Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I’ve got a dirty little secret. I’m a total Grey’s Anatomy addict. Seriously. I mean come on the hot chicks and drunken nights, all wrapped up with a little blood and guts.  Television doesn't get any better. Truth is I like to picture myself in on the action…you know a little Ray’s Anatomy.

But what are they doing making Izzie be the one that dies off? I love that blonde headed vixen and now that she shaved her head we have the bald look in common, Alex step out of the way Ray is coming in for the score! Maybe I should say Alex and Denny step out of the way. What is up with Denny creeping around anyway? Move on Denny, surely there are some hot angels in heaven!

What is up with Cristina and Owen? SERIOUSLY…the man tries to choke you and you are even thinking of getting back together with him?!? Come home to Ray baby I’ll treat you right.

It isn’t all about the sex either I mean, what’s cooler than seeing some guy baseball bat an engagement ring into the woods? I love it! You know McDreamy and Meredith will NEVER end up getting hitched. She’ll end up knocked up and raising their love child alone while he hooks up with the latest and greatest resident on rotation.

Alright I’m off to stock up on the good liquor for tonight’s 2 hour finale (I’m inviting a few of the ladies over to enjoy it with me.)  What about you?  If it's not Grey's Anatomy, what show are you addicted to and why should I watch it?


cassie p said...

I LOVE greys!!! I am just as addicted as you ray...I have all the seasons on DVD, and even a shirt that says "seriously" on it! Gotta love it!

Ill be watching it tonight with a couple of good friends, and some good food!

OH, and I have hope for grey and mcdreamy; I think they'll seal the deal someday soon.

heather said...

Geez Ray you make the show sound totally crass! I love Greys too but I love the sweet scenes of Bailey holding a child who is terminally ill, the wedding last week which was so beautiful and all the romantic gestures! How is it possible that we are even talking about the same show?

But...I probably won't be watching tonight...I like to set my DVR so I can watch it without commercials.

Chaotic said...

I am DVRing GA for a friend that is travelling out of state but I've never seen it. Hmmm...what show am I addicted to..... I watch several, here & there (BECAUSE I have a DVR, otherwise I would watch nothing). I think maybe my fave is Criminal Minds... or Saving Grace.

Cheryl said...



Who knew, Ray? I'm a Survivor addict.

Kat said...

I love Lost. Last night was the finale and it was great! My husband and I also really like watching Chuck together. I have never watched Grey's, but I know that lots of my friends love it.

Peggy said...

Never watched Grey's or Gray's Anatomy...ever... only know things because of controversy of the show's actors. Never watched Desperate Housewives either... I watch too much tv while I'm crafting. (I like Bill O'Reilly, Larry King, Nancy Grace)

Now I will talk about:
American Idol

Thank goodness everything is coming to an end! TOO MUCH TV. And with spring finally making it here to Illinois... I love being outside enjoying my little home, since it's lighter later!

Heather said...

Okay if I must be honest let me confess that I'm also addicted to Survivor, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race and a half a dozen other television shows. I DVR everything and so I can cut my viewing time in half.
Everything has pretty much wrapped up for the season but on the 21st starts the summer season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Cheryl as a fellow Survivor Addict who are you cheering for? I love the Taj, JT and Stephen trio...I hope they get rid of Coach soon.

Cheryl said...

Heather- I so wanted Brandon to make it to the end! sigh. Damn Coach! Who is that guy? What an idiot!!! He's such a joke. Is that an act? I can't wait to see the finale.

I watch the episodes online about life at Ponderosa. It's cool to see them after the game while they're on the jury.

Taj, JT and Stephen will make it to the final three. I wish it would go back to the final two. I guess I'm routing for JT but he's favored so much and I usually cheer for an underdog... not sure.

Margaret said...

I don't watch it, but Katherine Heigel is a total b$#*@ and no one likes working with her... she got too big for her tv britches once she made some movies. Plus she bit the hands who fed her by mouthing off about her scripts and her producers.

P.S. I like it when the topic is not about kids, familes and/or crafts. Food is groovy though. That's just me.

Margaret said...

OH! I love trash TV... Girls Next Door, Rock of Love Bus, Celeb Rehab (Cheryl LOVES Dt. Drew!!, Intervetion... etc...

Can't give you a good reason to watch any of them though... they are not that good.

I also like "The Unit".

Cheryl said...

Whatever happen on Celebrity Rehab? Did Shifty OD? I never saw the end. Dr. Drew is H. O. T.!!!

Cheryl said...

Chaotic, Peggy & Cassie... we held the official drawing at Margaret's desk (resident Party Girl) and Cassie you are the winner of our Taste of USA Starbucks Gift Card for yesterdays participation. Thanks ladies!

Melanie said...

Heather, you know I have been counting down the days until So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!

Heather said...

Yay Melanie...we'll have to dish!

How's that cutie Ellie doing?

Cheryl, the visual verification on the Taste of USA is broken so I can't post but I was going to say that I can't believe we are already in round two!!!! CRAZY!!!

Also a big HLA congratulations to:

Cassie P for graduating
Lindsay Marie for graduating
Laura Kline for selling her house after 14 months on the market

We hope you get better soon and keep cooking those baby boys!!!

Cheryl said...

WT? I turned word verification off on Taste of USA... someone else please go test it because it's working for me...

eknoxuk said...

