Thursday, May 7, 2009

Survival of the Fittest: The 10 Week Challenge

Congratulations to Montana Kelly on the birth of her daughter,
Delanie Grace on May 1, 2009!

Good morning, Highlowaha! It's Katie here, but before we get started I would just like to say thanks so much for all of your wonderful ideas and punch line suggestions yesterday! I plan to mill it over today and then make some final decisions tonight as I pull their gifts together. I will certainly let all of you know how it goes over.

As promised yesterday, today I will share another piece of my world with you. As I mentioned, I am currently a first year graduate student at JMU. In the early part of next week, I will be leaving JMU for the summer. I will be headed home to Kentucky to see friends and family for a few days, and then it's off to Arlington, Texas for the summer to work in Orientation at the University of Texas- Arlington. There is one minor detail that has to fall into place before all of the fun can begin- PACKING!

I am a procrastinator to my core, and packing is no different. Those of you with college-aged children have probably felt the parental frustrations of your children waiting until the last minute to pack up their things. I am no different. Except now, I've moved enough times and far enough away from home that my parents don't have to stress over it anymore- just me! Yesterday, in an effort to avoid studying for my final exams, I decided to do some packing. I realized that I needed to make some quick decisions about what I wanted to take with me to Texas and what could stay here in Virginia, in storage, for the summer. Obviously, there are some things that have to come with me, such as: clothes, shoes, bedding, office supplies, and toiletries. However, I have a lot of possessions which I do not necessarily need to bring with me for a 10 week stint in Texas.

For me, it's like survival of the fittest for my "fun" gadgets and gizmos. I decided to challenge myself to decide on the top 3 things that I think I will use this summer and allow myself to pack those. After all, I do only have my little car with me and so space is a factor I have to take into account. Here's what I narrowed it down to and the fun objects that will be coming with me for the summer:
  1. Cookie Baking/Decorating Supplies: cookie sheets, piping and flooding tools, cookie cutters, dye for the icing, etc.
  2. My Craft Corner: Sharpies, stickers, paint, mailing supplies, glue gun, mod podge, etc.
  3. iSound and iPod: What would my summer be without my music? I will be bringing these with me so that I can listen to some great music while making those cookies and sending those packages. Plus, I have to share this love of music with my new roommate, right?
So, if you were packing to move somewhere for 10 weeks, what 3 "fun" items would you bring with you? These are things that you don't have to take with you, but deep down you could never live without. I can't wait to hear what each of you would bring! Plus, if you have any packing tips- I'm always happy to hear those, too!

Signing off until tomorrow with the song of the day...


Heather said...

Let's see...three fun things to take with me if I were moving somewhere for 10 weeks...
-My TV and DVR (I'll count that as one item. While I guess I could certainly live without TV I think I might grow very sick without it =)

-Pictures of my family

-Iron and ironing board...I know that alot of people forgo this especially when space is tight but I'm ADDICTED to my iron/ironing board...but hmmm is that really fun?

Katie, the good news is you'll be in Texas in the summer so you CAN weed out some of your clothes...Today's weather is 90 and sunny so you can begin to think about what are your Texas weather items and what are your Virginia weather items!

I'm so excited to have you working in the same suite as me for 10 whole weeks...I LOVE IT!

Congratulations MT. Kelly!!! Delanie is BEAUTIFUL!!!

All of our baby shower Momma's are starting to have their babies. Melanie's little Eleanor arrived just about two weeks ago...MT. Kelly's little Delanie came on May 1st and I know Michelle is 31 weeks with her twins and Erica is 28 weeks with her twins...send all these ladies our HLA love over the coming weeks as they adjust to life with their new little ones!

Chaotic said...

1) my griddle (I hate to cook, this makes everything so easy)
2) scissors & glue sticks off my art table
3) journal

Cheryl said...

I had a long post typed but it was so jumbled... coffee... I'm just here to tell you the Taste of USA Polls are OPEN!!!!

Go vote over at!

Good morning HLA.

Congrats MT. Kelly!

Kat said...

Hmmm... This is hard!
1. My laptop and printer. It really isn't absolutely necessary that I have them, but I use them for everything!
2. My sewing machine. I am finally using it more!
3. Some of my "pampering" stuff. Pedicure items, face masks, nail polish, and nice lotions!

Peggy said...

Sorry, I don't think I could do this...

When I first moved out of my parents home (25 years ago), I did it in two trips with a hatchback car. This last time I moved, we had the largest moving truck (filled to capacity).

2ndly... I wouldn't be able to be away from my dh and dk's for that long.... would I be moving to a furnished place??? I have too many questions, is there a library near by?

~cardmaking stuff (but it's an entire room) no way could I bring just a tub full of stuff
~Panini press

Cheryl said...

What 3 fun things would I take with me on a 10 week trip...

My iPod "stuff" is a must- numero uno! No doubt.

Shoes... I may only wear two pair but I want to have options so ALL the sandals and flip flops come with. Wait... is that a fun item or necessary item...

