Saturday, May 30, 2009

On Your Toes

EXTRA! EXTRA! Kentucky Won and is the host of our Second Annual Taste of USA! Thanks to all who voted, to Tera and Julie who helped develop the new approach, and to Cheryl for making turning our idea into a reality! Lots of planning to come.

Now onto today's topic.

The other day I was walking across campus for a meeting and Nicole, the campus employee whose job is to stand at the gate greeting visitors, flagged me down to tell me she liked my toe nail polish.

Now, I (Claudia, by the way) don't consider myself a girly, girly, so being noticed for something as feminine as toe nail polish was a real compliment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the girl changing my own oil, splitting my own wood for the fireplace, or spending my weekend sitting in a tree stand waiting for prey of the season, but manicures, pedicures, and outfits topped off with accessories are new to me. Lipstick is still no where in my repertoire.

Nicole and I had a quick exchange about my toes. She asked what color my polish was (no idea) and then offered up that her favorite color was something called, "Amped Up." When I arrived at the meeting to which I was headed, I shared the story of my fun exchange and she immediately chimed in that her favorite color was Cherry Jubilee.

All this talk about toe nail polish immediately made brought me back to the years I spent working at Southern Methodist University (SMU) with a student named, Erin. Erin was a terrific student and her "signature" was flip flops on her feet. It had to be sleeting or inches of snow had to be covering the ground for Erin to give up her flip flops for something with a covered toe. SMU is in Dallas, which is to say it didn't sleet or snow very often - if at all. Erin, the girl from Michigan, with a bone to pick with cold weather, could almost always be seen in flip flops.

Erin's favorite color... Hoola Hoop. In fact, Erin would tell me to ask her about the color of her nail polish just so she could have the chance to say it... "Hoola Hoop." It is kind of fun to say, I have to admit. Go ahead try it. Say it out loud, just once, "Hoola Hoop."
You might be wondering where I'm going with all of this. It's summer, toe nail polish is in, and we're a blog about creativity. Only Crayola rivals the creativity that goes in to naming colors for nail polish bottles. Crayola and Highlowaha, that is.

I thought it would be fun to spend today using our creativity to develop fun new names for toe nail polish. "And the Rocket's Red Glare," "Cherry Tomatoes," or "Bubble Yum" are just a few of my attempts at fun names.

How about you? Below are a few colors. This weekend, let's paint the toe red and take a shot at creating our own nail polish names. Who knows, there could even be a fun prize in it for the name that most strikes my fancy.

Signing off until Monday...


Robin said...

1. Mommy Needs a New Nail Polish
2. GoGo Gold
3. Orange You Glad You Painted Your Nails?

Cheryl said...

1.Fun in the Sun Fuschia
2.Shimmy into Summer
3.Tank tops and tangerine

One of my old favorites was NYPD Blue. My current favorite is the French Pedi. It goes with everything!

Peggy said...

I love these kinds of things:

Apricot Apeal

Just a PS....and strictly I'm saying this in a fun tone.... but I don't like being called whinny (I know, not ME specifically) if I don't want to be outside in the bugs.... trust me when my kids were little, we played all the yard games, went to all the parks, the carnivals, the campfires etc... life changes and so do the degree of activities at the different stages of a families life. :0) Now you can call me an old fuddy duddy!!!

cassie p said...

i dont ever pay attention to the names of the nail polish colors! lol but, like cheryl, im a fan of the french pedi; only i do it myself bc i dont have money to go get it done (tho, soon, i will!). my other favorite color for my toes is bright pink, but i dont know the name. i should go check...HAHA i dont know the name because it doesnt have a name!!! no wonder...

1. Pinky Pink
2. Go for the Gold
3. Screaming Orange

cassie p said...

OH, PS: YAY KENTUCKY!!!!!!!! I should be able to make it to Taste of USA this year...unless we pick a horrible day where I cannot get off of work if Im scheduled...lets cross our fingers that doesnt happen!

b.k.root said...

Needless to say, I'm not big on nail polish... but, heck, I'll give it a shot:

Bling Bling
Orange Sky

Kat said...

I love nail polish! I am not a girly girl by any means either, but a long time ago I worked at a spa. It my spare time I would walk over to the nail area and look at all the polish names and beautiful colors. My currant favorite is Dressed to Empress, it is a shimmery orange. Lovely!

Here's my take on the posted colors-
Magenta Madness
Midas's Touch
Lifeguard Orange

lindsaymarie said...

my favorite nail polish is a dark purple called "lincoln park after dark"... sounds kinda like a horror movie.
my names:
1. pretty pretty princess
2. academy award
3. oh my darling, clementine

heather said...

Peggy...sorry if we offended. You know we love you! Hopefully you and Cristine can carpool down to KY for Taste of USA...what do you think?

1. Perfectly Pink
2. Goldilocks
3. Cosmic Clementine

Laura said...

I love nail polish. I'm currently wearing "Plugged-in Plum" and my favorite is an OPI color called "I'm India mood for love." It's a bright pink.

1. S'Wonderful, S'Mauvelous
2. "Here's looking at you kid"
3. Tangerini Tankini

Stacie said...

1) Wrapped Around My Pink(y) Finger
2) Bling Me Up, Scotty
3) Pumpkin Spice

Chaotic said...

Porta Potty Pink

Glamour Girl Gold

UT Toe Glow

PS: my fave OPI nail polish is "I'm not really a waitress" (red)