dallas crew will fly in the night before and head back out on Sunday. Our day will start at 9:00 am. We will break at noon for lunch and reconvene at 1:00 pm. We will plan to stop the official meeting at 4:00 pm but the fun doesn't have to stop there. Last year we enjoyed dinner together for those of that stayed and then drinks.

We are assembling the details for a fun filled day... would you like to learn how to flood and decorate a cookie? Or, make a box from a card? Or, learn how to make your own greeting card? (Peggy, you're coming right?) I'm telling you what you really need to learn is how to tie a bow by Claudia! You will never need to have someone put there finger on the string again!

So, what's your task today?
  • Dates- I know we won't please everyone but we will please the majority of you because we're DemocRAYtic that way.
  • Topics- want to learn something? Let us know. One of us will learn how, find someone that knows how or whatever it takes to teach you.
  • Want to teach something to the group? We'd be happy to have you participate!
  • Are you in?
  • And if you're not... what silly thing will I volunteer myself to do for you at Taste of USA that will make you want to come? (You can include the group of us if you want.) Do I need to wear purple boots while doing the River Dance? Do a cheer every hour on the hour? Sing the song I wrote for the Olympics- though I'm pretty sure you would only be torturing yourself with that one. You're a creative group, throw out some ideas.

That's what I need: Dates, Topics, Are you coming, Make the Cruise Director Dance... Give it to us!


*Ray is Twittering! Are you following him? He's busy spreading the news about RAK!

*You can now easily share Highlowaha! There should be a link at the bottom of this post that says Share. Go ahead! Spread the news! Katie will give further direction if need be in today's comment section.

You are a great group of people and I am honored to be in your company! Thanks for all your participation!! Signing off until tomorrow...


cassie p said...

YAY, you posted early enough for me!

Dates: Right now, either date works for me, BUT it depends on work. However, I do not have my work schedule yet...SO, I will just have to request to be off whichever weekend is chosen. My family might also go on vacation in Sept, and I might try to go, so I might be back later today with a preference.

Topics: Cookies by Claudia, RAKs

Are you coming? YES! I will make every effort possible to be off of work for Taste of USA. I worked way to hard to have it close enough that I could be there!

Make the Cruise Director Dance? Heck yes, you need to do a dance; or something! The cruise director always does something fun with the passengers of a cruise...

heather said...

I'm excited for Taste of USA...Kentucky or Bust!

Louisville is such a fun place that we MUST get as many readers as possible there!!!

Peggy and Cristine-could you carpool? It's only 4 1/2 hours away?

Chaotic-You mentioned voting for KY because it was the closest...surely we can get you there!!!

Kat, Brian, Maureen, Tera, Quynh, Katie O
and anyone I might be forgetting at 5:30 in the morning!!! won't want to miss this weekend!!!

And of course I'm just assuming all you readers in Kentucky will be there!

Claudia said...

I'm in!!! Both dates work for me.

Cheryl is there a date by which we must vote. Can we get on of those fun, "clicky" voting gizmos you used on the Taste of USA site?

Cookie flooding is a go. Maybe we will even get Brianna from Fancy Flour to join us.

Cheryl is "up-ing" the ante by volunteering us to wear purple boots, sing, dance, and whatever other crazy things come to those creative minds of yours.

And, if you're thinking about coming... how about bringing a friend or family member from your town? We'd love to meet some new people and he/she is guaranteed to have some fun.

I'll be in training all day today, so I will check back in later.

Kat said...

Wow, there is actually a chance that I may be able to come! My Sister in law lives is Louisville too, so it would be really fun to invite her for a day of HLA! Either date works at this point.

Anonymous said...

HooRAY! I am really excited that Claudia will be taking back over the reigns of writing. I have missed her daily posts. I think everyone has contributed some great items, however it does not have the same feel as it once did.
I think the great thing about the blog is that Clauda usually offers a fun idea and for the past two months the blog has been about someones friend, relative, or a personal story, which while endearing and sometimes interesting is not the same as the blog once was.
Should be great that everyone is using their talents where they are best used.
Thanks for keeping things changing and coming.

Peggy said...

Thanks Heather for the encouragement... but it's more like 6 hours than 4-1/2 hours. Jeff and Holly will be in Louisville in two weeks for volleyball...mmm OMG that's a long drive. Cristine, although we haven't met, you'll have to chat my ear off and tell me about Denise.

Oh sure, I'd be willing to do a stamp camp to make a greeting card.

As for the dates, I live for today, heck, all I know is I'm going to Florida tomorrow, after that, I don't know what I'm doing!!!

Mmmm, that's all I have for now!

Katie K said...

Good morning, everyone!

