Monday, May 18, 2009

A break from your regularly scheduled programming...

It is that time of month again when we like to take a break from our typical post of providing a creative idea or concept in order to take time to reflect upon the past month. For those of you who are new to the blog Claudia shared with us (after we hit 5000 visits to the blog) that the name highlowaha comes from a tradition she uses with her family each night at dinner to facilitate conversation and help to learn more about her children's day. She asks each person to share their high from the day, their low from the day, and then their "aha" or what they learned that day.
Claudia has used this tool with students, staff, and just about everyone else imaginable and now it has become our own tradition here at HLA.
The process is simple. We ask for you to leave a comment with your high, low and aha from the last month 18th-18th and one lucky poster will be selected at random to receive a Ray shirt of their choice.

I'll get us started and you'll take it from there:

High: Katie arriving in town, cutting my hair (it needed it desperately), Bal getting a promotion at work, watching Lily learn new things.

Low: Work has been all consuming lately and has me bogged down. I don't like that feeling at all.

AHA: If you work hard and are loyal that will be recognized and pay huge dividends. If you are valuable only because of your knowledge but are lazy and unmotivated or have a bad attitude it doesn't matter how valuable your knowledge is.

There you go. So how about you? Take a moment to "stop and smell the roses" and reflect upon this month with us.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Cheryl said...

Good morning HLA. Happy 18th.

Polls are open at Taste of USA.

Go Vote!

I'll come back with my HLAs when Iget some coffee and get to work.

cassie p said...

Heather- obviously I did not get your message in time. Maybe next month?
(I already have a RAY tshirt, so count me out of the running, but here is my HLA)

High: a new car, my moms 40th birthday, graduating (with honors, too), and the excitement of becoming a real nurse soon

Low: graduating means some of my close friends move back home

Aha: I now have a to be a big girl, work in the real world, and actually take care of myself. And my step-dad wants me to buy a house by the end of the year! AHHHHH! its going to be a crazy rest of 2009!

Kat said...

High- Becoming closer to some of our friends. We already knew them, but it is so neat to get to know them better.
Low- Constant rain. Being too busy with unimportant things.
Aha- If you want someone to know how you feel, you need to tell them!

Kat said...

Also, my vote doesn't seem to register when I vote for Kansas. I am allowed to vote for Oklahoma though, so I don't know what is going on. Just letting you know, Cheryl!

Heather said...

You aren't excluded as there are a TON of awesome Ray shirts and just one isn't enough for anybody!

Peggy said...

High: Celebrating my 19th wedding anniversary with DH (my greatest guy that I love) and Sissy's 8th grade dance...OMG! Check out pictures on my blog if interested.

Low: feeling a little boredom creep in on the job... self worth is starting to wane

Aha: Once again loving life, learning, sharing, sunshine, happy people

Cheryl said...

Kat- I don't know what is going on with that... Your vote is for Kansas? I will note it. If anyone else has any problems let me know.

Highs: Watching the boys do so well soccer, the weather turning warmer, hanging out with friends.

Lows: Spending big money on home repairs, braces, tv's and clothes. Hearing about break-ins in our neighborhood.

Ahas: the simplest things bring me great joy.

Robin said...

High: Benjamin turning 16
Low: Feeling stressed and busy, missing my grandma a lot.
Aha: I need to take control of my schedule, not the other way around.

lindsaymarie said...

high: so many! it's been an incredible month! i traveled around the country on a bus for a week for an cause that i feel so passionately about (, and i graduated college! it doesn't get much better. if i had to pick a specific moment, it would be either the moment after we got invisible children coverage on oprah (the cameras clicked off and i experienced 400+ people crying and yelling and hugging out of pure joy... incredible) or the dinner i had with friends i'd met on that trip and friends from school, at a restaurant overlooking the east river and brooklyn, my future home.

low: still haven't found an apartment in said future home... it'll come.

aha: i definitely need to work in international child welfare. i can't wait to travel.

Tera said...

high: seeing our friends on a much more regular basis lately, job leads

low: the weather...bleh

aha: i have some pretty amazing friends who all remind me to stay patient and good things will happend

happy monday!!!

Chaotic said...

HIGH got my son's scrapbook ALMOST DONE!

LOW Spouse's paycut (2nd time since we signed mortgage)

AHA I will not be forgotten by members in my community if I am not out there doing EVERYTHING

Katie K said...

High- arriving in Texas yesterday, getting to see family and friends at home last week, and finishing my first year of grad school

Low- leaving friends behind in Virginia and knowing they will not be back next year!

Aha- I can do anything I put my mind to! Including moving to Texas for a summer!

Laura K said...

HIGH: Selling my house, spending more time with my sister and her boyf & a good friend and her newly-reunited boyf, warmer weather, slow-down at work (sorta)
LOW: Fretting over not finding the perfect new home and stressing about the prospect of moving twice, still not loving my job and downright dreading the busy season which will come all-too-quickly
AHA: Miracles DO happen every day!

Anonymous said...

High: Vacation is almost here, the beautiful weather, great friends, reading a good book this weekend.
Low: Missing friends and family
Aha: When you stop to realize all the good things that surround you, it becomes difficult to feel gloomy or sad.