Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Showers Bring...

First and foremost...

Good morning HLAland! Heather posting today's post and I'm struck by the appropriateness of today's title as I sit at my computer typing today's post, late no less, because of a thunderstorm which temporarily knocked out our power. April Showers have certainly visited Grapevine, Texas this month.

Today's post however doesn't talk about the torrential rain that is beating against my window at this very moment. No, instead it talks about all the fun and creative ways we can look at this age old adage.

While we certainly already covered baby showers when we hosted our virtual shower in February I'd be remiss to not address the fact that for a May baby an "April Shower" would be ideal featured around the fact that the baby is the "May Flower". I'd picture umbrellas and flowers galore. It would also provide a fun twist for invitations and party games.

But lets get past the obvious form of shower and explore some other "showers" that we can infuse with some HLA creative energy.
  • There are of course our morning (or night time) showers. You might think there is no way to make this creative, get in, get clean, get out (and if you are like me get out before your child starts crying). But I've always been told, and found it to be true, that the time in the shower is some of your best thinking time. But when you have that "aha" moment or brilliant idea in the shower does the thought leave your head before you are finished drying yourself off? If so I stumbled upon this fantastic idea of putting a dry erase board in your shower to capture those great ideas. You never have to lose a creative thought again. And, even better, why not "steal" one of your kids bath crayons and just use that for your fun ideas?

  • Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and the like. Here is a creative idea I've just learned about. Typically we "shower" a first time baby with all sorts of amazing things and then leave the parents on their own for future children. The thought behind this is that they already have the "big stuff" but often the baby will be a different gender or twins and that means different clothes or different needs altogether. What if for subsequent children friends and family "sprinkled" the new arrival buying small essential items like clothing, diapers, and bath supplies?

"Pins, Diapers, Bottles Galore
Suzanne and Brian are having one more
Big sisters Logan and Sophia have plenty to share
This is only a "sprinkle" to show that we care"

But now onto the real "shower" of our post. "Showers of Kindness" or more specifically in our community "Showers of Random Acts of Kindness". You may remember last year (actually around this time) Claudia embarked on a week of RAKs to get herself out of a funk. Well friends I feel I can speak for both Claudia and I when I say that we are in a funk again. With husbands working long days and way too much on our plates, coupled with the rainy weather we need some help to get out of this funk. So, today on this last day of April I am challenging each member of highlowaha to engage in a random act of kindness. Whether letting someone in front of you in line at the grocery store, buying a co-worker's coffee, or any other good deed we'd like to spread kindness in our shower today.

Report back to highlowaha what your RAK was and get in on a drawing for a fun derby prize!
Also we'd love to have you weigh in on other fun "shower" ideas.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Peggy said...

Well that's a cowinky dink, I write my blog before I come here so I don't have to choose an identity! My blog post is about April showers too... actually my last week of posts has been talking about our month of rain here in Illinois! Check out my blog here:

I'm also in the middle of creating 40 Wedding shower invites, to be posted soon!

Make sure you wear your rubbers today... check out the end of my blog post if you are under 30!

Kat said...

I love taking a shower to think of creative ideas! It is the one time during my day when I am guaranteed to be alone with my thoughts.
Another creative idea (that I did not come up with) is to have vinyl shower curtain out at a bridal shower for all of the guests to write marital advice on with sharpie markers. A friend did this for my bridal shower and it was so fun to hang it in my shower and read the advice from my friends while I washed up!

Katie K said...

Showers, showers, everywhere! We are looking ahead to days of rain, too. Oh, I miss that sunshine already!

I will be back later in the day with my RAK. I will have to think of something good!

Also, just as a reminder about Derby hats! Don't forget to make your Derby hat and email a picture of it to us at for our parade of Derby hats on Saturday!!!

Chaotic said...

I am in a bit of a funk as well, leaking ceilings, septic tank alarm going off, crabby people at work & something to do every evening after work when all I really want to do is go home... my RAK will be when I go to Sam's (company errand)... I am treating myself to a Starbucks around the corner (on company time) and will treat the person in line behind me as well... not very unique but we all need GOOD COFFEE!

Cheryl said...

I think this mornings shower was PERFECT. My alarm was going off and I could hear the pittering beginning and then the downpour rolled in lulling me out of bed. It stopped before we were on the way to school and now the sun is shining. I always guage May as the rainy month for our area because I purchased my house on May 15, 2006. I was having the bathroom redone and our apartment lease didn't end until June 30th so we didn't move right away... I would go over and check on it or move a box over but it was super rainy one week and with the traffic I didn't have time to get over there one week... when I did finally get over- my pool was as green as my grass! AYH! It all worked out though. Okay- sorry for that long story.

A RAK... I tend to better with these when they are spur of the moment so I will keep my eyes open to opportunity today. I'll report back later.

Happy Thursday!

Claudia said...

Funk, do ya think? Let's see.. in the past couple of days I:

Backed my car into a light post; Put hairspray in my wet hair instead of spray gel, leaving it MATTED; seen my husband for seven minutes and talked to him on the phone for three; accidentally missed a meeting; was unnecessarily rude to my mother in law and am now ladden with guilt; and promised my son, as this week's "Captain of the Rug," that he could bring treats for his friends on Friday (all that sounded great last week, before my husband's work schedule went ka-flu-ey - No pun intended).

Yes, I will shower someone with a random act of kindness today. Thanks for creating the impetus Heather.

KAt... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shower curtain and sharpie idea. I will use that for something.

Anonymous said...

It's my boring, typical RAK but I bought the person behind me in line their order. Maybe I need a week of those - funk going on here too.

Kat: Love the curtain idea. We took an unfinished chair for my daughter's bat mitzvah. When we danced with her on the chair we used this chair then had everyone sign the chair with colored sharpies and it's in her room.

Sporadic Spy said...

Coed showers= "Shower and a Shave"

Tera said...

HI...checking in super late tonight. Was at an interview all day.

No RAK for me today...was busy w/ the interview. But tomorrow is a new day and I'll be RAKing it up!

KTK and your packages today...thanks!

Stacie said...

I read this too late to get in on the RAK action, but will work on doing a RAK over the weekend! I do, however, have a fantastic shower idea! I've just started a new business venture selling these really beautiful children's books... kind of like Pampered Chef, in that you can have book parties. Anyway, one of the ideas I came across when chatting with other people who sell for this company is to have a book shower for graduating education students who are about to enter their first year of teaching. The teacher can create a classroom wish list (or registry), and then friends and family can gather and order books from the list, plus pick up a few titles for their own children or families.