Friday, May 1, 2009

...Fancy Flours!!!

Okay, I know that I said yesterday we were celebrating the age old adage April Showers Bring May Flowers but I decided to take my own creative license on today's post to talk about our fun Fancy Flours Challenge for May.

For our everyday readers you will remember that last month Claudia announced a fun, monthly event we will be embarking upon which requires you, the readers to challenge Claudia to take the most amazing, most bizarre cookie cutters and find a way to link them to a holiday in any given month. Each month you will also be invited to browse the Fancy Flour website for the most outrageous, most unseemly, most ridiculous cookie cutter you can find. Her challenge? Use the winning cookie cutter (determined by most votes or random drawing) to bake, decorate, package, and deliver a treat that connects your cookie with my holiday. For example, last month she had to connect porcupines to Earth Day.

What most of our readers don't know is Cheryl and I are competitors through and through and there is nothing we love more than a challenge. As such I'd love to throw a serious challenge Claudia's way. Last month she managed to pull through with some really cute porcupine cookies but bumbled it all by wrapping Earth Day cookies in cellophane...this month I'd like us to come up with something that will be impossible to connect.

So here's the scoop. I'm doing my part in this throwdown of sorts by naming the holiday for May, "National Backyard Games Week" Seriously, how specific is that!!! She'll never be able to link that to some of the crazy, kooky shapes at! So now it is your turn. Scour the pages of to find the most unique, most creative, most CHALLENGING cookie cutter you can find and let's see if Claudia can pull this one out of that creative hat of hers.

And for our Derby treat lucky reader will win the cookie cutter that Claudia is challenged to work with courtesy of Fancy Flours!

Ready to play?

It's easy. Simply
(1) click on this link to the site then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on cookie cutters. (2) Pick your jaw up off the floor and then select the one you think will pose the greatest challenge. (3) Make a post in the comment section letting us know which one you picked. Like the one someone else picked out? Cast a second vote for theirs. Monday morning we will announce the winner. Now let's cook up some fun...

Derby Winners
So while we've been good about giving away a prize a day for the last two weeks we haven't been great about announcing the winners...So here's a rolling list of this week's winners:
Monday: Junk Drawer Challenge- Tera who is on a serious winning streak and will be treated to a box full of "junk"...okay it is actually a box full of an assortment of awesome things that you may find in your junk draw.
Tuesday: Taste of USA contest-Cristine who will be sent a package of travel games to play as she makes her way to this year's event!
Wednesday: Sting Ray's shirt-Kat -just send us an email to let us know what size you'd like!
Thursday: RAK gift-Robin for starting a RAK chain at Starbucks we'll send her another free cup of coffee!

What will we giveaway tomorrow on Derby Day?!? Only time will tell!!!

Signing off until tomorrow...


Chaotic said...

Well, I like dthe Texas cutter, but I htink I would like to see her connect backyard games to the Vulture cookie cutter :-)

Kat said...

I like the T-Rex! There are so many cool ones to choose from, it was hard to choose just one for Claudia's challenge!

Peggy said...

I like the fireman!

cassie p said...

since its now officially the month that i graduate from college, the champagne glass cookie cutter caught my eye. try to connect THAT to backyard games!!!

Heather said...

I love it! You guys totally have caught the spirit...Claudia sure will have her hands full this month!

Cheryl said...

Hectic morning. hectic morning. Love the suggestions being thrown out... I will go over to FF to look around and see if I want to choose my own or second one of yours.

Happy Friday! Happy Friday!


Cristine said...

Sorry Claudia, but the boys like the Big Mouth Bass one. Maybe it's because we're playing go fish.
If I was as talented as you I would try to do bermuda shorts (well flip flops since they don't have bermuda shorts) for William's b-day party (it's Bermuda short party)
Have a great day everyone!!

Stacie said...

Hmmm... there are two that catch my eye: the baby stork, and the dreidel. Either of those would be tough. Let's go with the stork for this one, since it seems like a bigger challenge.

Katie K said...

I love the energy around this challenge! And Heather- I love that you are taking charge and making this such a competitive challenge for the blog! Such fun!

Congrats to all of this week's winners!

So far I have received Derby hat pictures from Robin, Peggy, Heather, Cheryl, and Claudia! Who else is going to be in our Derby Hat Parade tomorrow? Send a picture of yourself in your Derby hat to Don't forget this is a patch-yielding event!!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the tow truck!

Have a great weekend HLA! I'm already feeling better after one RAK!

Anonymous said...

Stacie: The dreidel isn't tough! I'll teach you to love dreidels...

I have a ton for dreidel cookies. I'll have to find the pics, but I did find the chocolate dreidels:

Tera said...

No kidding that I'm on a serious winning streak. Maybe this will translate over to my job can only hope :)

Claudia, did you finish counting the change yet in Matthew's piggy bank?

My fav cutter is the "8 maids milking". Good luck wokring with that one!!!

Diana Leilani said...

I vote for the sheriff's badge! Can't wait to see the results of this month's choice!

Cheryl said...

There are so many to choose from... it's overwhelming! But I found one! The Soaring Heart.

heather said...

Welcome, I see Claudia finally convinced you to post!

Tera-I'll be sending all sorts of job offer dust your way!

Claudia said...

This is Claudia checking in to say... You're killing me!!!

This will be a true test in creativity, so bring it on! Heather thinks she's going to trip me up. Ha! No such luck.

Also, I don't know how many of you checked back to comments posted late yesterday. Stacie made a GREAT suggestion for an additional form of "shower." Do you know someone graduating from college and becoming an elementary teacher? Consider throwing him/her a "Book Shower" to build their classroom library!!! Check back to yesterday's posts and see what she has to say.

I love it.

eknoxuk said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out yesterday! Sorry I didn't see it until today! I'm kind of calling today my birthday celebration anyway:) The kids were too sick yesterday to have much fun, but they're all much better today!

I think using the camel cookie cutter for backyard games could be pretty funny!