My sketch book and a set of draw pens, pencils or markers.

Katie is coming to Texas!!!

Katie K said...

Peggy, your DH and DK's would automatically make that trip with you! They are what I categorize as "essential". I just don't have a spouse or kids yet.

Heather, yes, I've already begun the weeding of clothes. I love the "it will never be cool enough to wear this in Texas" pile. It makes things so much easier.

Kat, I love that you are bringing your pampering items- GOOD FOR YOU!

Anonymous said...

Joy is not in things; it is in us.

-Richard Wagner (1813-1883)

cassie p said...

1. my Bible and other "fun" books to read; no more textbooks!

2. ipod stuff- gotta have music

3. work out/running clothes, shoes, watch, ipod arm band, etc

Claudia said...

OF course we all agree with Anonymous, though I have to say... certain things bring our joy in me!

Package making supplies are a perfect example. I get TRUE joy by sitting down to write letters and send packages. I am a joyous person, but connecting with others through mail allows me to bring out some of what I think is the best in me.

So... two other things I would bring... books and my camera.

Fun post today, Katie!!!

Katie K said...

Anonymous- you are right. However, I have to agree with Claudia- there are certain things in my life which help me to share myself with the world. The true joy in my life is in my love to help others, my love to share myself with others, and in my love of children. My cookies supplies, packaging supplies, and music all help me to do these things. So, while my inherent joy is in me, these "fun" items are venues through which I share this joy!

I love reading what you all will be bringing because it gives such a personal insight into who you are!

And yes, Cheryl, Katie is coming to Texas!!! In 10 days, in fact!

Cheryl said...

When I was going through my divorce it was certainly just all "stuff" but hey---

I like me some STUFF! :)

hee, hee.

Tera said...

What to pack...what to pack...

1. My camera
2. My cake/cookie decorating box
3. The Wii or Xbox...something to keep me busy on down days

Good luck packing, Katie! I'm so jealous you get to spend your summer in Texas. Give big hugs to everyone for me!!!

eknoxuk said...

What a cute picture of the new baby and sibling! Those first meetings are precious moments.
So I am sans kids for a few days and enjoying it!
Heather you can feel free to come over and iron sometime. You've probably noticed that Mike's clothes are never ironed because I do not iron!! Seriously, I hang clothes up partially wet to help the wrinkles fall out, but I refuse to iron unless its a wedding or funeral!
So things I would take for ten weeks, I'm going to consider this a trip along or it would all be stuff to take care of the kids...
1. radio
3. going out clothes:) I'm a social person so if I didn't have the kids I'd be planning to go out a lot with friends

Cristine said...

I have something to share today - but first the things that I would bring. I would bring pictures, books and an ipod.

Second, I got a very sweet email from Matt today. Unknowingly, Matt entered a Mother's Day contest. For all of those who know, or know of Matt, he may seem just the fun, loud guy who thinks of crazy parties and other shenanigans. But to those who truly know him, he is so much more.

So, I wanted to share what he wrote (which has provided me with a dozen pink roses). Thank you Matt and I love you.

"I know a great mother, who happens to be my wife. She is an only child who was very close to her parents and would spend all those special days with them, especially Mothers Day. Unfortunately her parents passed young and she no longer has that luxury. Today this mother has 2 small boys (almost 3 and 4 ½). She has to be entertainer, launderer, chef, taxi driver, teacher, and everything else pertaining to a good a parent. Lately due to the economy, I work longer hours, so she picks up the slack at home. Sometimes when I get home I can just see the toll of the day. I know she would like to vent and I try to be there but she wants her mother who is gone, and has no other “blood” relatives to turn too. I can never express how she is the glue to holds our family together. On the 10th I will see the sadness of missing her mom, I will make a special meal, crayon cards will be there from the boys, and she will be happy, but she deserves the world knowing she is great."

Cheryl said...

Oh no you didn't make me get a teary at work!! That is very sweet and is a nice insight to another side of Matt.

Tera said...

Cristine...that's wonderful. He seems like an amazing husband. Congrats to you both on being wonderful parents!!!

Katie K said...

Cristine, that is beautiful! Your family is so lucky to have you.

In other great news, I just finished my last final exam of the year. This means that I am officially done with my first year of graduate school! I'm halfway to my Master's degree! Woo hoo! Now, I'm off to happy hour with my classmates to celebrate!

Cheryl said...

How sweet it is to be loved by you...

Taste of USA UPDATE!Hear ye! Hear ye! Virginia is beating Oregon with a vote of 7-1. California is beating Idaho with a vote of 7-1. Indiana is beating South Dakota with a vote of 7-1. De ja vu! Did I say 7-1?

Anonymous said...

A book, photos and a travel toothbrush...

Stacie said...

1) my sewing machine, including scissors, thread, and fabric stash
2) my Kindle, so I can read, read, read!
3) a babysitter?

#3 isn't the most realistic choice, but I think I'd go nuts if I didn't have a little time to myself for 10 weeks. A more legitimate third choice might be my digital video camera and laptop for downloading.