Friday, May 15, 2009

You're My Favorite

It's Free For All Friday! Cheryl here and today I want to share with you some of my favorite things in hopes that maybe you will share some of your own. The things that I love along with some new things that I want to keep fresh in my mind and use at a later date.

1. Paper lanterns- I don't own one but I've always loved the look of them. I want to run out and purchase one of every color and every size and throw several parties in different themes... orange, white and black for Halloween. All white for a cocktail party by the pool. Pink, blue, and yellow for a baby shower. You get the picture.

2. Along with the paper lanterns I have fallen in love with the styling's of Fabric Bunting... I've always seen these in the solid color vinyl ones and eh- they didn't do so much for me but lately I've seen them in these great vintage fabrics and I'm telling you, it's LOVE! Just google fabric bunting- you'll fall in love, too.

3. Cotton Candy reminds me of being a kid. Whenever I see it at an event all fluffy and pink on it's white paper stick I know I have to have it. And I let me boys have their own, too. I love how their fingers and faces get all sticky with it. I'm also partial to rock candy.

4. Pepperoni Pizza- my comfort food. Growing up we had a pizza oven and my mom could always tell when I felt better after being sick because I would cook up a Tony's frozen pepperoni pizza and eat the whole thing by myself! Oh, the days of eating whatever you wanted and still being skinny!

5. The single greatest invention- the iPod! You couldn't record a record or 8 track tape but then cassettes came along and the Mix Tape was invented. Then the Mix CD I guess but he iPod puts all those to shame! You can have list after list of music. My iPod is filled with country to rock to cheesy 80's and other oldies to blues and jazz. I have my workout mix, my mello mix, and so on. Music- it makes me feel good.

6. Blueberry Stack Cake is the cake that me dear ex-mother-in-law would make for everyone of my birthdays and it is divine! I haven't had it since I've been divorced but this year for my 40th birthday I am determined to bring it back into my life. I even have the recipe.

7. The Starbucks Caramel Macchiato is the perfect mix of coffee. Breakfast of champions!

8. Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series has provided an escape like no other. Time travel, romance and historical adventure sweeps me away time and time again. These books are long and involved so whenever she has a new book coming out (and she has another one coming out in the fall) I start re-reading the series so I can remember all the details.

9. Not all sandals are made alike but I like them all. There's nothing better than a cute pair of sandals and pretty pedicure to make a girl feel special. I realize I maybe girlier than others but I may transform you yet. Okay, maybe not any guys reading but maybe you have a favorite pair of shoes, like your golf shoes or something.

10. These boys are the best gift my ex ever gave me. I remember holding Drew in the glow of his blue cloud lamp in the middle of the night thinking, "How in the world can someone love another person this much?" The weight of his tiny body and that enormous love always makes me cry. And I love the second one just as much.

I didn't even mention my favorite beer, my favorite restaurant, my favorite stores to shop at and so on and so on. It's endless, isn't it?

Today is Free For All Friday and so feel free to share your favorites or any other topic that you would like the brains of this readership to give you some tips on.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Cheryl said...


Last years winner, PA was defeated yesterday!!

Chaotic said...

(Singing "these are a few of my favorite things") Wow, I love DG's books, too! And my son. My Grandpuppy is my favorite dog.... what a way to start off, thinking of all the things I love best.

Cheryl said...

I just read that today is International Day of Families.... what color should my paper lanterns be? Hug your family. Even your in-laws!

Kat said...

Just this last weekend I was looking at some really nice paper lanterns in a store. I decided right then and there that I would make a space for one whenever we redecorate our bedroom. Whenever that happens!

I have been wanting to sew a "Happy Birthday" fabric bunting for a while now. Haven't gotten around to it, but I did make one out of newspaper for Max's bedroom door. It's pretty cute if I do say so myself.

I love the collage that you made of your favorite things!

Robin W said...