First of all, I've added a poll on the right sidebar. So, you can go there to vote for which weekend you'd like Taste of USA to take place.

Secondly, you will see the new ShareThis button at the bottom of every post. This is a tool to allow you to share posts with other friends and family. If you click on the green text of ShareThis, it will give you an option of how you would like to share it! You can share it through email, instant messaging, facebook, twitter, etc. Help us spread the word about Highlowaha! Today is a great day to start if you want to invite friends and family to Taste of USA, then ShareThis post with them!

As for Taste of USA:
-I would be willing to do a session on de coupaging if others were interested in it.
-Emily and Lindsay Marie...I think you should both join us! Lindsay, I will probably be driving, so if you got down to VA to me, I could get you the rest of the way!

BeeKayRoot said...

I'm following Ray on Twitter! Twitter is my latest fascination.

Tera said...

I refuse to get on Twitter. I simply refuse. But I'm sure Ray is doing lots of good things and finding lots of followers. You should try to get Oprah or Ellen to follow Ray :)

Treye and I will try our best to be there for Taste of USA. Obviously we'd love to visit Louisville and our friends that are still down there...especailly Melanie and her family!!!!

I can't make any promises though. Early September is out as Treye and I will both be busy with work.

Oh, did I mention I GOT A JOB :)

Anywho, late September would be best, but I don't know if I'll have any vacation to use and I'd need at least one day. I'll see what we can do though!

Margaret Loves OU Football said...

Sounds super fun, but that is football season for me... My weekends are all about College Football on Saturdays and Pro Football on Sundays. And unless OU is playing in Lousiville... I am out.

Cheryl... buy me tickets to the OU-BYU game in Texas Stadium for the season opened Sept. 5 and I might make an exception... they are about 80-150 bucks each... hee hee ;)

BeeKayRoot said...

P.S. I'd love to make it to Taste of USA, but I can't make any guarantees. I just looked up the distance, and it's about 7 1/2 hours from where I am, so we'll see.

Sometimes September is good to me, and other times, it's downright nasty busy.

Most likely the September 26 date will work better.

Cheryl said...


Where? When? How?

That's great news!

Margaret- I would LOVE to buy you tickets to the OU-BYU game as soon as I win the lottery.

So far, it just sounds like your willing to come and be with us and I won't have to do anything silly. Great!!

Cooking decorating, Card making, decopaching, sounds like fun!

Ray is in the background shouting, "ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP!"

Twitter--- okay, I'm not sure Horny Hottie is someone I want following Ray! Though he says he can't help it he's so sexy.

I actually have work on my desk so I have to run! But, I'll be back!

Tera said...

Cheryl, I'll be the Assistant Director of Res Life at Notre Dame College which is here in Cleveland. I'm SOOOOO pumped. I start the Monday after the 4th of July. How'd I get the job...I'm just that good ;) or something like that LOL!

Cheryl said...

Awesome Tera! They are so lucky to have you because you ARE that AWESOME!!!

Stacie said...

I'm open to either date, since I live in Louisville!! I'm going out of town Labor Day weekend, so I'm almost guaranteed NOT to be on call for a birth on the 12th, whereas the 26th could potentially take me away with a client. Ah, the joys of having an on-call job.

As for what I want to learn/do, I'm definitely up for anything involving cookies. Singing? Not so much. I'm hoping that I'll be learning some stamping skills before then so I can start making cards and stationery, so any kind of paper crafts would also be super cool. Not sure what I could bring to the table, but I'll think of something, I'm sure.

For those of you complaining about a six-hour drive, I know it sounds like a long haul, but that's really an easy drive, especially with a friend and/or some good music. My entire family and all my in-laws live 6-7 hours away, and we make the trip pretty easily, even with a toddler in the car, so surely, you can make it, too!

Cheryl said...


Make your Mixed Tape. Or CD. No- it's now your iPod Playlist... and hit the road! I was going to say Thelma and Louise but they drove their car off the Grand Canyon so how about Romie and Michelle from Romie & Michelle's High School Reunion but you don't have to be anyone but you! Woo!!

Melanie said...

Right now, either date works for me. Tera, you & Treye have first dibs on our guest room. I can't wait to learn cookie flooding!

Tera said...

Cheryl...I forgot to add that I'd def like to see a little song/dance duo from you :)

Cheryl said...

Haugh-haughn, Tera! You will have to be more specific. ;)

cassie p said...

OK, I think I would prefer Sept. 12th...I voted on the main page!

Chaotic said...

sorry I did not get to make it back...we ended up short 1 person (in a 3 gal office) so was a bit hectic :-(

Chaotic said...

Sept 12th, I would think...Sept 26th is getting into by insane time (Oct-April)...unless I start new job and then wont be able to make either :-(