Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dig Deep

I like to brag that Highlowaha is the place where creativity and community meet - you know, the place where communities are literally better off because of the creativity of our readership.

Yes, it's true there are innumerable blogs about creativity in cyberspace and at least as many other groups conducting noble service projects. But, the combination of both creativity AND community feels like our special niche. Our euphoric corner of the world.

Read on.

A few months ago, long-time reader, Robin, approached Highlowaha to see if we might consider granting a Gift of 218 to the mother of a young boy with whom she'd come in contact. Robin shared that Ike was born with a number of health problems, resulting in countless trips to doctors and mounting medical bills. We decided, after lengthy discussions, that their needs didn't exactly match the intent of Highlowaha's Gift of 218, but we immediately welcomed the opportunity to find a new, creative way to help this deserved family.

We visited their website (http://www.ikeasaurus.com/) and learned that, on occasion, artists donate t-rex t-shirt designs and allow them to be sold through Cafe Press. Each time a shirt is sold, Ike's family gets a portion of the proceeds and that money goes towards his medical expenses. We weren't up for just another t-rex design, but decided instead to develop a design uniquely highlowaha-style. Check it out...

Now that we've done our part (actually Cheryl did most of the work), maybe you'll jump in and do yours. Honor the life and health of a young child you know. Purchase a kids T-Ray Shirt and present it to him/her with a note letting them know why you think they are special. It'll make their day and Ike's too.

We have a goal.

According to Wikipedia, t-Rexs have approximately 200 bones. "Approximately" means around...a rough estimate. It could just as easily have been 218 bones. Couldn't it have been?

Our goal? Sell 21 shirts by 8/18 - just over one month away. Send us an email or make a post letting us know which child you purchased a shirt for and we will enter him/her in drawing for a personalized prize from Highlowaha.

We'll make it easy. Just click here and it'll take you immediately to Cafe Press, so you can order your shirt... or shirts (http://www.cafepress.com/ikeasaurus/6749050). Two pointers. Order a size bigger than you might. They seem to run a little small. Also, I thought I ordered my shirts in white, but as it turns out I ordered beige. I actually like them even more on beige. They look archaeological-like.

Let's get the ball rolling by spending today brainstorming all the fun ways you might package this fun treat - including a fun tag line. Here's my attempt...

Wrap it in burlap and twine with a note that reads, "No bones about it, you're one T-rrific kid!"

Signing off until tomorrow...


cassie p said...


heather said...

So Cassie, think you or your Mom can get a few for those cute brothers of yours?

Also CONGRATULATIONS on passing your NCLEX!!!

Chaotic said...

Purchase a kids T-Ray Shirt and present it to him/her with a note letting them know why you think they are special. It'll make their day and Ike's too.

A friend of ours has 9yo mixed twins....some I am thinking something along the lines of T-ray (heart)'s T-Wins

Anonymous said...

HyLoWaha made me laugh. Why? I think it is just going to be a silly sort of day.

Sporadic Spy

Cheryl said...

I have to share this story... whenever I draw a new Ray the boys are curious as to what he's doing. When I explained T-Ray to them, JB says, "Ray wouldn't exist in the time of dinosaurs." HA! So true you little smarty pants.

I love Chaotic's T-Ray for T-Wins!

Hmm... I'll have to think more about a tag for mine. :)

Heather said...

Hello everyone!!!

Great news. The folks at ikeasaurus.com gave us a huge shout out today. Go over there to read it.

Also we have already sold 2 shirts today...keep up the good work!

Katie K said...

I am planning to purchase a onesie for a friend's baby. My tag line...
Logan T-homas, T-ake a ride with T-Ray!

Claudia said...

Yeah for the shout out on the Ikeasaurus website.

What holidays or events are coming up that would cause us to want to surprise a child with this fun t-shirt? A birthday? A Random Act of Kindness? Back to school?

Oooohh, I imagine a shirt could be wrapped in brown paper and configured to look like a bone! Unwrap the bone and inside is this fun t-shirt.

I like my idea so much, I think I'm going to find a child to buy one for. Add another t-shirt to the tally, Heather or Katie (whoever is doing our bean counting!).

Cheryl said...

What about putting the shirt in an a large dinosaur egg with a note that says, "You're a good egg."

Cheryl said...

Or, with a little shovel with a note that says "I dig you!"

Robin said...

Ray is smart enough to travel back in time!

RayN of Shine - You're a pal o'mine!

Thanks Cheryl and HLA for helping Ike out. It really means a lot to me.

Claudia said...

Hi Robin... So nice to see you again. And, thanks to you for believing in us enough that you brought us the challenge.

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