Wow Heather, I've never seen the side of Grey's you talk about:) Every time I turn it on it looks like Ray's.
I'm addicted to The Office and Desperate Housewives! Those are the only shows I really have to watch. The office is at the top because its the only show that can make me laugh out loud every time I watch it!

Heather said...

It worked!

Anonymous said...

DVR has allowed me to watch more TV. But DH has been out of town this week and I haven't turned the TV on once. Pretty cool! We DVR House, Grey's, CSI, Private Practice, LOST, etc. I don't watch all of them. I do love me some BONES, I read the books before.
LK: congrats on selling the house!

Claudia said...

All I have to say is that I can't believe Peggy is my only American Idol compadre!!!

Chris and Adam are in the finals and I love it. Of course, Richard predicted it months ago so he's walking around the house gloating.

Other than American Idol, Anderson 360 and The Iron Chef are favorites in our house.

And no, Heather won't be watching Grey's Anatomy, because she Cheryl, Katie and I will all be enjoying each others company and making more plans for the future of HLA. Thank goodness for DVR.

By the way... Katie is just days away from beginning her trek across country so she can spend her summer with us! We are all so excited. And wait to you see some of the fun we have in store BECAUSE she will be here!!!!

b.k.root said...

Well, I'm not gonna lie... I couldn't follow today's post, because I've never watched Grey's.

There really aren't many shows I'm 100 percent devoted to. I have been following this MTV show "College Life" simply because it interests me to see how they'll portray college life.

I love the Food Network and TLC (as of lately).

The only TV show I own on DVD is Friends. I own all ten seasons.

Cheryl...what's up Google? said...

Don't worry, BK- I haven't seen a single episode of Grey's either. All I know is that McDreamy really is dreamy and right now gMail is not working for me! It's frustrating! But, Claudia, I'm not angry (inside joke) ;)

Tera said...

Since moving to our new place last August and getting a DVR, I've become hooked on a lot of TV...most of it bad reality TV.

*Survivor (this is the first season, but I love it)...and yes, Coach is an idiot.
*Hell's Kitchen
*I Love Money or other trashy VH1 shows
*90210 (the new one; never saw the old one)...HOOKED beyone belief. All the drama...fills me up since my life is pretty drama free.
*The Mentalist...Patrick Jane is HOT!
*One of my new favs is The Big Bang Theory. It's a comedy on CBS (I think) about four nerdy guys and a hot young girl as their neighbor. It's the funniest show on TV right now.

And I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother to start this summer.

Cheryl said...


I love the trashy VH1 episodes, too. Mostly because I live in the stone age, don't have DVR and VH1 replays their shows over and over. If I miss it at the regular time slot, I know I can see it again later.

Daisy of Love anyone? I can't stand her voice! Nails on a chalk board and really what kind of quality men is she going to draw! That's one I can't watch.

Kat said...

Oh yes, the Mentalist! I looooove Patrick Jane!

And I'm not usually into American Idol, but Kris lives in the same tiny town as some of DH's family. We are rooting for him!

lindsaymarie said...

i've almost given up on grey's this season, it just can't keep my attention! i'll probably watch the finale tonight though.
i'm addicted to gossip girl... gorgeous people, gorgeous clothes, gorgeous city, and lots of juicy drama? yes please.

Heather said...

Ooohhh how could I have forgotten Hell's Kitchen and Big Brother?!?

See...I'm truly addicted.

Hell's Kitchen I'm cheering on Paula!

I can't wait to see the newest BB cast and what twists they come up with this year...maybe they'll get a new host as Julie drives me bonkers. (but not bonkers enough to stop watching it!)

tera said...

julie chen is something else, heather! it wouldn't be the same with out her though. who would they join on the early show after being evicted?!

i want paula to win. i won't be watching tonight as i'll be celebrating thirsty thursday with some of my best friends in erie.

Katie K said...

Hello all! Sorry I have been has been a crazy couple of days!

I am so excited for the finale tonight! I watched last week's episode and just cried my eyes out- I can't imagine this week!

And I will always have hope for a Mer-Der wedding. Maybe one day it will happen! And I have to say, I was excited for the Alex-Izzie wedding because I always loved them as a couple back in the second season. Get out of town, Denny!

Katie K said...

My mom and I used to watch BB every summer together, but then I studied abroad in Australia one summer and haven't watched it since then! However, I have to agree, Julie Chen always made me bonkers, too! My favorite was always Will from I think, season 2. He was just so darn sneaky and a great 'player' at the game!

As Claudia mentioned, I will indeed be headed across country to Texas in less than 48 hours. I will begin my drive on Saturday morning. Then, I will be arriving at the Beeny household on Sunday evening and start work on Monday morning! I can't wait to show you all what we have in store for you while all 4 of us will be living in the same place for the summer!

I'm off to the Gap Outlet to get some new work clothes for the summer!

Cheryl said...

Off of TV subject I have to share this blog with you because it makes me laugh out loud all the time. She's a third grade school teacher and she will periodically post the funny things her students say... it's a quick read.

Yes. I have a small blog addiction.

Cheryl said...

why does it cut it off sometimes...

Heather said...

Thanks for the blog Cheryl...this one made me laugh out loud:

i asked the students which planet was the closest to the sun and called on noah, who was patiently raising his hand. he said, "i have two things to say. first, mercury is the planet closest to the sun and second, gabe is eating his boogers." at that he accusingly pointed at gabe, who was, indeed, eating his boogers.

Anonymous said...


cassie p said...

I cannot wait for big brother this summer either! i love all reality tv and the stupid vh1 and mtv shows...