Thursday, May 21, 2009

Documenting the Fun

Good morning HLA land. It is Thursday, May 21st and that means it is my (Heather's) 4th wedding anniversary. There are so many topics I could write on today...creative anniversary gifts for your spouse, fun weekend trips to take as a couple, ways to celebrate your love everyday's post will reflect back on our actual wedding day.

Bal and I are simple, easy people. We definitely wanted a wedding but we didn't want a big elaborate shindig that would cost us $25,000 and put us in debt before we even got married. With that in mind we found a cute little bed and breakfast across the river from Louisville and used it for both our wedding and reception locations. I became the DIY bride making
everything from our cake table decorations to the invitations and guestbook. We tapped our assets to get white chairs, tables, linens, and a sound system and our friends came through with catering, flowers (thanks to CKB and her Mom) and coordinating the day of. Everything was beautiful and went off with only one minor glitch which I'll let Stacie tell.The real purpose of today's post comes after the wedding. 

You see, of course we had a photographer however, if any of you have gotten married recently you know that it takes weeks, months and in Laura Kline's case a YEAR to get your wedding album. All this hype, all of the details and they are all lost for months as you wait impatiently to have some record of the event.

Well...Claudia has an answer to that and I was the lucky recipient. You see, Claudia made it her job at our wedding and reception to document the day through the eyes of a photographer. She captured each momentous occasion, every romantic glance, and all the friends and family gathered for the event. She got the preparation of the reception, the details of the cake and the flowers, and the groom anxiously awaiting me at the altar. She sent these photos for 1 hour processing and in less than 2 days had a miniature wedding album pulled together with all the best pictures mounted with captions. It was fantastic to have an
album that quickly that I could share with those colleagues and friends who weren't at the wedding.

So...for those of you heading into wedding season this June that are looking for a cheap but VERY meaningful wedding gift consider doing something like this for the newlyweds. I can promise you that I loved having that album and still four years later I turn to it for a quick reminder of just how great that day was.

I'm off to give my husband a kiss before we get ready for work.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Cheryl said...

I can't wait to read the post. I'll be back for that. Love the photos.

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Robin Weiss said...

Very nice idea and great photos!

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!!

You were a beautiful bride!!

One tiny glitch from our big day was pictures as well... our photographer told us weeks later that the lab lost 1 (or 2?) rolls of film from our wedding... all of the close up shots. (My dad and I are the picture takers in our family, we were both kind of busy that day) So, I have no real emotion close up shots... we got a free 1 year anniversary shoot for our trouble.... ah memories!! And digitals!!

Kat said...

Happy Anniversary! Our 4th is next Thursday! Our only wedding day mistake was hiring a not-so-great photographer. Our saving grace was a family friend who took tons of candid pictures and really captured our beautiful day. I would love to be able to do the same for someone else someday.

Katie K said...

Happy anniversary, Heather!

I love this idea! I do this many times when I am babysitting to provide candid shots of the kids for their parents, but I love the idea for weddings, too!

Have a great day, HLA land!

Cheryl said...

I've taken photos of my friends weddings and... never gave them to them. One is divorced now. The other is still married... Maybe I can make a 10 year anniversary book.

I loved the photographer at my "Practice Wedding". He took so many pictures.

Happy Anniversary.

eknoxuk said...

Hmmm...I think I did the opposite. I kept the budget down, but I didn't want to do anything myself! I got a wedding coordinator-a friend and refused to make anything, so we didn't have any favors or any of that stuff! The one area I wish I had spent more on though was the photographer. The funny thing was that he was sitting at the front and a family member told him it was for family only, so he went to the back of the church! So we don't have any close ups during the wedding!

Cheryl said...

HA! Erica. You gotta love those family members.

heather said...

Thanks for saying I was a beautiful bride Peggy and everyone for your well wishes. I think everyone has photography glitches at their wedding which is what makes this idea even nicer.
Cheryl I take photos at friends weddings too and agree they never even get to see them...there is something wrong with that. I think a 10 year anniversary book would be a GREAT idea. They'd probably love to reminisce and see pictures of their day from a different perspective.

cassie p said...

happy anniversary heather! ill keep this in mind as many of my friends are starting to get married now! its so weird! i feel like we are still too young...and dont count on me getting married anytime soon!

Cristine said...

Happy Anniversary. The two of your look very happy.

For all of you taking pictures of events - did you know that you an create a free website on Shutterfly for the pictures. Under "my account" it's called "shared sites" You can let all your friends upload the pictures and everyone can order whatever they want from it (pictures, books, etc.) My friend did it when her daughter was born and I have it for the boys' preschool classes. It's a good way to share all the photos with everyone and not overloading email accounts.

b.k.root said...

I think with some practice I could be a pretty good wedding photographer. Oh, and some decent photography equipment.

My cousin - four years ago - asked me to take the photos at her wedding. She wanted to save money, and I wanted to give her a gift, so I went ahead and did so.

At the time, I was working at a local newspaper as a staff writer/photographer, so I was able to use my camera from work.

By no means do I consider myself a pro, but I had a lot of fun taking the wedding photos. (

I've been to two weddings now in which the bride and groom put disposable cameras on each table so that the guests could capture some photos of their own. This is a double-edged sword though, because sometimes the photos are not so great!

Chaotic said...

I hate being IN pics... so I have taken them since 7th or 8th grade, when I did the school newspaper & developed the photos. I've always been behind the camera. A friend of mine could not afford all the BS they throw at your for her Senior so I spent 4 hours last Sunday taking pics of her daughter (who is graduating HS next weekend!) and they came out really well...complete with outfit changes, prom dress, candid shots on the river. I think giving the gift that captures the precious moments is a truly wonderful thing :-0

Chaotic said...

Hey, BK...I used to take wedding pics... wow! Small world. I now mostly do scenic & animals... most people annoy me, really. Sad to say, I know, but not everyone out "there" is as enlightened as those of y'all "here"... sigh