I've been meaning to get to the Outlander series. I love to read and its something I still do quite a bit of even with kids. I wish I could think of some good favorite thing, but I'll go with the sappy: I love to run my lips over baby fuzz on the tops of their little heads.

Cheryl said...

Robin, that's a good one! So sweet. For me- as long as the baby isn't mine! HA!

Our favorites can be something SO simple but SO meaningful to us, right?

cassie p said...

lets see...some of my favorite things:

working out/running, ice cream!, music, cheese, reading a good book, summers (the sun, a good tan, the beach, swimming pools...), whitewater rafting, soccer, children laughing, scrapbooking, creative ideas flowing through my head and making them happen, my new car with the sun roof (aka moon roof?) open, the color pink, dancing and not caring who's watchin, NURSING!!!!!!!!

b.k.root said...

Some of my favorite things:

1. JC Penny's - I do about 90 percent of my clothes shopping there.

2. Green Tea frappacinos at Starbucks - It's pretty much the only drink I've ever ordered there.

3. Michaels - my favorite craft store

4. Music - While I've not yet purchased an I-pod (I want one so badly though), I have a habit of still purchasing CDs on occasion. Speaking of my love for music, I'm jamming out to Pandora online right now.

5. Panera Bread - I'm a big fan of the cinnamon crunch bagel; but I like their food in general.

b.k.root said...

Random Question:

I know it was my idea to do an HLA cookbook, and I'm ashamed to admit I never submitted any recipes.

Can that still be done? I know the deadline was practically 29 years ago, but, thought I'd ask...

heather said...

My favorites:
-Driving with my windows down and the music up
-Iced coffee
-Hot weather (SANDAL and POOL WEATHER!)and SUNSHINE!
-Watching Lily learn new things (especially sing new songs!)
-Seeing AHA moments
-Facebook and getting in touch with old friends
-Enjoying a meal out with the family and then a relaxing stroll around Southlake

Katie K said...

Some of my favorite things:

Music, books, driving on the first sunny day in spring with the music turned up, the windows down, and just enjoying the beauty of the sunshine, long road trips, a child's laughter, rocking a baby to sleep, mod podge, my iPod, computers, sharpie markers, curling ribbon around cellophane, painting terracotta pots, sitting in starbucks talking to a friend, and conversations about something both people are equally passionate about.

What a great start to a Friday! I'm off to run around town doing errands because this time tomorrow I'll be on the road headed to TEXAS!

Claudia said...

Some of my favorite things:

Listening to my boys talk to themselves as they fall asleep; a lazy evening with a brand new women's magazine to flip through; sitting in Starbucks and eithr reading or writing a letter; 50% off coupons at Michael's; long car rides; Kimac picture postcards; a brand new deluxe package o Sharpie markers; and really clever packaging.

I will be out of pocket for the next week, teaching at another Leadershape. I will check in when/if I can so as to miss as little of the fun as possible!

Peggy said...

A few of my favorite things in no particular order: my dh, cardmaking, cardmaking blogs, my dk, Cooper my dog, fresh cut grass and blooming flowers w/sunshine, cosmos, food: pizza, crab legs... anything I don't have to cook (but I love my cooking), a good hair day, surprises, unique and unusual things, belly laughs!

Cheryl said...

OH! Brian! Thank you so much for Fish Food! It was so fun receiving a Fish in the mail! Great Job! I'm totally going to steal that idea.

Brian cut a two fish out of paper, stuck a note inbetween them, taped it all up and mail it to me. He even included "Cut here" Very Creative!

b.k.root said...

No problem, Cheryl... That was way overdue!

Tera said...

Some of my favorite things:
*Spending time with friends and doing nothing but hanging out
*Michael's...what would I do with out it?
*Baking...I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies, too.
*The hometown bar
*My husband

Brian, if you want to send me a recipe, go a head. We didn't get enough to do a cook book but if I get more, it'll happen eventually.