Friday, May 1, 2009


Rayce Day
Gettin Lucky in Kentucky.   Hey ladies.  Want to come to the after party?  You'll get to see why they named my horse "Mr. Hot Stuff"  I'm 4'4" and 89 pounds of dynOmite!

Love those hats ladies.  Not quite Millionaires Row but you're definitely ready for the infield.  Speaking of the infield, where's my bourbon?  You can't have a Derby and no bourbon.  I'm not talking about Mint Juleps.  Those are sissy drinks.  Tastes like someone squirted toothpaste into your drink.  No I'm talking a nice glass of Maker's Mark.  Maybe a couple of ice cubes to keep you from sweating.  I used to drink George T. Stagg but bad things happened.  That bourbon will make you want to hurl your little body, in Tasmanian Devil style, into a gang of bikers.  Crazy.  They would have killed me if they weren't having so much tossing me for distance.  Not good.

Alright, now for the best part of the Derby......betting.  I'm all about boxing my bet.  Pick my favorite horse and box him.  If you're nice to the guy when you place your bet he might give you a tip.  So here's my tip for you......

Mr. Hot Stuff to win...........

How about you?  Who's your horse?  Let us know.  If you win, I'll give you the silk of my back.  Alright, I'm not wearing a silk.... how about a Derby 2009 t-shirt? 


Claudia said...

Good morning everyone. Ray is a slacker. Hopefully his new year's resolution wasn't to wake up earlier and be more pleasant. If so, maybe he needs a good swift kick in the you-know-what from us.

Anyway... I'm not a big drinker nor do I know a whole lot about betting, but one of my favorite parts of Derby are all the fun names assigned to the horses.

Here are a few of this year's contenders...

Mr. Hot Stuff (believe it or not)
Join in the Dance
I want Revenge
Atomic Rain
Flying Private
Desert Party
Chocolate Candy and,
Pioneer of the Nile

I'll put my money on Chocolate Candy, Atomic Rain, and Mr. Hot Stuff... in that order.

How about you? Google 135 Kentucky Derby and tell us who you want to put your money on.

Cheryl said...

That's our first glimpse of Peggy's DD! Peggy, what a cutie!

I'll just stick with my beer.

I'm going to bet:
Pioneer of the Nile
I Want Revenge
Chocolate Candy
in that order.

cassie p said...

i havent had the chance to check out the horses yet today...and since i did not make it to the derby, yet again, ill be watching it from home. one of these years, i will go to derby; considering i live right across the river..UGH!

Cristine said...

I'm picking Fresian Fire.
Unfortunately I'll be missing the derby since I'll be at church for a baptism. Matt & William will hold up the Struble clan's watching party.
Have a great weekend!

Katie K said...

Happy Derby Day, HLA!!!!

I am sporting my Kentucky t-shirt today and have been wearing my hat around the building to show my KY spirit. I woke up this morning and turned on ESPN to see shots of my beautiful Kentucky home (even as it is covered in rain showers).

My bets are on:
Friesan Fire
Hold Me Back
Chocolate Candy (in that order)

Have a great day!!! I'm off to the movies with a friend.

Heather said...

My picks are:
I Want Revenge
Pioneer of the Nile

Stacie said...

My bet's on General Quarters. Best story of the day, for sure!

Kat said...

I will bet on Dunkirk, Regal Ransom, and Desert Party.
I love ALL the hats!

cassie p said...

i pick:

friesan fire
i want revenge
chocolate candy

in that order of course.

im just in time...almost 10 min til race time!!!

maureen said...

Hello HLA

Claudia I was told by Stanley Sultan the biggest gambler I know to go with MUSKET MAN.... I guess I have nothing to lose by listening to him.

second I choose I WANT REVENGE

Have fun everyone! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

cassie p said...

just found out i want revenge scratched, so switch that with musket man i think. OOPS!

Anonymous said...

I posted earlier - I swear.

Anyway, regardless of what I posted earlier, in our family pool I drew:

Chocolate Candy and Dunkirk

We gather to watch the race and kids "earn" the ability to draw from their horses by answering trivia questions. The top winners each get prizes like: Dinner with mom and dad alone, a movie out, picking dessert.

Anonymous said...

Winners (my house winner in parenthesis):

1st Mine that Bird (Ada) {Ada is running around repeating everything Calvin Borel is saying because it's HER horse.}

2nd Pioneer of the Nile (Lilah)

3rd Musket Man (Hilary)

This year was much better than the hysterical crying as we had to explain euthanasia to the kids...

Anonymous said...

Mark & I just finished watching our first Derby with Ellie...well, actually, she slept, but she did have her hat on. LOVE the Derby and My Old Kentucky Home brings me to tears every year!

Claudia said...

Wow!!!! Fun, fun, fun everyone. Melanie... if you're out there, I love that you tuned in today. Ellie is barely a week old and already has her first Derby under her belt!

Robin... inquiring minds want to know... what did Ada, Lilah, and Hilary win?!?!?!

Tera said...

Checking in a day late...was in Erie yesterday. I won a few bucks on the derby, Treye lost all of his (our money) and my dad hit it big with That stupid bird horse :) At least Treye got a really nice steak dinner out of it!

Hope everyone had a great derby weekend! I miss all my KY friends...lots.