Friday, June 5, 2009

Free For All Friday: Get the Ball Rolling

Happy Free For All Friday....

Week two of our fun new format. Check it out...

As promised in our video, below is information about how to get your own friendship ball rolling (no pun intended).

Here's the story behind the ball...

As in keeping with an old English tradition it is told how a special
favor is passed back and forth between friends, sisters, and mothers,
to be exchanged through the years as the occasion arises.

In any case use your imagination to fill the Friendship Ball and pass it
back and forth through the years continuing the tradition. In the spirit of
the countless ages before us, the timeless treasures are forever...the real
treasure is priceless - the gifts of love, forgiveness, grace, joy, peace,
and the treasures of friendship.

Send us a picture of you and a friend and then sign off until tomorrow....


Claudia said...

We went up later than normal today. Hopefully we didn't miss some of our regulars!


Tera said...

Just dropping by to say good morning. I'm heading to Erie for a long weekend of birthday fun. I hope you all have a good weekend, too.

HLA ladies...I love the new format. I didn't watch last week for whatever reason, but I do really enjoy it!

Kat said...

LOL! I love the giant mug! The shoes are easy, flip-flops- Heather, ballet flats- Katie, sandals- Cheryl, boots- Claudia. Am I right?

I really like the friendship ball idea! I can see me and my sisters passing one around.

Cheryl said...

I'll second that TGIF!

Has anyone committed to sending something to a friend? Have you already done it? Wanna share?

For some reason, I went to bed later than usual yesterday and my head is a little foggy this morning. I get to work on the Payroll Worksheet today! Not a good combination. Maybe another cup of coffee will help that.

I don't know who's sandals those are but they are CUTE!

eknoxuk said...

OK, I think you guys were standing in the same order you were sitting! I love flip flops and that's about all I wear! I like the ballet slipper look, I know its popular, but it makes my feet look big. Cheryl's shoes are awesome, but way to sexy and uncomfortable for me:) The boots are so fun! I'd love a pair of boots but can't make that leap. Where would I wear them?

cassie p said...

My guess would be exactly the same as KAT on the shoes.

Love the giant mug, dr. b- and that you "drank" from it twice. It reminds me of your old office at BU with all your oversized you have all that in your new office?!

I also noticed that you all kept your coffee mugs, but for some reason it wasnt as distracting this time. I think you just drank less this week.

LOVE the dog making a short appearance, but none of you seemed to notice. I wondered, was that planned, or spontaneous dog? HAHA

I am going to send some stuff out to some friends today or tomorrow for Monday's friendship day. It wont make it in time, but thats ok. I bought some flower seeds for a few people, and am going to put a note on it that says "I'm grateful for our growing friendship". I bought a bookmark for another who likes to read like I do. And for the other few friends, I am just sending a simple card that says I am thinking of them. Next year, when I have been working and have money, I might do something that costs a little more!

Cheryl said...

A+ Cassie! Love the seed idea! Your rock.

Peggy said...

Hello all-
Great to see you! Thanks for the plug. My friend from Wisconsin bailed out on me! So no pictures. I want to find a picture of my best friend from High School, but can't find it!

My old FART ness.... did we find out what FART ment? Young people today are so lucky with the digital cameras.... I couldn't afford to take many pictures when I was younger in jr high and high school, with film and developing costs.... so I really don't have that many... or maybe they are still at my parents house? or maybe I didn't have friends???

Cheryl said...


FART could be anything you came up with but Heather was reading my mind when she wrote:

Friends Are Rare Treasures!

But I'm open to any interpretation.

Katie K said...

My plan is to make those friendship bracelets tonight and write notes of appreciation to go with them! I plan to mail them tomorrow am so hopefully at least some folks will get them by Monday!

Claudia said...


What do you mean? Can't you wear the boots line dancing on all those Friday night dates you and Mike get to take?

I'm picturing in on bed rest with the lap top on your twin-sized belly. :)

Katie K said...

Hey everyone!

Don't forget to get your photo of you and a friend emailed to us before 8 pm tonight! Send it to

Please also include a few sentences of description about this friend and your friendship with them!

heather said...

Hey all, I've been in a retreat all day and just finished hosting a surprise shower for Mike and Erica (sorry you couldn't be there Erica!!!)

I like the friendship ball seems like a nice and simple way of letting someone know they are on your mind.

I find these days that even just a phone call on the way home from work goes a long way to maintaining those relationships.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday...Lily's party is tomorrow and I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row tonight so the morning isn't so stressful...

Chaotic said...

sorry I've been is nust (death in family) ...

June 4, 2009 1:46 PM :: Chaotic... if you're out there and you get this... can Heather, Cheryl, Katie, and I come and visit you in July?